1. http://myanimelist.net/manga/952/Blaster_Knuckle

    Tell me you don't have an erection. I double dare you.
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  2. holy shit.
  3. This is awesome.
  4. Oh my God...


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  5. wtf is that
  6. Can not see pics. Want to see pics!
  7. Read this manga. It is fucking Godly.
  8. wow ANOTHER Mango about immortal cannibal KKK members and gun wielding boxers

    I swear there is nothing original coming out anymore
  9. ITT: "wow ANOTHER Mango" becomes a meme.
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  10. mangoes!!!! mmmmmmmmmm bitch...

    in other news concept sounds awesome.
  11. It is epic, Lokes. From someone who recommended Sidooh and loved Shura no Mon, it has my seal of approval.
  12. interesting...

    now all this guy needs is a gran torino.
  13. [IMG]
  14. Dear God, MD....this is amazing.

    As a colored person, I'm not even angry. I'm in awe and amazement!
  15. we need to sponser some indie company to make this into a movie... omgash it too bad.
  16. Heh I see the side note on the vid. "Like to see black people on weed? Watch this video!"
  17. I have read the first chapter, and it is awe inspiring.

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