1. I got tired going back and forth looking at the schedule.
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  2. I just watched another good ep of Ushida and Toro, the series is progressing beautifully. Some new characters were introduced and it looks like they will be integral in the upcoming battles.
  3. Kekkai Sensen's 12th ep should air tomorrow. Also God Eater remaining eps to be aired in Winter according to HorribleSubs.
    Noragami is the only show from my watchlist to air so far and it was an ok ep. Nothing major happened.
    EDIT: K is out as well. Awesome animation as usual and the lieutenant's boobies are as magnificent as ever.
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  4. Holy shit K was animated insanely well. I thought I was watching an ova or movie for a second there.
  5. ^

    Well Fafner, K and One Punch of course. Already watched Fafner. Concrete Revolutio (bones),
    I watched Heavy Object and enjoyed it so far, Noragami (bones), Seraph S2, Garo, Wrld Trigger, The Little Witch Aca..movie, Digimon movie, the lone IG movie and good lord Toei has a lot of content out this season.

    Also buhbye Manglobe studio, http://kotaku.com/the-anime-studio-that-made-samurai-champloo-and-gangsta-1733966301

    Holy crap that K episode was awesome all the way around.
  6. Haiykuu is back! Them feels. Man have I missed this show.
    Downloading gundam now. I hope it's a lot better then the last original gundam show, which was utter shit.
    Also one punch man. Sunday is a good day to watch anime
  7. Just watched the first ep of Lupin. I loved it. Waiting on OnePunch now.
    EDIT: just watched OnePunch Man. Fucking epic.
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  9. The gundam show is a joke...
  10. ^Gtfo. Have you even watched it? It was nothing spectacular but it was still good. The main 2 have a good bond going on. I like how one is a fighter and the other is the brains. Kinda reminds me of gurrenlagan's Simon and kaminas relationship. It also has this code geass vibe for some reason.
    I'm not a big fan of the character designs but the story is good judging from this first episode. It definitely got me curious to see more.
  11. Haikyuu
    Seraph of the End
    One Punch Man

    ..then looking in the files for something I have catalogued for a later date
  12. Yeah I have to agree with Haoh.. I really liked it but I also like the character designs. Kusanagi and Chiba on the staff. How the gundam Barbatos works seems pretty cool too. The Barbatos is described as a mobile suit that steals weapons, armor, and parts from enemies to become stronger.

    That's awesome!
    Oh and concrete revolutio was..uhh.. interesting. I thought black jack was kinda cool to watch.

    Now that I got to see One Punch again I really enjoyed it. I love the "huh?" moments lol. Gonna be a great series.
  13. Watched it just now. Neat ending to the season. I do hope there is a continuation. We have a lot more of 13 kings to cover yet. Anybody here read the manga of this? if so can you tell me how far this deviates from the source and should i pick up reading the manga?
  14. I thought I heard that that was the end to Kekkai Sensen after ep 12? If that is the case, then this series is a big fail simply because it was way too compressed. They should of stretched it out to 24 episodes and taken the time to explain things just a little bit more.
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  15. Another good episode of gundam today. And the insane epicness that is one punch man. The animation was crazy again and saitama is too funny trying to catch that one bug. Already show of the year for me
  16. Just checked out first two eps of Gundam, its pretty decent so far, nothing crazy good yet.
    Getting Kamina and little brother vibes from two main characters.
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  17. Is anyone else overwhelmed by how many new series are coming out all at once lol. My list is just ridiculously long and I'm already behind.
  18. My list is shorter than before. Heres what i got so far.
    Noragami Aragoto (since i liked the first season)
    K-Return of Kings (same reason as above)
    Seraph of the end (^^)
    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (this and the one above, very similar premises and same archetypal characters. Both seems to be a lesser imitation of Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei)
    One-Punch Man (god i hope that this quality of animation and art lasts forever)
    Lupin III (this is just fucking cool)
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