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    Some weird titles this coming season. Something called a Boku no Hero??? Tokyo Ghoul??? Shokugeki???? Captain Tsubasa??? Full Metal Panic??? Steins Gate??? Sword Art Online??? :confused:
    I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ;)
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  3. Lol ^. Leroy you magnificent Bastard! You just made my day posting this season.

    So much potential for one season gud lawd! Lots from Deen, IG, Bones, JC Staff. FLCL! Steins Gate,

    Vampires, High School drama, loli's, German infatuation and gay porn. Yep it's a anime season for sure.
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  4. Boku for sure, warming up to Tokyo Ghoul. Maybe Fist of the Blue. Of course anything else that stands out or is highly recommended on here.
  5. Warming up to Tokyo ghoul?? Where have you been. Warm up damnit.. let's go.. it's go time!
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  6. Why are you just warming up? Sure the second season was a mess but the first season was all kinds of awesome.
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  7. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ne...-the-jaeger-original-tv-anime-project/.129345

    New anime by director ando masahiro (sword of the stranger)

    Mari okada anime by Bones. Sick and tired of little kids in planes. But its Bones and the writer isnt half bad. Oh and it has a dragon.

    Golden kamuy, has a lot of buzz around it. Award winning manga and shit. Might as well try it out.

    Sangoku check out full metal panic. Its one of the best mecha slice of life animes out there.

    Lupin is always a fun watch so I’ll check that out as well.

    Flcl. Looks a lot like the original crazy fun.

    Scrap SAO from the list. Not the same studio one
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  8. Golden Kamuy is all kinds of awesome. I recommend reading the manga.

    Has a lot of military fight scenes, very informative about the russo-jap war and culture, a lot of craziness (I swear to you, no one is in their right mind in this series lol)
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  9. Just watched a full episode of Overlord II ep 11, that was awesome. I think I'm gonna go back and watch this series from season 1 lol.
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  10. You better. In case you didn't read the plot details, its about this gamer in a futuristic immersive MMORPG getting stuck in another world after the game is supposed to have ended. So he is transported to this world along with his guild of NPCs who all become real sentient beings in the new world. It may sound like another Isekai series but it is one of the good ones. He doesn't go about building harems or defeating enemies with ease (which he can easily do) but he is cautious and calculating. And from the actions he take he is neither a good guy or a bad guy to this new world... Sorry got a bit overexcited about this. Just go and watch and I promise you won't be disappointed.
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  11. Woah woah woah..no harems? ^
  12. Just remembered I did read some Vineland Saga manga in the past.
  13. Wait so you read some and didnt continue, whats wrong with you man?
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  14. It's one of those times when I just quickly go over a chapter, not really having the time to commit.
  15. SAO alicization aka season 3 will start october.
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  16. Well now you know why meliodas is so powerful. He is a demon and the brother of the current leader of the ten commandments.

    Disappointed that the story quality kinda dropped for Kokkoku towards the end. The new Sagawara kid should have powers same as the founder of stasis since he was also 'born' in stasis.

    Lol. So as it turns out Ains/Momon had little to no idea of Demiurge's plan on Overlord. I think Demiurge and the other NPCs hold Ains to be the smartest, most powerful being in Nazarick. But there are NPCs who are smarter or stronger than he is. But I still think its all in order to make Momon the strongest in the Kingdom(which he definitely is, both as Momon and Ainz) but more publicly.
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  17. I am in for Full Metal Panic, Steins Gate Zero, My Hero, Tokyo Ghoul, and maybe that Kamui series about theives described in the video.

    Yea I was kinda surprised, I wonder if this means he has a true demon form. Like King has his fat dude form.
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  19. Great news just heard Mob Psycho 100 got the green light for a season 2! Was that mentioned on here already?
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