1. She isn't. Her mother was a spirit. Apparently thats the race most loved by the gods. Btw I don't remember the main series doing such a good job of world building so far. Did you know that the head of Loki familia is not actually a human? He is a Pallum which is a race of small people. I just thought he was a brat who was absurdly strong.
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  2. Damnn that Boku no hero episode was awesome​. That last attack interchange was done so great!
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  3. I know right..made my balls tingle with anime delight.
  4. Damn Midoriya. Its just painful to watch him fight. I'm not a fan of characters who slowly sacrifice their bodies as they go along. This has got to have done some everlasting damage by now.
  5. It was.....so beautiful XD
  6. That episode of Boku was amazing and I think Midoriya up a level in his battle experience, he also looked like he was able to control his powers better as he put everything on the line and fighting through his pain. Props to Shoto, that kids powers are amazing, no one is beating him now that he's using all of his powers.

    SnK was good this episode too, some more mysteries were revealed. Ymir we know now is immortal (that should go for Eren, Reiner, Bertolt and anyone else), shes well over 60 years old and someone connected to the church gave her, her powers. That part where she got kicked off the wall was a bit confusing. Did the girl before her transform into a titan too? I wonder what they are going to do with Conny's mom? Next episode looks good cause it looks like there is no where to hide or run anymore with the other titans capturing Reiner in his titan form.
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  7. Good ep of AoTs, got the full backstory on Ymir. Interesting tidbit on Eren not remembering his memories. Perhaps he is also a Titan in Reiners crew and just forgot somehow..

    San, am pretty sure everyone on the wall was turned into Titans along Ymir as punishment.
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  8. So did they know they were turning them into Titans or were they just trying to kill them?
  9. Been kind of underwhelmed by Hero Academia's tournament arc, but damn todays fight was awesome. This was the kind of fight was anticipating in this tournament.

    Yea they did, if you look closely the soldier is hitting them with some kind of needle with some fluid before he kicks them off the ledge.

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  10. Didn't notice that, I'll go back and watch. Thanks.
  11. Dude thats yutaka nakamura the god of action animation https://sakugabooru.com/post/show/35108
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  13. @ San, I don't think it was the church who gave her powers. With the whole flashback scene of something that happened 60 years ago it looks odd. I maybe nitpicking here but the clothing looks different. With the people who were throwing stones at her and also the military/police. Have we seen that uniform before? Also if that flashback was supposed to take place 60 years ago then their weapons have not advanced much have they? Also there was the thing about Ymir being able to read another language that isn't spoken in that land. I just don't think that a language can disappear in just 60 years. I think wherever Ymir came from wasn't within the walls. And the biggest implication of that would be the wall from where she was dropped. If it was from any of the three walls we have seen so far then titans would have been inside the walls for a long time. But that isn't the case. Those three walls were clear of titans till 5 years ago. So my guess is that there is another wall beyond the three walls in which humanity dwells. And outside that wall lives other humans. Humans to whom Reiner and company and Ymir belongs to. And as a punishment they turn people into titans and let loose beyond that wall. Meaning its either exile or a prison. Which should obviously mean that inevitably we should get Attack on Titan: Prison Break. ;)
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  14. I'm 100% in agreement with Leroy.

    Also explains the village being empty. They all got turned into titans using the same method.

    And that needle from Erin's backstory.

    And why titans are attacking people. Ymir become human after eating human so instinctively the titans want to do the same hence why they are trying to eat humans. Occasionally it might work.

    Which makes everything even more messed up
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  15. Glad we finally get to see Ymirs backstory, its been that long since i've read this part in the manga i didn't realise it was so early in the chase. At times the artwork in the manga was terrible, its great to actually see it animated and appreciate it more
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  16. I think it might be who you eat. She must have eaten dozens of people before she ate Reiner's friend. And the rest of the titans are also eating plenty of people but they arent transforming. So whats special about Reiner's friend?
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  17. I see you are feeding us some knowledge. So Reiner's friend was most likely able to transform into a Titan (that we can't confirm) but if that is the case then that is the one unique condition.
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  18. That's a possibility as well. There must be a way to make Titan back into human again though without eating titan changer then.
  19. Indeed. But it could also be an irreversible change as well. I think the key is in the titan shifters.
    Honestly not trying to feed knowledge or anything. Just looking at it objectively with whats been given so far. Yes its not confirmed that Reiner's friend was a titan shifter. But two out of three (3 of 4 if you include Annie) from the same place turns out to be shifters i'm betting he is a shifter as well. With that assumption in the bag its easy to jump to the conclusion that eating him ie a titan shifter, Ymir was able to change. Of course we'd need proof of that.
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  20. That Magane chick in Re:Creators is probably the only one with a mind. Her manipulations were simple and yet effective.
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