1. current edo tensi madara(no nine tails summons) vs minato who wins ? madara is way way way to haxs i am not sure any one person could take im on his own
  2. Unless Minato has a way to seal Madara then Madara. Madara keeps spamming planet drop and nuking the battlefield = dead Minato.
  3. Yeah, is it Edo-Tensei Madara, or Edo-Tensei State Madara (As such, at this skill level, but alive and well?)

    If its a zombiedara, then Madara, as he would just keep coming back.
    That or draw, as Minato has the Death God seal, and would just seal the two of them together.

    If it is this powerful but alive Madara vs Minato, I dunno... I have yet to see enough of Minato's actual skill in a one on one. We have seen him take out fodder ninja on a huge battlefield. We have seen him make ONE move on Tobi, but I dont think I have enough for an actual fight yet.
  4. Actually, it is quite possible for minato to win without resorting to Death God. However, we would need to delve a bit more into his abilities, but mainly the capabilities of Uzumaki's in general and their past. Hints of it here and there have been done already.
  5. Minato is a Namikaze, not an Uzumaki... unless I am somehow mistaken?
  6. I still give it to minato and his S/T jutsu. The current madara hasn't used an S/T jutsu and I'm guessing that's unique to Tobi. And whoever said minato couldn't seal madara is wrong because he was a master of seals. Kushina taught him many jutsus from the uzumakis, a sealing clan.

    With Yondaime's brains and a S/T jutsu (his only significant advantage over current marada imo) I think he finds a way to beat madara.
  7. There is a reason for Minato saying that Kushina made him the 4th Hokage.
  8. That doesn't mean he knows all there is to know about the Uzumaki's sealing techniques.
  9. no it doesn't but he must know atleast one for sealing someone
  10. How about now? Taking into account everything we've seen?
  11. Nothing has changed much.
  12. If you leveled the playing field and summoned minato with edotensai, then had a madara VS Minato edo tensai squareoff.. it would be a more interesting match, but i would still lean considerably towards Madara.
  13. Minanto sealed the kyuubi in Naruto, his sealing capabilities are top notch. This is not a good match up, as ppl said Madara would just keep spamming.
  14. Minato. Time/Space jutsu is > any other jutsu thus far.
  15. there is absolutely no way id believe it would be even close. madara would dump all over minato. consider basically any tech he used against the 5 kage would obliterate minato, at it would take him about 3 times of minato warping before he figures out how that tech works. i feel like madara likely knows more about space/time ninjutsu than minato ever learned in his lifetime, and even if not it wouldnt really do minato any good, he has no technique thay we've seen that could even slow an edo tensei summon down, much less imobilize to seal.

    i mean, madara has meteors and basically infinte super susanoos. hed squash minato like a bug. a teleporting bug, but i doubt that would make any difference.

    like marlie said best case scenario for minato is a dead demon seal draw
  16. You can ride Madara's meat all you want, but the FTG, and it's variants are the most hax'ed things we've seen. Madara has meteors, the 4th can teleport that shit somewhere else, just like he did the Kyuubi's blast. Sussano not gonna do much good if the 4th can just teleport inside, next to Madara or away from it. And everyone in the freak'in ninja world knew how the damn jutsu worked, he makes a seal and "jumps" to said seal, they just couldn't stop it, because you don't know when or where he gonna choose to use it. The 4th Raikage and Bee fight pretty much showed that. Madara wouldn't be able to touch him, unless he has a Space time jutsu of his own.

    Now all that being said, this fight would end in a draw, because Although I would think with all talk about the 4th learning sealing techniques from the Uzumaki clan, that he would have learned one that could seal a Edo Tensei... but we haven't seen one. And since the Madara won't be able to die any other way, then the Demon seal is the only course of action, which the 4th probably would have realized pretty much from the get go. So it really wouldn't even be much of a fight.
  17. Madara would curbstomb the 4th.
  18. People are getting carried away, Madara may have some earth shattering, impressive jutsu that look cool on panel BUT Minato has the most OVERPOWERED and hax jutsu(he teleported a kyuubi blast with it). He also is a master of sealing techniques, and has the death god seal, so worst case scenario is a draw.
  19. The short summery version of what he just wrote?
  20. Lol this topic is pretty much done given the most recent chapters. Madara outclasses Minato so hard.
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