1. Without heavy spoilers Kaneki loses to Arima. This battle was not shown in anime season 2 except for them facing down each other at the very end. Instead of letting Kaneki rot in prison Arima decides to use him as an investigator. Of course there are Kaneki's psychological issues play a huge role in why he is an investigator. As for the cafe gang you'll have to be patient to see them.
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  2. Between you and San.. I'm about to bust out my rubber hose and begin part 1 of my beating spree. Go watch the full season. Filler if any is good..this isn't Naruto.
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  3. Just started watching the TG:Re episode. I'm surprised they gave the slightest bit of a hint of the main antagonist of the series(as far as the current manga) in the OP. But then again plenty of other big characters got showcased.
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  4. Well I was less than pleased with that first ep Leroy but it is one episode. Remind me..it was Pierrot who was behind the first series right. Why does this feel so different? New artists maybe?

    Another solid ep for the fate series. Umu! Boruto is moving into movie momoshiki arc now.
  5. I don't know. But the animation feels inferior than previous seasons.

    Have you watched the finale of Violet? What do you think surprised look she had at the very end? I hate endings like that. Its the kind of ending that if you asked the creators about it they would say its up to you on how to interpret it.
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  6. Haven't seen it yet but that gave me a good laugh. I hate that too.
  7. I thought Tokyo Ghoul first ep was great considering that I forgot everything.
  8. Goddamnit San..... smh.
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  9. So I checked out Megalo Box. Looks pretty good. It is on my list for this season.
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  10. I was going to check it out yesterday but got too busy.


    I like the style and feel so far. Think I'm going to follow this as well.
  11. Megalo Box was awesome! Loved everything about it. Great pacing, no fan service, good story setup so far. It had the potential to be boring as hell with that Mecha man boxing schtick.

    This is what that movie real steel should have been. Music was awesome. Not too Japanese e. It isn't too dystopian either. Great balance all around. Cast seems solid and no damn 3d so far ty.
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  12. Just watched Gurazeni episode 1 and the first impression was great, this will be my first baseball anime I've ever watched. The protagonist Bonda Natsunosuke is great cause right from the beginning he lets the audience know that all he cares about is getting money and living comfy. I think killa might like this guy. I'm curious to see where this anime goes.
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  13. Lol.. I just watched it myself. Having played college and minor league ball I was looking forward to it even if it is kind of comedic and funsy and not like haikyuu.

    I also appreciate the animation for his pitching. Nicely done!

    Love the OP. I dig anime with disco infused songs.


    Also the ED:

    NEXT! Keep the new anime coming.

    Also, Deen and JC pumping out the series this season. Damn.
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  14. Watched the first episode of Hinamatsuri. A pretty weird premise. A yakuza finds a strange egg shaped object with a face on it in his house and he opens it to find a psychokinetic little girl. Solid animation, good comedy and promising action.
  15. Meh looks like they are using the first My Hero ep of the season as a recap plus filler episode, on to next week then.
  16. Boku would probably be the best anime next to OPM to start a new season after the ending of Super. Although it was mostly recap I enjoyed the swimming competition and for the first episode it's appropriate to do the recap. Also watched Hinamatsuri earlier and thought it was hilarious with the mysterious girl with telekinesis.
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  17. SAO alternative GGO, fucking long name, was pretty good. That chibi girl might have the physical attributes but it was all down to M's strategy.

    I also watched Devil's Line. Seems a pretty typical vampire romance anime. I was hoping it would be different and it might be in the future episodes. So just in case I'll keep watching.
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  18. I enjoyed the tactics and that was it. Rest of sao wannabe was lame. I didn't need more ggo anyway. Where is my Kirito. Pass!
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  19. Normally Kirito is surrounded by his harem of useless women and the series is bogged down with useless drama. As long as Kirito is by himself I enjoy SAO. So this is a refreshing change for me.
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  20. Useless women? :eek: How dare you lol. No harem is useless. Anyway I will like the series as it goes along I'm sure..maybe. I guess there are only so many times you can have Kirito save everyone in a video game.
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