1. Clearly are both virgins. Anyone disagree?
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  2. How many characters in Naruto are NOT clearly virgins?

    Ninjas aren't DTF.
  3. Tsuande is clearly the village bicycle

    Asuma and anyone with a kid. Itachi had a gf too so maybe that's how he escaped the hatred curse. Got laid and chilled the fuck out.
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  4. There have to be at least a few characters that were born from chakra being shot into some girl's womb. Surely.
  5. Just makes a lot of sense to me. Madara is like a 150 year old virgin. And I'm sure he can mindfuck anyone into consenting but ED can't be helped

    "I'm too powerful for sex" he probably says

    Edit: yeah I'll buy into that theory
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  6. even kaguya got it in with someone..twice
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  7. Oro was just too weird for sex. He got off in other ways.

    Due to Jiraiya's "appreciation" of the female form I'd like to think he had gotten some in his life...even if he may have paid for it.
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  8. He probably paid a LOT for it.
  9. There's a lot of fetish characters, like oro.

    Danzo definitely never got any, probably why he thought the Third was always ahead.

    All the Hokages definitely got some for sure, except for maybe the 2nd, but he probably just didn't bother with relationships or commitments. So we can safely say that you can't be a hokage if you're a virgin, which explains why Sasuke will never be one, and why Madara was never going to be one either.
  10. Justin Bieber Hokage 2015.
  11. [IMG]
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  12. I'm not sure sodomy counts Barry

    Lol cane
  13. you know who i think gets laid from the young generation? shikamaru. you just know that he's tapping temari.

    wrong franchise but i imagine this is how oro gets when he thinks of sasuke

  14. CAN'T...UN...SEE!

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