1. Fmp is only going to be 12 episodes..
  2. First time I have heard of it, that awesome
  3. Any idea if that enough to finish the story?
  4. No idea man. I deliberately didnt read the manga in hope of a new anime.

    Yeah, I read the News about MOB psycho. At least thats getting the right treatment with BONES producing the second season.

    I really dont know what to expect from opm season 2
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  5. So in for this
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  6. Yes^ !! Also 12 eps is fine for fmp..as long as they up the production value. None of this cheap shit and they are full length.

    Spring is here so switching all comments to this thread.

    That new Violet ep was as usual really emotional and with solid action. I don't blame the brother for being resentful but she isn't the same weapon. The writing is to be commended.
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  7. Are any of you watching Beatless? I'm sure I have asked that before but tonight's ep was cool. I read where they took influence from Blade Runner movies and it donned on me how much like this series is to that in some ways.

    They stated the music as well. Felt that vibe in tonight's ep for sure. It has been a solid series discussing androids in a more serious manner in a way Blade Runner did. It gets better as the series goes along.

    Got sidetracked but yeah that was easily the best ep of beatless. Worth a watch for sure. Also after credit scene.. wait vampires?
  8. Garo Vanishing Line was an ok series overall. I still like the first series. I'd say this comes second and the second series places last.
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  9. Man Leroy have you watched Grancrest? What a great series this has become. The writers really have done a solid job keeping the story moving forward and not too bogged down in political talk that puts you to sleep and it's not some shit 3d fest either.

    Really solid episode tonight and the after credits scene sets up the fight with the Rosini family. The 3 brothers vs Theo looks to be a good one. Also, him making out with his magic chick in front of everyone to get a point across to queen or whatever her title is.. was a great move.

    It rustled the vagina. This has been a hell of a lot better than the previous war series from that era. Some savage heads being chopped off...
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  10. Huh so for the first time I remember toonami right now is showing the sub for the new fuck alternative series. So weird seeing a sub on there. I was like wtf is going on. The new series is good too!

    Lol..really instead of FLCL it autotranslated to fuck ^
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  11. They always do something weird for April fools day. I'll never forget when toonami first came back. I stumbled home drunk af, turned on the TV just flicking through channels, when I saw Gohan and Cell in the final kamehameha struggle. I thought I was seeing things.
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  12. [IMG]
    Finally the strongest of the seven deadly sins makes his humble appearance.
  13. That Elaine kiss creeped me out, somethin about her looking like a 2nd grader

  14. At what point was he shown in the last episode? I don't recall seeing it.
  15. After credits scene if I remember correctly. So many series do that I am now in the habit of skipping or waiting through the ED.
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  16. Thanks, cause I went back and skip to the end of next week preview and I was like wtf.
  17. Man I am all in with Lupin III: Part V that episode 1 was amazing!!!! I think I tried to get into it awhile back with the last series but never did. I think I will continue all the way through with this series.
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  18. Part IV was great as well. Pretty much the only Lupin series I've watched. I've yet to watch this new series.
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  19. Just a fyi there are several new series ep1 out tonight including Tokyo ghoul re. I'm too damn tired so I'll watch tomorrow and don't want to be spoiled so bye! lol
  20. Saw the first ep of the new Tokyo Ghoul and man I am so confused..:confused:

    I don't think I finished season 2 since it went filler heavy.

    So now Kaneki is apparently older, and has joined the ANBU that hunts Ghouls?

    And what happened to the cafe shop gang in season one?

    Anyone got a quick summary of whats happened

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