1. Birthday was a couple of days ago and no one started a thread. MFW. I leave the Lounge for a few days and everything turns to shit.

    Happy birthday to yoooooou~ <3
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  2. sorry llian my niece's birthday fell on the same day and i got caught up in that, but happy belayed birthday to you. hope it was great. :grin:
  3. Happy birthday Llian. ^^
  4. Congrats Illy!

    This one's for you:

  5. Was her birthday already?

    Happy belated birthday, Lils!


    Make sure following does not happen!


  6. Happy bday!
  7. happy
  8. Happy b-lated b.day Yian.
  9. My birthday was the 5th and no one said shit so fuck ya'll too.
  10. New thread topic: Happy birthday Marlie.

    Happy birthday bro :troll
  11. Happy birthday Marlie :derp
  12. No, go away, you already have an entire month.

  13. thanks everyone.

    happy late b-day marlie
  14. Hope it was good Lily

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