1. Sorry man. I dont think its out to DL yet. It was showing in the cinema here.
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  2. I hear you mentioning stuff like that. Where the heck do you live to be watching in cinema. I feel you told me at some point where you live. I know it's not Jp.
  3. I live in Malaysia. We have a decent anime fanbase thats growing here so we get a bunch of anime festivals and conventions as well. There is one cinema company here that brings the anime movies, not to mention japanese live action films as well. So far I've been lucky to watch a couple of naruto movies, samurai X live action movies, SAO movie, the two DB movies and bunch of others 2-4 months after the release in japan in the past few years.
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  4. That episode of Isekai.. man I love that show. It was also cool to reveal the chef isn't of this world.
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  5. But thats the final ep of the season. Hopefully they will do more in the future.
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  6. Great episode 12 of Abyss (yes I'm all caught up), I can't believe that beast dodge that blast point blank!

    Bahamut was great as well, those Onyx solders came to rumble. Kaiser is a freaking moron and Aseland is just weak. Action from beginning to end and I know I'm going to get more of it next week. Why is Lucifer so chill? I assume he's going to join the battle and fight.
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  7. Lucifer is easily the chillest character so far. But yeah Kaiser is the utter extreme of pacifism. Everyone of them doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.
    I knew the Mitty thing was gonna come in Abyss. It reminds me of Nina from FMA. Nice to learn more about the curse of the abyss. The orby managed to dodge because Reg had to let go of him to do his blast. But still that was a pretty impressive move.
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  8. Nice ep of Boku this week, All Might was not holding back

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  9. Anyone else still watching Ballroom?
    New arc had a pretty strong start, I'm excited :D
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  10. He needed the shit beated out of him a little bit, he was being a brat.
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  11. Can't wait for this to start as I never watched S2 and the dub has Ichigo!
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  12. You never did? it was a good series in the end.
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  13. I just watched episode 12 as my first episode. I was considering watching it at the beginning on the premiere date but had a feeling it was going to be super gay (flashbacks of that Yuri skating anime). In fact it's the complete opposite, this ballroom e youkoso anime is pretty badass lol. Tatara seems like a really likeable protagonist. Sengoku and Hongo's dance competition was really good. I lol'd at them butting heads after. Actually, this anime has some great humor and I like the animation. I think I'll go back this week and start from the beginning.


    Couple hours later I went and watched ep 1. Ballroom e Youkoso is legit!
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  15. I have been watching this series since it started and pushing for others when I had the chance.

    Too many are worried it is like the latter half of Yuri I think lol.
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  16. That WAS MY FEAR!!! However, from what I've seen that is not the case. It could be a trap though.
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  17. Spoilers just FYI.

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  19. 13 episodes in and I can confidently say it's hit a happy medium between Haikyuu and Yuri on Ice.
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  20. This is my only gripe with Ballroom. They need to play the freaking music they are dancing to more often. I wanted to hear the quickstep music not to mention the other dances in ep 11. While I enjoy the piano/techno vibe it is hard to get into the dance if I cannot hear wtf they are dancing to. This isn't haikyuu.

    Also, I cannot be the only one who keeps waiting for someone to bust their ass on the floor or go flying into the spectators. lol.

    With that being said 11 was a great fucking episode and I am glad she won queen of the floor.

    ..well they played the music in 12. Really awesome episode and we got a new look at his future partner. Sengoku san is really talented but that was some funny shit watching his partner and him beat each other up. Plus she went to town kissing Tatara lol.
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