1. ^Man we can only hope
  2. Just something interesting I noticed, whenever I go out on Saturdays I record toonami, this week Naruto is skipping all the filler and most of the content to start the Naruto vs Sasuke fight. It's done really well if anyone hasn't seen it.
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  3. Speaking of Naruto stuff that latest Boruto episode was great. We are finally at the start of the movie. And they are adding some new stuff.
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  4. I just caught up with Fate Extra today. I agree about Nero being the best Saber, but to be honest I'm pretty tired of all the Saber clones. If they ever do an anime for Fate Extra CCC, I hope they'd go with someone else as the main servant. I'd go with the Gilgamesh route so we could see how awesome a bro he is when he's getting to be the good guy. Not every story has to go the love internet route.


    Yeah, I'm really glad we're finally catching up to the movie, mainly because Boruto's attitude before the character development there has been pretty annoying. Although he did get to show a more mature side the the latest arc.
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  5. I just noticed that as well Cole. Good move by Jason Demarco. Looking forward to watching it tonight. The lineup is solid. I haven't posted Boruto eps lately but I will start again this week.

    Wait.. I thought they were on the kage meeting when Sasuke shows up.
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  6. If you are speaking of Boruto, he shows up at night when he meets Boruto before running into Naruto. The kage meeting happens just before the chuunin exams and thats when Sasuke gives his report to the others.
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  7. Oh no I was talking about Naruto Shippuden.
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  8. And now I want this even though I know it will never happen.

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  9. The new sao series is fucking awful. I mean just terrible.
  10. The new Shingeki no Kyojin:Ilse no Techou episode is making me want to go watch Season 1 again, so good actually seeing Annie take Marco's gear animated and this series in general filling in the pasts of Levi and some of the other survey squad members
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  11. Is this canon?
  12. From what i've read they are spin off manga chapters, animated in OVA's
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  13. So this new episode of Sins show why the demons are so hard to kill. They have more than one heart.
    Fuck yeah We are getting Escanor next week.
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  14. It seems like everybody who is anybody is gonna be making an appearance at the auction in TG. And those freaking clowns, always in the mix of it all to further the chaos. It wouldn't be a lie to say that almost all of the major incidents in the whole series is somehow related to the clowns.
  15. I don't remember the early chapters too well, but I thought the auction was at least 30 or so chapters in. I'm surprised at how fast this is moving.
  16. It started on chapter 8.
  17. Oh damn I was way off
  18. That cut and paste of the Boruto movie was terrible. At least let the intro play normally, that should of been the last thing to screw around with, Sasuke's opening fight scene. I still enjoyed the episode, I hope we get more of the Killer Bee fight cause I was like wtf when I watched the movie.
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  19. Any good animated episodes after the one with sasuke and family one?

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