1. yeah that was it thnx
  2. Planetes
  3. reading it atm. addicting.
  4. It's a fantastic manga, at least i think so. Deals with real problems that astronauts face, such as the extreme isolation and the vulnerability.
  5. I like Dragonballz, Bleach Naruto and Death Note, what animes/manga can you reccomend me
  6. Along similar lines would be something like Yu-Yu-Hakusho and One Piece. You may also like Toriko and Full Metal Alchemist. What did you like about Death Note? That one seems slightly different from your others in terms of style.
  7. hey thanks for your reply, ive watched Full Metal Alchemist before, i liked it for a while then got bored of it, what i liked about death note was the interesting story, even though it didnt had much action like the series i mentioned before.
  8. Love in the Hell

    is really fun. echhi very dark comedy...

    Plot: a japanese young guy dies and goes to hell. A cute newbie devil girl is charged with 'welcoming' him to Hell. Lots of gore, lots of nudity and lots of funny.
    do recommend it.

    sample page from first chapter
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  10. Oh, they're translated, but they've just been in the middle of scanlating them for a while.
  11. Anyone else reading Full Metal Panic Sigma? Manga is so damn awesome if you've seen Full Metal Panic the second raid series and liked it than you'll definetily love this manga. Start reading from chapter 15 I think if you've seen the anime. The anime did change some things so if you really want to know all the little details and changes you should just start with chapter 1.
  12. I've been in an melancholic mood for the past few days and I came to the realization that I've read quite the amount of manga's, from the big names to some random shit... At the moment, I just read my weekly and monthly chapters of the mangas not yet finished, I barely watch anime any more, I just stack up one or two series that come out each season (although I've started to re-watch Code Geass)

    Anyways... I am searching for a great, and by that I mean fucking great, manga. It can be anything, I read all genres. I just want it to be good, about the same amount of godly deliciously goodness my grandmother makes her soup. If there's an anime as well, please do tell.
  13. I haven't read the manga, but the light novels for Sword Art Online have been really good. As was the first light novel for Mardock Scramble.
  14. Did you guys read the manga Uzumaki? Its short, only 20 chapters but damn it keeps you on the edge of your seat...

    Try Uzumaki.
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  15. Uzumaki is such a haunting manga. Thanks for the recommendation ;)
  16. well i like to recommend a few mangas..

    one punch :action, comedy, supernatural.
    its an manga abt a guy who works as a superhero just for a hobby and has the power to destroy things ( incl landmarks,cities,buildings,monsters,machines) in one punch. its filled with action and comedy alike and the intresting part is the main protogonist,well he is nothing special in appearance,just an ordinary bald headed guy in a wannabe superhero dress.its really good.

    king of hell: action, comedy, supernatural, martial arts

    another manga with action and comedy.its abt a motha fucking me gusta martial artist who died and went to hell, defeated the entire martial artist in the murim of the undreworld and became the stongest. awkwardly working as an envoy under the emperor of the hell to guide the lost souls back to hell. y?? read it u will know!!

    also some high school fighting mangas like crows, worst, high school and clover
  17. I also recommend One Punch, Claymore, Planetes, Vinland Saga
    Girls of the Wild an interesting harem type story but it rapidly subverts and inverts the usual tropes for this type of manga
    Another recommended manga is Area D which is a a story about Altered people (people with different powers abilites) that were awaken by a meteor and are interned on a prison island by world governments.

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