1. As the title says, this is the place to look for manga recommendations.

    EDIT by Alexandrius:

    When you post a recommendation, it might be good to add a little info about the manga, such as genre and where one might get it.
  2. Funny you made this now. I'm in need of another series to follow since all I have right now is Skip Beat to finish up.

    I'm pretty much looking for something possibly similar to Skip Beat or Pretty Face (I find this one amazingly funny for some reason). I'll also try to pick up something new if someone has a "must read" that's not like One Piece or something.
  3. From what I've been told Tokyo Crazy Paradise is similar to Skip Beat, but then again they are by the same person.
  4. I am looking for something with evil moes. Something like Rosario + Vampire should have been without the whole thing of all the girls going insane for that idiot dude.

    Loving all these cute serious out this season, but I need something more dark and cute like Higurashi was. Loli don't fucking forgive.
  5. It ended last month at 11 chapters, but there is a series called Yakuza Girl. There is another series called Tetragrammaton Labyrinth, but only a couple of the chapters have been trranslated.
  6. I you liked Pretty Face look to read Mx0, its by the same Author and the manga also is brilliant with humour albeit Mx0 is more of a shounen, but its fairly different to the usual Jump fare, 'cuz the main character's ability is to nullify magic(kind of like Touma in Index) but here the ability is actually used quite well. The sad thing is it got cancelled, much of the internet population cried out because such a good series got canned.
  7. Just read the manga called Liar game, Change 123 and Unbalance X Unbalance.

    Liar game is a psychological mange about the main character getting tricked into a game about lying, not to mention either financial prosperity or huge debt.

    The genre is Seinen, there is very very very light romance, but some would say it isn't there i think...

    It's really great imo and can't wait til the next chapters come out.

    Change 123 is like the typical fighting haremish kinda manga... A girl which has multiple personalities, each with a different fighting style etc. The guy falls for the girl, and the girls start falling for him... Despite the clichéness, i actually think it's really good!

    Unbalance x Unbalance is about a teacher and a student. It's a romance story, which unexpectedly doesn't start out with the two of them loving each other... you do know it's coming though xD but still good!
  8. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this one yet but...
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventures!

    This series is one of the absolute craziest, awesomest, and also craziest, series I have every picked up. There are currently 7 parts to the series (and still going), each part laying out the adventures of the Joestar bloodline (each new part takes place in the new generation of the Joestar bloodline). You could read each part by itself without reading the previous parts, since they are kinda stand-alone. But if you want to understand EVERYTHING that's going on, you might wanna start from part 1.

    The first part takes place in Victorian Era of England and is about Jonathan Joestar, son of the wealthy George Joestar, and his adopted brother Dio Brando, whom was adopted after his father's (Dario Brando) death (George Joestar was under the impression that Dario Brando had saved his life after an accident, which was not the case). Jonathan tries to make friends with Dio, but instead, Dio treats him like dirt. He turns his friends against him, tries to steal his girlfriend, and pretty much does whatever he can to drive him mad. He even beats his ass in a boxing match. At the same time, he's doing all he can to impress George Joestar and alienate Jonathan from him (so he can become the heir of George's fortune).

    I'd go on, but everything else would basically be spoiler content.

    The series has been going since 1987, so if you start from the beginning, you may notice that the art and dialogue are... interesting. But I love it, either way. The art has never looked bad, and the dialogue is not THAT bad.

    Around part 3 they introduce a special power called "Stand" ("one who stands by me"). Kujo Jotaro awakens to this power as a teenager, and out of fear of hurting others, puts himself in jail... when his Grandfather hears of this, he flies to Japan to investigate, and finally explains to him his ability, etc... There's also an OVA adaptation of part 3 (no real anime adaptation though... kinda sucks :D).


    Jotaro's famous line... ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA.

    Genre... shounen I suppose.
    There's a very light romance theme in all of them.

    You can find it on Read Free Manga Online at One Manga. Online manga scans reader..
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  9. ^I saw you deleted this post, but it's actually a good one, it fits this thread well. Even though it should have its own as well.
  10. He's starting another manga pretty soon in WSJ. But yeah, I agree. MxO was great. Can't believe that it got cancelled and shit like ToLoveRu still goes on. Guess it's all about the fanservice nowadays.
  11. Theres two must reads i am aware of, Vagabond, and Hunter x Hunter

    Although i assume most of you have read them if you haven't get on that shit
  12. If you want school life comedy that also has a good dramatic sub-storyline, I highly recommend Sket Dance. If you like Gintama, you should like this one. I've made a thread for it, but here are the basics:

    Title: Sket Dance
    Genre: School Comedy
    Mangaka: Shinohara Kenta
    Number of scanlated chapters: 87 as of 29 Apr 2009
    Summary (in my own words): Serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump, this manga is about Kaimei Gakuen's three-member Campus Support Group (aka Sket Dan). Sket Dan takes on handyman jobs, changing lives and solving mysteries as they go.

    Read the manga online:
    Manga Fox: Sket Dance Manga Series
    Sket Dance Manga - Read Sket Dance manga scans online | One Manga
  13. Deadman Wonderland. Not my favorite manga, but it's become quite interesting as each chapter goes on. It's a monthly seinen.

    A teen boy named Ganta, is accused of killing his entire classroom. Only that he didn't do it. It was an red armored man, with a monstrous power. Nobody will believe him, and thus incarcerated in the infamous prison "Deadman Wonderland". To survive, you must accumulate points through services and participating in deadly games, in order to buy food, etc.

    Ganta befriends a very strange and free spirited girl his age, who has the knack moving whenever and wherever she wants within the prison. Ganta quickly realizes through threats on his life, he's empowered with a crystal that gives off power with the use of his blood. Only a very small population has such power and he's setup to fight death matches with others like him. However, there's some that want to crush the immoral prison system, and he joins the resistance.
  14. Zettai Karen Children

    It's about 3 psychic kids who are really powerful and work for the government. They go around and basically act as police officers and such, and yada yada yada, storyline buids up, etc.
  15. Anyone read Tough here? Is it any good. I really like the art in it, so I'm thinking about start reading it. Should I?
  16. ^ Haven't started on it yet, but I heard it is good. Plus, wasn't it you who told me there weren't that many scans of it out?
  17. I've read 3 volumes of Tough, it's very interesting. I get confused at times when searching for it because theres too series with the same name, about the same thing, cept one is when the character is a child and his father is fucking invincible and the second is where the kid is more adultish and far more dangerous. Still, read it.

    And yes, they stopped scanning at Volume 3, which sucks.


    Art is good.
  18. Yeah, I know. But after checking out the recent raws I really wanted to start reading. Shit looks awesome.

    So Koko Tekken-den Tough first?
  19. I didn't read Koko Tekken-den Tough first, I read Tough first, it didn't really make a difference to me, but it might to you.
  20. Well it depends. Since you haven't read the first one either, you can't tell if there are any references to the first one. Since there's only 41 chapter for Tough I might as well try the first one (if there are any chapters scanlated for it).

    Edit: Fuck only 20 chapters for the first one.

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