1. MAAAAAAAN I swear Shingeki no Kyojin throws the MOST curve balls, I can't take it lol. Not in a million years would I of guessed that!!! WOW!!!!!!! Epiosde 06 or 31 was amazing.
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  2. So that happened in Shingeki no Kyojin. This is what the manga readers have been holding in for all these years now. When it was first revealed in the manga then and there I decided I do not give two shits about their motivations, what they have done so far is unforgivable and they should die a slow and painful death.
    Anyways looking forward to the rest of the episodes in the season. If my estimation is right we are just going to get titan brawl after titan brawl.
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  3. Good to know and glad you manga readers didn't spill the beans cause that is a huge reveal!
  4. What in the fuck just happened...

    I don't think I processed anymore dialogue in that Titans episode since they revealed themselves

    One side note, I was disappointed they went the 3D route with the Colossus
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  5. Alright finished the ep and I am kind of annoyed how this show has a habit of giving you just enough without saying much because they don't expand on it;

    -Erens basement key/dad
    -The giant ape Titan who can talk
    - short haired dude's village it appeared the people were becoming Titans
    -the group that circled the Walls and found no hole in the wall
    -Ymirs Titan powers and how she appears to be speak some ancient language
    - Historia's noble bloodline and what it means
    -and now suddenly Colossus and his accomplice are suddenly revealed
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  6. I'm not annoyed yet, I'm enjoying the mystery a lot and we just got two huge reveals. The only thing is they left us with so much more questions now. I'm confident that we'll find out everything eventually. Seeing how I rewatch season 1 and 2 recently. I see right away there was no way to figure that out. That message passed along to Anne was so subtle that I thought it was just willpower.
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  7. Same here. I like the mystery around it. If there wasn't, it would just be a big battle anime, which also would be pretty cool, but not as interesting.
    The way Reinhardt came out tho (can I say came out?) It was so fucking casually. Yeah by the way I'm the armored Titan and my buddy over there is the huge Titan. We crashed wall Maria a while ago. Can you be our Titan friends? He asked while the rest was strolling of. First I had to rewind and listen to the Japanese to make sure the translation wasn't of lol. The fuck was that!?
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  8. The wait will be long for most of these answers. The recent manga chapters have only now given us the answers to these questions.

    Probably next season. In my opinion the low part of this series though.
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  9. ^Thanks for the above, I guess I am being impatient, but can you blame me lol its been what 4 years of waiting to only get 12 eps that piles on the questions
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  10. I tell you. The anime character designs really make AoT better. The manga looks like poop. Similar to Getbackers where the manga designs don't really become anime very well so they had to redo them to fit animation.
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  11. Definitely one of the series that needs an anime to fully appreciate it.
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  12. Hey Haoh next time I ask you a question you or your brother better answer before I jump across the Atlantic and whip your asses and toss MD in there in as well. lol.
  13. Lol when did you even ask something?
  14. So I watched the first episode of that Behemot anime, do I need to have watched the first season in order to be up to date?
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  15. Yes. Because this season is missing one of the best...who am I kidding? the best character in the series, Favaro. Plus you get to see how things were 10 years ago when the status quo between the humans, demons and gods was very different. Also the plot is about reviving the titular Bahamut.
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  16. A big fat yes

    Yup which is why after I watched the first season and took a peak of the manga I said no I'm just going to have to wait.
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  17. [IMG]
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  18. An anime about a card game with demons, gods, dragons and fucking backshit crazy battles? *crack neck, streches fingers* Time to revive my inner anime geek. It's been three years boys. Let's fucking go.

    Edit: AND ITS ALL IN AN ANCIENT-ROME LIKE SETTING! Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!
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  19. ahh man I'm almost jealous you're able to watch it with a new set of eyes. Season has been really good so far tho. Have fun catching up
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  20. I watched the first episode, it's okay so far. I enjoyed the epic orchestral music along the fights. I like the concept of gods and demons. I'll continue watching it. But how is that anime from 2014 and only now getting a second season?
    I'm also going to watch the new season of AoT and look for some new manga and anime. I'm getting pretty tired of 40m or 1h TV series.
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