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    Nope prefer jp version in anything

    ep 7 Juuni Taisen was pretty good. I was wondering why they went back to Snake when he got kicked off screen like a loser but he's actually pretty good since he was able to sense Monkey meters underneath him like that just worse timing to get distracted by a killer like Rabbit. It's pretty safe to say Rabbit is the best by far regardless if he doesn't end up winning. His kill count is crazy. Also it made sense to go back to Snake cause I totally forgot that Dragon was alive, actually I thought he was dead as well. Am I the only one that gets a crazy feeling that the warriors that were killed will come back alive some how? Either Monkey miraculously or Sheep (faked his death). I don't get why the corpse of Snake didn't attack Tiger but attacked Ox? If Tiger didn't turn around to come back to Ox she wouldn't of got headlocked or was the arm gonna crawl up to her eventually?
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  2. San.. you should really give some dubs a try. That argument some make..albeit I do not know your reason... that subs are universally better is tired and short sighted like dc vs marvel.

    You're missing a lot of excellent and professional work by worthy VA's. I used to be sub only until I worked at Funimation when I lived in DFW.

    It opened my eyes. Subs and dubs have their awful moments and translations vary of course but you miss out on such awesome voices and interpretations.

    Speaking of dub actors..sad. Frieza:. https://www.youcaring.com/christopherayres-1010986
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  3. Am I the only one here who watches Mahoujin Guru Guru? That show cracks me up every single episode.
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    I think so

    Man another crazy ep with Inuyashiki in ep 6. I knew after that incident happened with Hiro's mom he was gonna go H.A.M. I just didn't expect him to take on the whole of 2Chan (4Chan)!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Finished ep 13 of Fate/Apocrypha and love the ending 2

    Full Track though
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  5. Well I suppose the only thing that kept Hiro sane is now gone. Lol at the trolls trying to act tough. The finger USB was creepy.
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  6. Holy shit, that method of murder was insane.
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  7. Yooo that Inuyashiki ep was craaazy lol,

    I fucking loved all those trolls getting what was coming to them

    They totally nailed the internet mob mentality and cruelty; "His dad should commit suicide as well"

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  8. I loved this ep.

    I need emotional anime that gives me sadness then anger then rage then someone who kicks some ass with awesome music. now.
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  9. Nice ep of Magus' Bride. But i sincerely hope that the girls isn't always on the verge of death in every episode.
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  10. From 2011 I think
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  11. The latest episode of Juni Taisen was probably its weakest episode so far. I really didn't need 2 episodes of backstory for Snake and Dragon.
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  12. Half a ep would have sufficed but I like them so it was enjoyable.

    I am catching up on Ballroom and good lawd! Also, Hyodo is a master dancer. Dude needs to teach full time. Can't wait to see more of "the zone" dancing.. the whole 4 legs thing.

    Fujita and Hanaoka are so meant to be a couple and in ep. 17 those few mins between each other were so so good.

    When Chi chan says she likes guys who are tough and daring.. I love that stuff in a female. Reminds me of a gf I had.


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  13. ^
    Face down ass up?
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  14. Well that cliff hanger for Inuyashiki this week doesn't look like it bodes well for Hiro's new family.
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  15. Nope it doesn't his new family life will be short lived. Those boys are coming in with the heavy artillery.
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  16. When does Beatless come out, looks interesting. I had no doubts that abyss would get a sequel.
  17. I doubt thats the end of Rabbit. After all we haven't seen his backstory yet. :D But yeah Tiger is definitely the next one to die.
  18. I was miffed at the fact Rabbit died like that. There is no way he's dead, I hope not!

    See the strength with Monkey? Even more disappointed she died without putting up a real fight.
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