1. Listen to my theme song while you read. Do it.

    Greetings, mortals.

    I come before you today with a declaration; with more time on my hands, I've decided to expand the Dominion of MD.

    As you all know, I'm the King of the Lounge (and if you don't know that, fuck you, are you fucking kidding me?), and for many years, this has been enough. However, the oppressive regime of faggotry instilled by everyone who isn't MD has left many of you crying out for mercy. But not just any mercy. MDercy. With the thoughts of my faithful would-be subjects in mind, I've decided to spread MDercy throughout the land; however, I can not liberate you all, not yet at least. As a result, I've decided to let the people have their say.

    Tell me what board you want to see liberated by the Dominion of MD. The most popular choices will be featured in a poll for you all to vote on (or I'll just judge from the thread if there's an obvious consensus); the winning board will receive special attention from MD for at least one week, including new threads, possibly opinion pieces, and legitimate efforts to spark new life and interest in that particular board.

    The following boards (and all of their subsidiaries) will be eligible for voting:

    Movies, Sports, and Music
    Computers and Technology
    Games Domain
    Battle Arena

    To vote, type Vote: ____ in a post with your answer.

    ...And with that, my loyal subjects, I leave you to ponder your desires. Try to keep it interesting, yes?


    - MD, Lord of the Lounge

    P.S. If you read this and don't vote, you're a terrible forum member.

    P.P.S. If you think I don't know that you fuckers are going to have me posting in the Bleach section for a week, you're dead wrong. I'll be ctrl+f-ing "Vote: Manga" next time I check this thread. And I'll remember all of your names.
  2. Vote: Mang...

    Vote: Anime

    Edit: Yep, I changed my vote like a tool. A vote-changing tool.
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  3. Vote: Movies, Sports, and Music.

    I want MMA and Boxing analyses, great MDlord
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  4. Literature.
  5. ^ Not a voting option. Fuck literature, we in the MDominion have no time for reading.

    We're born illiterate, and we'll die even more illiterate.
  6. Plagiarism is for losers.
  7. >implying I didn't write Live to Win

    That's bullshit and you know it.
  8. Dare I ask that it is time for a return to anime for us all?
  9. If anime wins, I will personally make an attempt to get some sort of anime club going, maybe get a half-dozen of us in a Skype call and watch some classics.
  10. I vote anime
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  11. Vote: Movie/sports
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  12. Vote: Games Domain
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  13. =D

    Vote: Manga
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  14. I know of one place that you could be paying more attention to.

    Vote: on my dick.
  15. Get on Skype more and you got it.
  16. 18+
  17. Vote you cunts. You don't have ten seconds to help out the forum? Get cancer.
  18. Hmm, since you are illiterate in your dominion... I will say literature too.

    (If not that, why not anime?)
  19. Read the OP and edit your post. Thanks.

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