1. Well we are getting Alcization, the next arc in the main series, in October I think? In which I think Kirito is away from his harem. So that is something to be excited about.
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  2. Golden kamuy was interesting. Definitely has my interest. Give the first ep a watch.
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  3. Kirito runs around with a boy. Also Asuna wasn't useless when she was in SAO.

    All that said, that first episode of Magical Girl Site. :derp
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  4. I watched 2/5 new anime from the past couple of days. First Caligula. This looks to be a cerebral anime, at least the way it started. But towards the end we were getting more and more action. I'm intrigued as to see what kind of crazy weird world this anime is.

    Speaking of crazy the next anime I checked out is Cutie Honey Universe. I didnt know this was a long running series with multiple manga and anime series. This reminded me of an 80/90s saturday morning superhero cartoon but with a bit more nudity, blood and violence. This could very easily be the weird show of the season and I'm hooked on it.
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  5. Can't find this weeks Seven Deadly Sins at all.. Guess they may be off this week.

    Anyways deccent ep of Tokyo Ghoul, it was good to see the cafe gang again. And looks like it is Kaneki, just that he has amnesia.
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  6. Cutie honey universe? Oh Lord...:rolleyes:

    Also thanks for stopping by Eson. Glad you could grace us with your pervy presence.
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  7. Nanatsu no Taizai seems to air every other week. I don't know why.
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  9. Yeah. The sperm was weird. Anyways too edgy for my taste.

    EDIT: finished watching the other 3 anime. Two of them didn't turn out to be my cup of tea. Golden Kamuy on the other hand is very promising.
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  10. I finally caught up with Fate/Extra. God Nero is so much better than all the other female leads in all the fate series. None of that "I couldn't be a better ruler" or "I couldn't surpass my lady daddy" bullshit. Just a nice and cheerful and optimistic and wise girl here.
    Who's the best saber ever, yes you are.
    Umu! Umu! for life.
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  11. Been saying that forever. Umu! ^

    The ending of Ghoul ep2 was so nice. Definitely has my interest again. I am not a fan of this time skip but oh well.
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  12. Steins Gate 0 ep 1 was pretty good, great to have the old gang back together

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  13. Golden Kamuy first ep looked promising.
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  14. Late response to this. This is the first time they've skipped a week.
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  15. Then that's how the streaming sites do it then from what I noticed. I usually only stream.
  16. Just watched Dorei-ku. Interesting story. A teeth brace like device is put in two people's mouths. Then those two play a duel and whoever loses becomes the slave of the winner.
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  17. [IMG]
    Haha. Hinamatsuri is my comedic pick of the season.
    Time to watch FMP.
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  18. About to watch fmp. Can't wait but first FUCKING MEGALO BOXING!! love this series so far. The music reminds me of samurai champloo.

    Went on a hot date and had some awesome authentic sushi. Now time for anime and this man city vs Liverpool match.
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  19. This first episode of the new season of Full Metal Panic was so good, had that classic FMP tension of old. Between this and Steins Gate 0 its been like a week of reunions.

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  20. I wonder if this will lead to another fumoffu season.


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