1. Also, current tally:

    Anime: 4
    Movies, Sports, and Music: 3
    Manga: 3
    Battle Arena: 2
    Computers: 2
    General: 1
    Games: 1
  2. I think the Battle Arena could be TAL's new wave of the future, IF the Nardo fags don't start 'minato' and/or 'itachi' vs threads. Has anyone actually tried googling that? You will probably find an 'Itachi vs MD' thread if you look hard enough.

    I vote Fanclub section because Ron Paul
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  3. FC sec isn't eligible.
  4. I won't pretend I can't see it anymore.

    Vote: Anime

    Interesting choice of song.
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  5. Just like you pretended not to be able to google for a site that streams Naruto? :derp
  6. after the mighty MD pmed me...

    I vote Anime
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  7. If you can do any good in the Literature section then try the Comics.
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  8. I say this post doesn't go far enough. MD should be in both battle arena and comics.
  9. My subjects, the community has spoken; the anime section shall be promptly liberated from the inbred savages who currently reside there (sorry, Atemesk).

    I'll begin my beautiful conquest either today or tomorrow; big UFC tonight, gotta prep.
  10. I still want you on those MMA and boxing fights, MD.
  11. Best to ask about those on Skype or via PM, I get pretty invested in breaking down fights and I know I'd just end up writing lengthy analyses that pretty much no one would read or understand the context to. I could write a 20-paragraph essay on how TJ Dillashaw exposed Renan Barao's centre line when he upset him last month, but who would understand it?
  12. [IMG]
  13. We're in a fucking anime forum correct? You want to give back to the community, that's nice.
    Then the bloody logical choice here is the anime and manga sections guy..
    Now, if you're just going to be a cunt somewhere else.. well.. somethings don't change.

    But they do get old.
  14. ^could be worse, he could be trying to solicit sex on an anime forum under false pretenses of mortality
  15. Right, and that happened because you remember it so, IT MUST BE TRUE!
    Fuck off.

    Oh, and not that I owe you an explanation, "ravi", but I did have a brain tumor, and I was facing my own mortality. You tell me how it is, when you're facing a surgery that could end you.
  16. Unless they're death sentences; those change all the time, apparently.

    I don't care what you think, Dai, because you're a parasite who thought that it would be cool to pretend to be dying on an anime forum, then came back when he realized how shitty and lonely his life was. I tolerated you and said little, only even engaging you when you spoke to me first, because I thought that maybe some people would be happy to see you back, and I don't really give a shit what you do; why waste my energy playing karma police? I have better things to do. Happy to join you in putting my loser hat on and bitching each other out in public if that's the path you wish to tread, though.
  17. Yeah its still easy to goat you into an emotional state.
    I don't need to explain my health issues to anyone, least of all you.

    Somethings just don't change eh?
    Oh and I stared death in the face and bounced back since my departure.
    I see all you've done is lay around here and became king of the sad. How pathetic. I only came back here because I found a confirmation email for the account in an old email
  18. >only came back here because
  19. I think that randomly popping into my thread and calling me a cunt is more emotional than ignoring you and telling you that I don't care what you think, no?

    I don't care what you've done since your departure, and I don't care what you think of me. I post on this forum for fun, and wondering how you spend your time isn't my idea of fun. Whatever lies you want to tell, I barely care to expose. Whatever you think of me, I don't really care, either. PM it to me in future, though; I like the positive no-bitching vibe we generally have going on here.

    Oh, and here's a gift, from the MDominion:

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  20. lol
    You're a child kid
    Don't pretend to know more about me than I allow you to.
    I'ts embarrassing.

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