1. A less than savory ending to Bahamut. Getting blind and becoming mute is not enough of a punishment for the king and Nina. I mean for fucks sake Kaiser died like a chump because of these two idiots. And not to mention they didn't even fully get rid of Bahamut.
    Although it was nice to see that Rita had reincarnated Kaiser. I want a proper conclusion to Bahamut with a third series and this time just give us Favaro and Kaiser once more.

    As for Hero Academia that was a nice spot to end the season on. Looks like it will all come down to the successors of All for One and All Might. I like this series a lot because they are not at all being subtle about who the final villain is going to be. Its nice especially for an anime that is being recounted by the hero who has already achieved his goals. Not to mention the quirks are set with clear limits and there are real consequences for going overboard.
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  2. That season finale for Abyss was great. I loved how they gave it extra time so they can properly conclude the arc in 13 eps. And now we have an awesomely designed, despicable villain for the second season in Bondrewd. I knew that Mitty & Nanachi story was gonna be all kinds of feels. :TT TT:But its time to move past that. New companion, new villain, new monsters and of course a deeper level of the abyss awaits us. Bring on the 2nd season.
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  3. Great season finale to Abyss, I thought it was really sad with Mitty but it had to be done. I'm looking forward to seeing that mad scientist white whistle cave raider, that man is cold blooded.

    Boku was great as well no complaints!

    Shingenki no Bahamut I thought was interesting. I was looking for a lot more with the revival and defeat of the dragon and it will still come back to life lol. Last season was definitely better but this 2nd season maintained the level of epicness.
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  4. Boku had a cool finale, and we got a season 3 announcement

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  5. OMG that was one of the funniest season opening episodes I seen in my life with Gintama, pure lulz.
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  6. Wow.. that Asta or whatever his name is in black clover is one of the most annoying characters I have ever heard. I did not even finish the ep. I ff towards the end and he was still screaming.

    I could not close the vid fast enough. Show ruined. Let me know if they do a time skip and he chills out. I so loathe it when jp studios have a character yell like that. It is the one aspect of anime that drives me nuts.

    The ep..what I could stomach to watch was boring anyway. This is supposed to be some next big series? pfft.
  7. He's meant to sound annoying, Naruto 2.0. I liked the episode; I think I read the first 2 chapters of this series, the animation was on point.
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  8. That is beyond Naruto. Reading is one thing..listening to that is another. Anyway moving on there is more new anime out. Report back shortly. I just got home from work!!

    Well ep1 of Sengoku Night Blood wasn't that bad at all. It's a period piece but with a few twists and I actually enjoyed it. They cut to the chase with the war but I will watch ep 2.

    Now on to http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Juuni-Taisen
    which I read is supposed to be pretty damn good.

    @San that Gintama was great. I always love the OP/ED as well. Such a good series. I need to watch last season again.
    Love this ED.

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  9. I liked Black Clover. It had been the show i was most anticipating. Yes Asta's VA can chill out a bit but he is supposed to be like that as San pointed out. I'm glad they are giving it good animation. I was dreading that we might see crappy magic effects as Fairy Tail. Vicious: you can just wait for the dub i guess?
    Juuni Taisen was awesome. The fight animation is great. Boar got taken out really quickly though.
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  10. Just watched Juuni Taisen, had no idea what I was getting into but I LIKE IT A LOT! We will see tons of action and blood shed in this anime. I recommend ppl to get on this.
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  11. Nah I got my bitch out .. I will just suck it up. I would rather watch than wait for a dub months down the line and it may not be any better.
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  12. Good god man... that Abyss latest ep. damn some of these eps are hard to watch.
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  13. Coming in 2018. Hell yeah!!!! Time for Haise Sasaki.
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  14. ^

    Been so long.

    Watched Ousama Game whiched seemed okay, it comes across as a mystery type of, who is trying to kill me supernatural anime like Death Note.
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  15. Ousama Game didn't work for me. I tried Dies Irae although I think it was just the prologue episode. Story was a bit jumbled up here and there but like i said it was a prologue episode. As far as i can tell we have some supernatural nazi.

    Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoko was a bit too mellow for my taste. Two chibi girls surviving in a post war world and thats about it. As far as the first episode goes there is no one else and nothing of interest is happening. I'm gonna keep an eye out on this one to see if it gets interesting but i'm not gonna waste any time watching it weekly.

    Also heard about this anime called ID-0 today. Apparently its on netflix but i didn't realize. Seems like an interesting premise. Those who torrent can find it released by HSubs as a batch. A girl in the distant future ends up in the hands of some space pirates who are looking for this rare mineral that bends spacetime. Oh and they transfer their minds temporarily into robots so they can do space stuff. Some nice animation on this so its on my queue.

    Lastly we have Kino no Tabi. A reboot apparently. Nice animation. Interesting yet chill story of a traveller called Kino who rides a talking motorcycle called Hermes. He spends 3 days at every location he travels to. If the first episode is any indication to go by we are gonna see some interesting locales. Definitely a watch for me.
  16. Never read the manga, but I enjoyed the first ep of Black Clover.

    Looks like a promising shounen.

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  17. @Leroy I agree with everything you said lol. I will say at first I thought shoujo was going to be another made in Abyss gem but it was just as you said.

    Still was a damn nice effort even the characters look like Abyss somewhat but the people behind it showed great potential.

    Lots of new episode 1's out so make sure y'all check everything including DBZ tonight.

    Just a heads up that ID-O series is available here as a dub so I guess it has been out for awhile.
    ..eh looks like a bunch of 3D mess. Have to pass. shame.

    New Kekkai is out, Garo and Ballroom too.

    Such a good Ballroom ep.
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  18. Its not that bad. Being in space and robots make it ok.

    Code realize has got me a bit curious. Also i'm a sucker for steampunk.

    Garo animation is top notch. I missed the second series of Garo, downloading it right now, but hyped for this new season.

    Mahoutsukai no Yome looks nice as well. Could be my slice of life anime along with Kino this season.
  19. Watched the new kekkai and after the first ep I will pass entirely this time around, just a whole bunch of nothing imo.

    Mahotsukai no Yome was pretty good. Was it the OVA or a movie I watched the last time?
  20. Three prequel OVAs
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