1. I still think monkey is coming back. Yeah that's right lol. She was the focal point of the show for quite a few episodes and tbh the lone good guy in all this and she is gone? Even more so after seeing this ep where her strength as San pointed out is nuts. So we get to see her true strength as a evil sidekick? Where is she now and is Rabbit dead because if he is she is gone for good? What happens to his minions when he dies? I expect Monkey to make some crazy comeback. Remind me.. did we get a full flashback on Monkey's past? I remember some monk training I think.
  2. Latest Inuyashiki ep delivered again, looks like showdown is gonna have to take place soon.
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  3. That Ultraman teaser.. gonna be too bad if it is full awful 3D CG.
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  5. ^

    Kokkoku looks appealing. Of course I'll be watching Nanatsu no Taizai, been waiting 2 years for this anime to come back and decided not to read the manga.
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  6. Everything from no. 6 and up is a must watch for me.
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  7. Same Nanatsu for me as well and everything else is wait and see.
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  9. So ready for this
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  10. Here is a different trailer. You can get a good look at the ten commandments. The seventh of the deadly sins is still missing.
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  11. Fuck I was not expecting that ending in Juuni Taisen! That was a lot better than expected and the winners powers is pure h4x.
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  12. I did not expect Ox to die like that. But i did expect Rat to win. They really didn't have a chance against him.
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  13. I'm even more impressed considering Rat's ability that he couldn't avoid the interview.
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  14. I don't think its that simple. From how I understand his powers work, at any given point he can see 100 different options how it would play out. So if we consider staying for the interview or not as point A, he could see a 100 different options it could play out. It just means that the organizers had more than 100 different ways of killing him. But if he had chosen the option (option 25 out of 100 for example) that let him go the farthest before dying he can theoretically chose option 25 and go to the new point just before he would meet his end. Now he can just consider that point B and see another different 100 options how it could play out from point B.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I read up a bit more about his abilities. He doesn't see them. He actually experiences all 100 options simultaneously and then he has to select an option and it becomes the new reality. That's why some of the other contestants feel like they've met him. So yeah he couldn't pick an option where he dies and and just start over before he dies. If he picks an option where he ends up dying he is gonna end up dying.
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  15. Christ sake Ox talks too much. Annoying
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  16. That's why I'm saying I'm even more impressed he couldn't think of a way to escape. He went through 100 POSSIBLE realities avoiding the interview and still got killed. Whoever overseas the tournament must have Godlike abilities.
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  17. Well they do have a means of granting any wish so that is very much possible.
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