1. oh shiiiiiiii!! I didn't even make the connection and I was thinking to myself why the interest. I was assuming the league see potential in him. But he doesn't care about the league to begin with and I see some resemblance.
  2. San I wasn't trying to get anyone to be a dub fan or to start watching dubs smh. I happen to watch both because I grew up on dubs but I watch more sub than dub now.

    Either way I was simply pointing out an appreciation I and many anime fans have for voice actors and in this case Sean's job for these particular scenes in this ep. It wasn't some random dub ep I was promoting.

    If you don't like this or have no interest then maybe keep it to yourself next time. If it causes such heart ache for people here I can just quit posting. >.>
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  3. okay, my bad
  4. 1000000%? I think its just arbitrary. But this is definitely the strongest Deku has been.
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  5. Yeah just wait
  6. New ghoul ability with setting traps, new Owl, Nutcracker with two different kagune... a lot going on in the latest ghoul ep.
  7. ep 4 of Golden Kamuy was great, Sugimoto is so badass. You don't really see much anime that focus in the Hokkaido region of Japan (most northern part) so this is different. This episode also had a lot more comedy in it, which I didn't mind but could do without.
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  8. I have an issue with Megalo Box. Why is Joe without a gear? It goes against the whole premise of the show. He is ruining the whole industry of megalo boxing. I would have much preferred to see him with a crap gear take on everyone. They tried to make him the underdog and went too far with it. Now it is in the realm of unbelievable.
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  9. I love it. What difference would it make to have him use some half ass gear. The whole point is megalo boxing is some abhorrent, pussy way of fighting. He doesn't need it..get skill..get good or gtfo lol.

    Also something about finding your humanity, some technological perverted progression vs skill and the human spirit. Overcoming the odds. Any of this working for you? Hello?

    - On a separate note Dances with Dragons or Saredo Tsu.. oh for christ sake it's one of those super long complex names. Anyway this show is really good. The character names get a tad complex but the action and music (really good. Similar to some show I can't put my finger on)..are well worth it. I like the premise of the series and it moves along so far at a good pace.

    I highly recommend a viewing of at least 3-4 eps. The talk between him and his girlfriend and the sex was done really well. It isn't some cheesy typical fan service at all. Reminded me of some convos I had with my gf.

    Today's newest ep was really nice vs a black dragon.
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  10. I dunno. All I'm saying is that I was rooting for Joe a lot more when he was taking on the champ with his crap ass gear.
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  11. The gear is just some metaphor. You need to look past that. It would have been destroyed anyway. I get what you are saying but he is basically breaking down every fighter and what the current state of boxing is..down to his level.

    Be free bitches. lol. Rocky ain't got nothing on Joe.
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  12. Just something we are gonna have to disagree on.

    But nice suggestion with the dragons thing. I had watched the first episode but didn't think it was interesting enough at that time. I am lucky to have waited for the first arc to have finished to watch it. Its on my list now.
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  13. Good ep this week, we are in the Orichimaru comes to get Sasuke faze of the Chuunin forest exam

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  14. Nice ep of Nanatsu this week, looks like end game is here with crew back together

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  15. About time.. about fucking time that Ghoul had a good episode. Finally getting back to Kaneki kicking ass and remembering himself and that familiar music. Best ep yet.

    Also, Golden Kamuy is just a solid show top to bottom and love the OP:

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  16. Such a bromance between Ban and Meliodas. Not a real spoiler but the most badass Ban has been so far in the manga is for Meliodas' sake.

    Ah the first of a million personality shifts for Kaneki/Haise.
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  17. Great episode, pacing has been great in this arc


    Looks like they caught their man Sasuke/Bakugo
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  18. Yeah but right in front of the leader of the vanguard. With one of their heavy hitters down and the other incapacitated its gonna be difficult.

    Btw I am loving Darling in the FranXX. Its got an intriguing plot going on and I am eager to find out more. If this had a source material I would have already spoiled myself.
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  19. Lol that deadly sins ep. This is getting good. Meliodas and Ban teamed up.
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  20. Yea its getting good again, after that boring episode with the Giants and the 2 kids
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