1. Well we got the origin story done, interested in seeing where this goes.

    Good opening for the show.
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  2. I feel like Black Clover could have rushed a bit more. There were some repeated scenes. But at least now the origin story is out of the way. Time for them to head into the capital and hopefully we will get to see magic knight squads.

    I knew it was gonna be something like this with Juni Taisen with combatants dropping weekly. At least this way we are getting rid of the overconfident arrogant ones.
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  3. Just saw first ep of Inuyashiki, it feels like the Parasyte Maxim of the season. Pretty decent, I wanted to slap the guys kids so bad for being assholes.

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  4. Ya I thought the same with a touch of Gantz to it. Actually the old man reminded me of the old man in Gantz. I felt kind of sorry for him and those kids are assholes.
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  5. ^Never seen Gantz so I'll take your word for it.

    One thing that bothered me was some of the 3D animation scenes which were kind of jarring to see compared to rest of 2D animation. Hopefully something they can smooth out as the show goes on
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  6. Watching Miss Hokusai movie from 2015. IG Production. Director is Keiichi Hara. Edo period piece. Definitely worth a watch.
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  7. Whats with all the kids in Inuyashiki? Fucking assholes. I doubt the old man had any control of what he did but that is some grade A level the way he handled those brats. Scared them off and leaked their IDs and footage of the crime to the internet. There is nothing scarier than a group of people on the internet who have a mission to solve/find something in this day and age. I did have some inkling about this series before i watched this episode. Since this episode focused on the old man i want to see the second one from the other dude's perspective. The only thing i know is that he is going to end up being the villain to the old man's hero.
    As for the Gantz comparison, not a surprise since this is from the same mangaka.
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  8. Ahh ha!! I knew something seemed familiar :)
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  9. [IMG]
    Another nice ep of Kino. This is like a nice and chill slice of life anime with a side of violence. Between this, garo and Mahoutsukai no Yome we have some great animation this season.

    Speaking of Garo second ep was the debut of Luke who I'm guessing is a Makai Alchemist. Nice to see what a modern day alchemist looks like.

    Dies Irae was a slow build up. Maybe it feels like that because i watched the prologue episode. And it has a major case of one anime trope i can do without, over the top complicated foreign names. Yeah yeah I know that there are some german words that look needlessly complicated but I'd be damned if i remember anyones name in this series.
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  10. lol ^ Japanese infatuation with Germany. Why is that anyway?
  11. Garo seemed okay, worth checking out the second ep called Luke at least. Seemed like they are trying to hard to make him like a Cloud badass type character.

    Dies Irae was okay, not motivated enough to seriously follow the series but I could watch more.
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  12. Inuyashiki opening is probably best of season

    Black Clover op up there as well

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  13. nice ^

    So the dbz super dub ep where Cabba fights Vegeta premiered Sat on Toonami and this guy knocked it out of the park as Cabba: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Clifford-Chapin/

    Calling Vegeta a bastard and the translation was so much better to me than the sub. I know some of you do not watch dubs but I highly recommend you watch that part at least.

    When he is punching Vegeta.. you can feel the hatred and emotion in his voice. Such a great VA job. Also, they did a great job in making Goku not sound like a total dumbass.


    Also, did anyone watch this series earlier in the year? https://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/chain-chronicle-the-light-of-haecceitas I'm all over this. How I missed this is beyond me.
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  14. Damn it Black Clover was dragging its feet this week. I'm getting worried now that they might bloat up this series with non integral scenes.

    That was a nice killshot by Ox in Juni Taisen. A stab through the head.
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  15. That one hit kill was hilarious. I liked the chicken's back story and how the Birds ate her at the end. Was that her own doing or dramatic effect?
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  16. I think that was her own doing. But the events that were leading to her fight against Ox might have been manipulated by Monkey. Her way of killing is peacefully. I just wish that they didn't kill off Horse off screen. Would have been nice to see the full battle between Horse and Ox.
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  17. yeah Juuni is shaping up to be a very good series. I definitely believe Monkey knew she wouldn't stay and forced her back out into the open to die.. as you said a peaceful death or kill. You might think then but she did not get any of the shard things or whatever they are. Well that is one less foe and it just means eventually she'll face off against someone who has a lot of them and it will only take one kill. She is too innocent to be a good guy anyway.
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  18. Inuyashiki episode 2 was freaking intense and gruesome. This series truly is Gantz 2.0 LOL! If you don't know what Gantz is, read the manga.
  19. I hear the Tokyo Ghoul live action is really good. Stays close to the manga and doesn't look half bad
    Also Tokyo Ghoul: re is getting animated. Not sure if anyone mentioned that.
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