1. She is a great villain and her VA is awesome. Shame about Mamika but she revealed the truth. Sota is freaking annoying. lol I cannot stand characters that
    are wishy washy and you just want to beat the truth out of them. Spit it out already!

    The last few eps have kind of gone in circles with a lot of chit chat. We'll see how the next ep flows.

    Now time to catch up on Suka Suka.

    Well that was just a solid heart warming ep lol. I dig those kinds of episodes with no action. I like her red tipped hair but eventually she will become that person of the past. They really do a great job with this series even though most of the characters are kids.
  2. Geez that Bahamut ep was depressing as hell. How did she have a kid anyway?
  3. Have you never heard of this guy Jesus Christ?
    And damn I was near tearing up at the end of the episode.
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  4. More like midichlorians. Is he supposed to be Mary? What a twist. Lol
  5. I think he is Micheal reincarnated. I still want to know what kind of power the Onyx knights are using.
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  6. Boku episode was awesome this week as well. That dude Stain looking like he's holding the #1 band like Afro Samurai, I like him a lot. I wonder if he is strong enough to give All Might a challenge. I'm not sure where Ida's brother ranks with the top heroes.


    Great backstory we got of Jeanne D'Arc that girl is a grinder. Why does it seem that El/Mugaro doesn't remember who his mother is?
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  7. Oh man another great twist at the end of Shengki no Kyojin! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO EREN, GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!!
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  8. Shit Captain Erwin was a G in this episode.. The who battle reminded me of Game of Thrones battle of bastards

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  9. Erwin really is bad ass. Between him and Levi this series has epic levels of badassery.
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  10. My heart jumped cause I thought he was dead while simultaneously laughing, I found that a bit funny. In Erwin's position he didn't back down and hide in a corner he came charging with ONE FREAKING ARM!
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  11. That was a nice ep of Boku. All Might could have told Midoritya about him formerly being quirkless. Bakugo vs Todoroki looks like is going to be awesome. Pity we have another plot of Iida's brother going on. I would have loved for the finals to get the focus completely.
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  12. Oh I thought I should add that the brilliance of Armin flew under the radar in the last ep of SnK. I'm trying to think back but I guess Bertolt and Reiner weren't around when Annie crystallized herself. To pretend that she was being tortured in order for the Titan warrior to drop his guard was good.
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  13. hmm maybe I need to watch this new season of Titan. I see a lot of positive posts.
  14. Anyone watching Little Witch Academia. It has a pretty solid feel good story. I think its only a couple of episodes away from the finale.
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  15. It's not that the season is bad or anything, its the fact that it's going to be so short after a 4 year wait, they're adapting 4 volumes, next episode is the last episode
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  16. Is next episode really the last? :( :( :(
  17. Just watched ReCreators. It was epic to see Selesia's upgrade. I wonder why it didn't last? Maybe it was the equivalent of a fad. Is the pillar Altair talking about Sota or Selesia? Please don't let it be Sota. He is a shit character.
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  18. Damn. We got to see the only level 7 in DanMachi. I want to see him fight against a level 6 for real.

    Rita is so awesome. Nina as usual proved that she is useless. But i won’t be that hard on her this time. Its not everyday you learn that your crush is an insane dictator who will pick a fight with anyone.
    Just watched this episode. At the end wasn't it one of the 17 beasts? So from what Willem has learned I gather that the 17 beasts were originally humans? (although the site you pointed me to the other day its a bit more complicated than that). Btw 17 beasts is a stupid name, I keep thinking there are only 17 of them, but from all indications its just a stupid name for a species that overwhelmed the surface world with numbers and strength.
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  19. Such an awesome ep for Dan Machi chicks in dungeon spinoff. People really are underestimating this series and it gives so much insight to what is happening during the original series.
    They also give a decent dose of Bell but it was cool to see more of that lvl 7 fighting Ais. Also the music,, the music THE MUSIC! So good man.

    King Ottarl though.. I always wondered about that guy so seeing him as the lvl7 badass vs Ais was cool even if short but he wasn't about to face off vs God Finn. That boy...

    If anyone is curious go watch the original series first:

    then watch this


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