1. Yeah Ottarl vs Finn is going to awesome. If they ever do that.
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  2. You know we've yet to see the Gods really let loose with their power so I'd assume that will happen in the next season.

    Also, something about that short scene with Ais carrying Bell on her back was cool.
  3. Lol. I feel bad for Bakugo. Damn you Todoroki. You didn't deny just Bakugo but also us.
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  4. I guessed season 2 of AoT would end where it did when, I heard it was only 12 eps long. They gave us some information that we hadn't learned yet at this point in the manga. I imagine next season will be really slow depending on how far they take it.
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  5. Woooo what a damn finale that was for Attack on Titan, just awesome action all around. Eren's new level up is crazy strong lol.

    Best part is we got a new season confirmed for 2018

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  6. Awesome!! Good to know we won't have another 3 year wait.
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  7. looking at the summer 2017 lineup

    ...looks like its time to catch up on some old stuff in the library

    shit season ahead!!
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  8. Boku episode was awesome. That move that Baku came up with was impressive. After seeing Midoriya and Todoroki fight he knew he would need a powerful move and to come up with it there was impressive. I actually think with that momentum turn he could bypassed most of Todoroki's flames. I'm disappointed Todoroki didn't go all out.

    Bahamut was awsome as usual. Rita and Nina are just pure jokes, I love seeing them in action. Shit Nina gots some nice taijutsu moves going on.

    I'm comforted to see this, it made me stop shouting F-bombs after S2 finale episode ended. That episode was so good, and I loved Eren's new found power. I really wanted to see some action with the beast Titan and they even showed us who it was inside. I'm guessing it is Eren's dad? It looks like him.

    You really need to be watching Shingeki no Bahamut, Shingeki no Kyojin, Boku no Acadamia if you aren't and read Jagaaaaan.
  9. Yea I am guessing its his dad as well, although I am not looking for a manga spoiler on it lol.
    I wish they had set it up to air in the fall, but 2018 isn't to bad.
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  10. Yea it does look terrible, its good that Boku No Hero continues through the summer and plus Game of Thrones is airing as well.
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  11. It was nice to see Reiner and Berthold and Ymir on the wall talking. That wasn't in the manga. The anime is trying to get more sympathy for those guys. But yeah without Ymir the other two will be returning empty handed. Eren looked like he was a king commanding the titans. And i think thats why Ymir decided to leave Historia to them. Before that she believed that there was no future within the walls. But once she found out that Eren was capable of doing that it changed the whole game. It was nice to the see the beast titan just sitting like a boss on top of the wall. The anime didn't really give a good look at the guy. So here is the same shot from the manga. So its not a spoiler. Just a clearer look at him.
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  12. ^Also they gave some info on Ymirs past a few eps ago, much sooner than we got in the manga. And we didnt get a look at who is controlling the beast titan for a while.
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  13. That mech in Creators is really cool and if the summer season is going to be a fail like some have posted I am glad I have my Toonami. Really good lineup going on now.

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  14. Been making sure to watch HxH and tape it whenever I'm not home. That anime is done so well.
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  15. Man next week is the ep for Ghoul where he gets tortured..just brutal and easily one of the best anime eps. So many first timer dub fans will be like WTF!! lol. The twitter reactions will be priceless.
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  16. TG fans are insane. Just last month they were demanding the head of the author because Kaneki didn't end up with his guy best friend.
    He had sex with Touka
    I mean for fucks sake these fans are getting mad over something they concocted in their own heads and seeing that it didn't work out that way. The series fucking opens with Kaneki on a date with a woman. Its kinda your own fault if you started to 'ship him with a dude.
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  17. lol wtf! Sounds like some instagram asshats starting rumors.

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  18. Fucking yaoi fans man.
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  19. The Suka Suka ep or http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Shuumatsu...te-Ii-desu-ka/Episode-011?id=137001&s=default
    was really well done yet again. This episode shored up some of the details between characters and story from past and present. It is also somewhat still confusing.

    They laid out who the little red hair girl is but I am still trying to figure out who the bad guys are here.. humans, gods..?? It would seem it's the same tale of humans becoming too full of themselves and thinking they can beat the gods and revolting only to be put in their place except this time in the past the master was put down... the poteaus master by a brave and the master was that little girl.

    Also, in this series case watching the dub makes some things more clear as is the case in many series. The subs sometimes are poorly translated or convoluted in syntax unnecessarily.

    So they turned into beasts which is what Willem fought?? I saw the part where the older red hair girl stabbed the little red hair girl so was that depicting the master dying? But they are the same person right? ehhhh.. I'm so confused.

  20. Chill dude. The timere are one of the 17 beasts. They are humans. The master is Elq, the little girl with red hair. She had three guardians. One of which Willem fought to a standstill. The older red haired girl was one of the brave friends of Willem and a former wielder of seneorious. Elq's soul is being divided and reincarnated as the leprechauns. When the leprechauns use too much power Elq's soul starts to take over.
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