1. Episode was really good, enjoyed seeing Kenny's past and how Uri changed his life.

    That Titan serum should make Eren stronger if he uses it again?

    Crazy how I had no idea just how important Historia is to this series.
  2. Mister Oliva again for the win in ep 14 of Baki he is insanely strong and I like his taste. Good to see what Baki is capable of now. I'm pretty sure it's 1. Yujiro 2. Oliva 3. Dorian for top 3 strongest.
  3. Don't discount Baki, sure he has lost to his dad several times but the Hanma blood runs in him nonetheless. And there is a reason why he is the champion. Also he is the only one besides Yujiro who has manifested the demon on his back (that thing you can see in the previous OP i think). Dorian is strong but I would put the current grandmaster Retsu over him. And I know there is a stronger grandmaster of kenpo around in the manga later on.
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  4. Mirio just schooled everyone. There are gonna be some great fights coming up in season 4. Overhaul is gonna be the major villain for that season.
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  5. I'm a fan of Mirio, I would like to see how he matches up against a really strong opponent. Looking forward to season 4, season 3 was great.
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  6. Good end to the season, Mirio was doing some work
  7. [IMG]
  8. [IMG]
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  9. best character for fellow pervs lol
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  10. Dang no Attack on Titan this week
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  11. I'm hoping JoJo will fill that void.
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  12. I feel bad for Gazef...not. Who the fuck would challenge the supreme being in the first place. It's not like he deserved it but if it is all to spread the might of Ainz I'm all for it.
  13. Just got to see the Boku no Hero movie in theatres. They showed both the original Japanese subbed and the English dub, so I got to watch both on the big screen. I really loved it. It was great to see young All Might in the past. The theatre went crazy with cheers and applause when he first showed up. I really loved the final fight where Deku and All Might team up. It was really good to see them fighting together .
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  14. Watched the first ep of Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, it's a sports anime about marathon running. It has a nice pace and feel to it so far.

    First ep to JoJo was great, I like Girona's stand, seems really hack. I am assuming he will be one of the good guys...eventually.
  15. So I watched a bunch of new anime last night. There was a fishing in outer space which i stopped watching immediately after the opening narration. Dumb concept, dumb anime.

    Then there was I was reincarnated as a slime. Another isekai show. But i gave it as much time as I could. I even watched patiently while they were trying to justify making this slime OP. But i couldn't finish it because good lord it was exposition heavy. I don't mind when exposition is done well but when you have an AI interface giving you all the knowledge about your powers and skills and have a "true dragon", so rare that there are only 4 of them in the world, just happen to be in the same cave as you are in and very graciously explain everything you need to know about this world, its a bit too much. I fear that it might just be in the same hell most isekai shows fall into. But I'm willing to give it another shot.

    The only show I liked so far is Akanesasu Shoujo. A group of girls who are in radio club or something like that tries to open a door to another world by following some internet rumors. What do you know, they end up doing it. Not a new concept that there are parallel worlds in different frequencies to ours. But the small action scene was well animated and I'm hoping to see not just one parallel world but many.
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  16. Add Hinomaru to the anime I like too so far. Sumo was the first live sport I watched when I went to Japan.
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  17. Yeah. Watched that. I like it.

    Also watched a bunch more stuff. Bakumatsu was interesting. Some time travel in the edo period. Gonna keep an eye on that.

    Another one that I liked was Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara. Magic, slice of life anime. Girl is sent back in time to her granny's high school days. Visuals look great on this one.

    Add to that Double Deckers and Ken en Ken.
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  18. Anyone watch Jojos Golden Wind yet? I can't find it anywhere.
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  19. It should be on horrible subs, if not just stream it. It came out Friday.
  20. Goblin Slayer seems like an anime I can fuck with lol.
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