1. Theres One and a half Volumes out for the first one. Theres no real references, cept for one, but it's not that important.
  2. @kraker2k, thx a lot Mx0 is really a good manga, I'm enjoying it. I'm on chapter 41 right now, to bad it goes only to chapter 99

    @Keeth, that manga looks also really interesting, have to check that.
  3. I read this and it broke my heart...what's wrong with One Piece?
    How much of it did you read? It starts pretty weak that's true, but it really gets much much better as the story progresses (this is the recommendation thread so I tought I could ask without getting off topic).

    Anyway, I'm thinking of trying either Holyland or Historie. Are they good?
  4. Yes and Yes. Holyland is surprisingly entertaining. Historie is just plain good. I have a weakness for Historical Mangas though.
  5. Although it's still new I'd recommend Beelzebub.I find it quite different from the rest and makes me laugh in every chapter.
  6. Anyone know what manga this is from?

  7. Hmm after checking ZKC I think it's safe to say it's not. I know I've seen it before, but I can't come up with the name. I need to dig into my brain, I'll get back to you soon..
  8. Looks like its Kongoh Bancho from the logo. Never heard of it myself though.

    Kongoh Bancho Manga
  9. Im looking for a manga i can buy in stores, has good story
    (since ill be reading it on a plane), and intersting characters

    Things Ive Read
    One Piece
  10. Black Lagoon has 4 volumes out
    Fairy Tail has about 6 out
    Air Gear has about 12 volumes
    Claymore has 14 volumes
    FMA has 18 volumes
  11. Might think about Air Gear but dont want to buy things ive watched has it gotten past the Behemoth battle yet
  12. Behemoth battle ends in volume 9.
  13. thanks i [picked up air gear and fairy tale just might get berserk while im out
  14. Need help deciding what to read next. Since there won't be Berserk or Vinland Saga updates for a bit, I need something in that vein to read.
  15. Togari is a good read, it's not exactly in that style, but it's entertaining.

    If not you can read the Manga manwha Shin Angyo Onshi. My favorite Manwha.
  16. Ares and Ubel Blatt might be decent pickups as well if you haven't read them yet. Neither is great but both are very entertaining and a lot of fun. A couple more solid medieval action stories.
  17. I need a couple new manga to read but can never decide what to pick up.

    Need a good drama and a good comedy.
  18. Try these

    Change 123
    Bloody Monday
    Iryuu Team Medical Dragon
    Skip Beat
  19. Comedy: Great Teacher Onizuka, Eyeshield 21
    Drama: Bitter Virgin, Elfen Lied (<--- I recommen reading that one in the middle of the night...)

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