1. Nice and I love the music as well. It has the Bebop Yoko and the Seatbelts vibe. What a really good episode that was. The butler was just crazy good and his car put the batmobile to shame.
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  2. Yome episode was yet again fantastic and beautiful. I wonder if we'll see that sorcerer guy from the past, that was cold blooded how he manipulated the cat killing guy in his desperate time in need just to obtain data for his magic.
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  3. So, anyone watching on Iron Blooded Orphans season 2 on toonami?
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  4. I definitely am. I watch toonami every Saturday if I'm home. I never finished the sub so all new to me and it's like an all-star cast of VA's.

    Not sure about that alliance they just made though. I forsee backstabbing all over the place.

    Also, I was watching Toonami when they aired the first promo for Bebop and said: "We knew it was going to be a great show when we watched the opening." Oh those were the days.
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  5. I decided to give Fate/Apocrypha another chance. Is anyone still watching? I have a lot of eps to watch.
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  6. 2.5 seasons later Shokugeki no Soma finally has my full attention. Anyone else been keeping up with this season?
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  7. I am. Its definitely the weakest of the Fate shows. I'm just watching it for the sake of Shirou and what his plans are.
    It took you 2.5 seasons? Better late than never. The Azami administration marks a huge shift in the story.
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  8. I am watching both as well. Watching the dub too for fate and catching up on food wars. So many great food anime like the series from last season.
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  9. Damn. 3 killed in the latest Juni Taisen ep. Looks like dragon is gonna die next.
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  10. I really wanted monkey to fight Ox, she got fucking ownd. That's what she gets for not fighting to kill a killer that wants to kill her.

    I wanted Sheep to stick around a bit longer. Tiger looks to be pretty strong.
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  11. I at least thought they were going to subvert from the pattern they established, show backstory, get killed. Thats why I thought that Monkey and Sheep were safe. Hence why i'm saying dragon is gonna die next.
  12. Finished ep 8 of Fate and I kinda of like it a lot better now. I guess I just needed to get past ep 5 or something. It's picking up so far and I have a bunch of episodes to watch at my leisure which is nice.
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  13. This weeks Inuyashiki was kind of all over the place, but cliff hanger was interesting

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  14. Have you watched Ballroom or do you get into that kind of thing? It has been magnificent.
  15. It was really good cause we seen a side of Hiro I didn't think was there. That scene when the cops came and grabbed him was crazy though.

    Old man made me laugh, he's such a noob with his abilities yet he fights for the good of the people. He's a true hero.
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  16. Did Ando get brave after being around the old man and tip off the cops? Or maybe he just wasn't careful.
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  17. Anyone got news on a new Haikyuu season? Basically holding off reading the manga because I love the anime-format of it.

    and also basically the only anime I'm willing to spend time on.
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  18. Oh yea I've been all over that since the start, real good stuff.
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  19. The dub of Magus Bride is so much better.


    "As of this publishing, the Tokyo Nationals story arc is over 62 chapters long. Much of the story consists of the training undertaken by Hinata and Kageyama, including a difficult practice match against another team named Date Tech. Chapter 206 is the end of the Spring High Tournament and the beginning of the story arc about the training camps. Only 16 chapters of the manga are not enough for the fourth season of Haikyuu, but it takes another 24 chapters before the team even arrives in Tokyo!

    Based on the pacing of both the anime and the manga, it seems Haikyuu Season 4 will find an ending during the Tokyo Nationals tournament or at its conclusion. Let’s just hope fans don’t have to wait until 2019 for the Haikyuu Season 4 release date!"
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