1. I'll have a look at Goblin Slayer, I like anything that's in the same genre as Dark Souls.

    I read the first chapter of Dr. Stone. I think the characters are way over the top but I'll read the rest of it, see where it goes.
  2. Another weird little manga that I recommend is Happiness. If you like really slow burn thrillers, this is one for you.
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  3. Ohh ive been reading that, really weird so far like it tho
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  4. I tried reading the first chapter, but it felt odd, couldn't really focus on it. Might make some time for it.

    I'm currently reading Teppu. It's about a girl getting into MMA, it's pretty fun and relaxing to read I find. It's also finished, so once I read through it I won't have to worry about keeping up with it.
  5. I had my reservations about this series but, I must say, I'm really starting to enjoy it. The characters can be a little over the top but i love the art.
    Latest chapter if anyone's been reading.
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  6. So if any body was a fan of Bates Motel, the Psycho prequel, I recommend the series A Trail of Blood. Only 15 chapters long so far but, it's lookin like ittl be one fucked up tide
  7. This one is still setting up, and it's really slow getting there. The art can be hit or miss, but I do think it's got decent long term potential. It's the same guy who did Aku no Hana. I dropped that one, but I've got some higher hopes for this one. Right now I'd recommend reading it... but you might want to let it get a bit farther ahead first.
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  9. I'll read it right now. Saw some positive comments about it on reddit.
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  11. Amy of you reading Black Clover? It's nothing special, but the last few chapters have been pretty cool. The magic emperor is a beast.
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  12. Tokyo Ghoul: re had its last chapter today. Honestly couldn't remember more than half the characters.
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  13. Was it a good ending? I stopped caring about this series long ago.
  14. It was okay, the ending felt like a good way to wrap things up. Only thing is I didn't really know most of the characters. Some good closure tho so it passes.
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