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    Golden Kamuy, SAO Alcization, TG final season. So far the only things that caught my eye.
  2. You glorious bastard! Ty for posting. I'll edit later with thoughts.
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho?! What's that about. Also JoJos part 5 that's awesome.
    I don't get it, how is that train wreck of a ending to Fairy Tail getting animated but Bleach isn't?
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  4. Are you serious or sarcasm?

    Aside from SAO I dont see anything that I like. I might give the Kyoto animation and P.A. Works a try if I read good things about it
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  5. I know all about Yu Yu, I'm just wondering what this specials all.about.
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  7. Thank you Leroy! I see a lot more in the fall season. Golden Kamuy I will be watching. Broly obviously, Fairy Tail, Hinomaru a sumo show looks interesting and other left overs.
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  9. How did I not notice this before, JOJO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! The 5th arc, I can't wait. I hope it's a good one.
  10. All I'm gonna say is shit gets pretty BIZARRE!
  11. This anime season looks weak as fuck!!

    ...breaking out the harddrive to watch something I downloaded years ago and never watched...and probably rewatching FMA
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  12. I think I'm excited because the expectations lowered or maybe realistic. If I can get 2-3 really good anime to get me through the season I am good.
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  13. Interesting episode of My Hero, Bakugo is just dumb lol.
  14. [IMG]
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  15. Are we gonna get a Naruto vs Sasuke like type of fight? I hope so. I enjoyed that conversation with All Might and All For One.


    Someone pointed out that SnK/AoT academy is present with Captain Levi front row and center lmfao
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  16. Yea I think we are, some manga readers are hyping up this fight.

    Kinda hoping Deku beats the stupid out of him, but then again Deku kinda deserves to get his ass beat for always being a nice victim for Bakugo.
  17. Nice ep of Attack on Titan, stuffs really ramping up.
  18. This revelation to come up after this 3 seasons of mystery in Shingeki no Kyojin has been very satisfying. I hope it gets better, still a lot more to learn like what is in the basement.
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  19. Just watched ep 11 and 12 of Baki. The japanese fighters need to stop being merciful and deliver the finishing blow to these convicts. First Speck and now Dorian. At least Retsu didn't hold back. Hopefully Doppo can make a full recovery. And lol at Baki's dad being a creeper following him on his date.
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