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    A month till the new season starts so here is the chart. Its time to pick this season's watch list.
    Gintama is back!!!! Last season was so fucking awesome so high expectations this season as well.
    3-gatsu, shokugeki and kekkai sensen(hot mess) are back as well.
    Obviously Black Clover caught my eye from the new series. The manga is all kinds of awesome so a definite watch for me.
    Dia Horizon, Dies Irae, Blend S, Inuyashiki, Juuni Taisen, Kino no Tabi, Ousama Game, Saredo Tsumibito, Shoujo Shuumatsu and Vanishing Line seem interesting to me if only by reading the synopsis.
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  2. Garo
    Kekkai sensen

    Maybe: uq holder, because of jc staff has boring fight scenes.
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  3. ^^

    I'll check out what Haoh said plus Fate and Godzilla movie.
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  4. I'm just gonna post in here since we are almost into Fall.. that latest Made in Abyss ep.. jesus christ dude.

    I've seen some hard to watch episodes but man that was hardcore... just cut the damn thing dude. Nice so we get Hollows in another series.
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  5. I'm going to make it a priority to watch at least 2 eps this week coming. Hopefully it picks up quick and keeps me interested.
  6. Yup. That was fucked up. They are suffering this much and they havent even reached halfway into the abyss.
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  7. I was being somewhat dramatic as I was out drinking last night with friends lol but you got the point. ^
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  8. [IMG]

    Gonna watch Fate/Stay Heavens Feel movie and SnK special

    may go back and cataloge FS/Apocrypha
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  9. Unrelated....when can we expect the translated No Game No Life movie?
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  10. Thanks for reminding. Its coming out later this week at where i live. I should go watch it.
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  11. let me know when I can dl.
  12. After 1 episode I am a FAN of Made in Abyss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Show has a lot of potential.
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  13. I thought the same thing. When i saw that big fucking hole I thought that's a well of endless potential right there.
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  14. I even thought this would be a great arc for HunterXHunter
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  15. Black Clover PV
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  16. I read a chapter or two of Black Cover and thought it was good. Hope the anime is good.
  17. Just watched Bahamut. That was the master plan of the King? To resurrect a freaking invincible gigantic dragon that took gods and demons and humans combining to seal it? Just so you can kill it? I get where he is coming from. You dont want such a dangerous weapon just lying there even if it is sealed. You want to completely destroy it. But they could have gone about doing things differently i'm sure. Least of all they could have built their fucking hand weapon next to the bahamut.
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  18. So last night i got to see No Game No Life movie. Not gonna spoil anything here. It was a good movie till the last 20 mins or so. And then it was a great movie. If you haven't read the synopsis for this movie, it takes place 6000 years before the anime during the war in which Tet became the one true god, so don't expect to see Sora and Shiro doing their brilliant stuff. There is a romantic element during the second act of the movie. In terms of animation its typical MADhouse. The fight scenes were awesome in the last 20 mins that i mentioned before. Story wise I loved it. But then again I had read the LN before going in. My GF on the other hand didn't and she was wondering what was the point of the romantic stuff in the middle. So I guess a warning for those who haven't read the LN and just expecting to see Sora and Shiro doing their brilliant stuff.
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  19. need a link to dl, couldn't find one.

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