1. Shit man!! I remember him talking about this manga in one the first volumes. Can't believe he actually remade it. Reading this immediately.
  2. Too bad he didn't use the same artstyle he used in the first sketch. That looked a lot like Akira artstyle. Reading it now as well.
  3. how the hell can he draw two mangas at once?
  4. Because his a god at drawing, you should see some of those video's, the man has the skills to pull it off.
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  6. Yeah, you should read it. It's your typical shounen manga, not refreshing or anything, but it's nice to see the familiar drawings of Soul Eater again.

    Also, CHECK THIS OUT! The third series of "Death Note" Ohba and "Bakuman" Obata!


    Shit's fucked up :/
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  7. http://www.mangatown.com/manga/red_storm

    Does anyone else read this? I started this not really knowing what to expect, but so far it's been relatively interesting.
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  9. I recommend Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
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  10. I'm not sure on the best place to post this but I reckon this thread will do. I'm not recommending a manga but I am recommending watching this video on Shonen Jump. It makes for an intersting watch.

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  11. Pretty good analysis of the current state of Shonen Jump, One Piece is King and HxH needs to return lol. I'm reading Robo x Laser and Dr. Stone, both are good. I'm also reading Jagaaaaan which is also good.
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  12. my reaction after hè said the characters in the promised Neverland are flat; Yo mama
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  13. Yeah, fuck that guy, haha.

    Anyway, I might check out some of the titles he's mentioned and are in that top ten. I don't want to read Haikyuu though, I'm really looking forward to the fourth season.
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  14. Still not enough manga out there to really look forward to on a weekly basis.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of Neverland, I can see where he's coming from. Not to devolve into a PN thread...

    Black Clover is ok, it feels like the usual shonen formula on steroids.

    Dr. Stone took me a few chapters to warm up to, and I'm still on the "no" side of the fence if I'd actually recommend it. The characters are all really lopsided - they have one feature and just take it to crazy lengths.

    Attack on Titan started really well, but waiting a month in between chapters is rough. I've also stopped being really invested in it.

    Hero Academia is probably my "guilty pleasure." I know it's not the best thing ever, but for some reason I really like it. Latest arc has been slow though, it's finally picking up. The anime has the usual problem animes of ongoing manga do - buffer/fluff. I think All Might in the dub uses the same VA as Major Armstrong from FMA in that dub as well, so there's that?

    I liked Tokyo Ghoul ok and then it ended abruptly and randomly started in Re... I've read most of it I'm just still kind of bitter about the abrupt change.

    OPM is good, art is beautiful. The remake has a bit of filler going on that detracts from how much I like it, but if you've never read the original (which has terrible art) it's not a big deal.

    Food Wars is hit or miss. I can't decide what I think about the art... I generally like it but there are some things (faces are one) that I just don't care for. My biggest problem with it lately is just that it hit the usual shonen barrier. As you escalate levels and defeat enemies, the new enemies have to be stronger or different. This one downplays different almost entirely, which means you start getting cooks with silly crazy skills.
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  16. Goblin Slayer is an interesting seinen manga in the vein of Dark Souls.
    Platinum's End is interesting.
    Kingdom is a great shounen manga set in the Warring States period of China history.
    Dragon Rising is an echi manga on steroids. The mangaka tries to stuff as much cleveage, bend over shots, panty shots as possibly.

    OPM and Vinland Saga are to me the best running mangas. You cannot love Thorkell and when Saitama annihilating some monster.
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