1. Black Clover: lmao.. so so true. Well done to those guys and good post. Also, when I said you guys made it sound like Naruto.. as much as I loved that show that was not a compliment for this one.
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  2. Oh I love Ando. The guy is a great psychopath and I feel like the perfect villain for Inuyashiki.

    Another weird country in Kino. I do love the variety of different countries they are showing us. The next episode sounds great as well with the country of lies.
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  3. Nice ep of Inuyashiki, I was like fuck yea when those bullies got their asses beat, but then Hiro has kill them as well =\

    Dude is cool, other than his killing habits lol

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  4. Is anyone else watching Net Juu No Susume? The only complaint i have is the inconsistency of the art but there's just something about it, it's just a really relatable series.

    Also the opening and ending are awesome

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  5. Oh snap! Things just turned upside down on Shokugeki with Azami's arrival. Of course he is voiced by Hayami Shouas he was in my mind. And then there is the 1st seat Eishi. He says he removes himself from the food that he creates. But that becomes his signature. How is that different from when Soma lost in the tournament for not putting more of himself in the dish?

    I'm glad to see that Horse had not died yet on Juni Taisen. I didn't want the death to be offscreen. And also it was great to get some backstory about this tournament. I would have been fine if it was just a tournament for the sake of fighting.
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  6. Monkey is awesome though at defensive fighting and offensive when she had to. When she threw her hand up in his face to push him back..that was nice and he was like wtf?
  7. That tatted dude in Inuyashiki went from super cool and bad ass to super homofvg real quick.


    That episode 4 was hardcore! Was I the only one that went 'bang' at the end lol.
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  8. LMAO that went south fuckin quick at the beginning..ugh

    Anyways was super relieved to see gramps save the dude when he was about to get choked out.

    Suspense/tension was amazing in this episode

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  9. Great ep. Ya'll know that blowjob was about dominance. If you ask him he would probably say NoHomo.
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  10. ^Yea I get that, I just didn't need to see it.
  11. Yea I immediately thought damn, showing that dude who's boss before[IMG]
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  12. LOL! Can't get any more homo then that

  13. PSA to anyone who uses crunchyroll, their site got hacked, don't try to use it until their twitter says coast is clear. It will try to install malware on your computer.
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  14. Lol what in the hell is going on in that series. When I last watched some dude and his kid got hammered in the tub. Same series right?
  15. Yeah. They alternate the episodes with the old man and the psycho so far. This was the old man being a hero.
  16. It's back up and running and good to use now, I don't think there has been an official statement on any information stolen but the consensus seems to be that just the site itself was hijacked, not their servers.

    On another not Kekkai Sensen is so fucking on point it hurts. Every episode has been so satisfying with little to no development in plot to them.
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  17. Are you saying this has been the best season so far? What is this the 3rd season and still no real plot development.
  18. I never saw season 1 of Kekkai Sensen so I am hesitant on whether to just jump in or go back and see it
  19. hmm.. I am trying to figure out if Atemesk is oozing the sarcasm or not lol. I actually love this season and said so like the last page or two if you remember.

    @San it's S2 for crying out loud. :rolleyes:
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  20. Completely serious, I've loved every episode of this season.
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