1. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/new...d-lionsgate-is-working-on-naruto-movie/.91159
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  2. I don't know how to feel about this. I mean Dragon Ball sucked... Avatar the last air bender sucked....
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  3. Avi Arad is producing.. Is there anything else that needs to be said? I look to the japanese to make my live action anime anymore. This will be an utter disaster right up there with that ghost in the shell mess coming soon. cgi white washed trash with a half ass script and gigantic budget that never makes it's money back.

    .,..lol then again Naruto has yellow hair and blue eyes and most of the characters look white but it won't matter.

    Also, there is so much material they would have to do a trilogy and probably 6 to cover a decent amount of the good canon arcs. It will get lumped into one flick and maybe a sequel and be a mess like a fat kid rolling in chocolate.

    The japanese men, companies who own all this stuff need to put their foot down and say get lost. Or get someone to make it like a spielberg or abrams or someone from the dc or marvel universe that will do it justice in how they abide by the comics.. same thing here.. manga/anime.

    It doesn't do anything to say .."well the creator of this anime was brought on board for consultation."
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  4. Doesn't mean this will actually make it to production. I will say this...I can totally see Naruto being cast with a mixed ethnicity cast. Personally I'd have all the Uchiha be Asian, dark hair, dark eyes...definitely Asian. Akimichi Clan are sumo inspired so definitely Asian. Jiraiya being kabuki inspired...Asian. Nara clan...Asian. All of Ino's clan are light haired and eyed so...I dunno. Certain other characters could be either or.

    However, the Cloud Village is without a doubt filled with white people and black people. If one village wasn't Asian it would definitely be them.

    Honestly, it isn't like Japan doesn't also go above and beyond to make everything Asian. There are no Asian people in Attack on Titan...I mean it is stated in the series and the only one that is Asian is half Asian. Yet the entire cast is Asian. They completely changed the story of Black Butler to not make it England. Thermae Romae when made into a live action filmed cast a Japanese man to play a Greek and then all the scenes in Greece, any speaking role went to a Japanese person while in the background there were foreign people.

    Could you imagine if Japan made a Jojo film? It would be awful. Considering that with the exception of part 4 and part 8 the majority of the characters aren't even Japanese.
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  5. Well anime as far as I know aren't created or .. manga first then anime with the thought in mind they will be adapted into live action. So just how feasible is it to do something like Naruto. The problem is they want to adapt this stuff and then use a shitload of cgi. You get some asshat like M.Night who took on Airbender cause his daughter loved it and then he wants to be all fucking pc and goes off on his own away from source material.

    Which was amazing it turned out like that when the creators were in on the project big time.. forehead > desk. That's why if you are going to do it you have got to get people who do it right like how feige and co are doing marvel and snyder with dc. You get these jackoffs who make family flicks with a lot of cash and a shit production. I wish anime movies would become what comics are right now and be the next big thing.
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  6. ^ Same sentiment I have towards a Black Lagoon movie. If made it would feature a most likely all Japanese cast speaking "Engrish" when the majority of the characters in the manga are speaking in fluent English.
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  7. Beck is by far one of the best adaptions of a manga.
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  8. I heard the Rurouni Kenshin series was pretty good.
  9. wtf you never have watched the kenshin live action??? eson sama....

    @DM Out of all the music the OP is still my fav:

    but nothing will ever beat:
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  10. I'm just gonna hijack this thread because the idea of a Naruto live action is total and utter shit by those people. Sorry Untz and I've been gone for 2 weeks and noone asked where I was which made me a sad panda.. lol.

    Someone mentioned Black Butler:
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  11. So Hollywood ran out of ideas and is turning to the East for ideas... sigh
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  12. I wouldn't say that.. I'd say it's more of you have some guys who are anime fans and in a misguided attempt try to make a live action adaptation that fails.. and fails... and fails.. sigh aaannndddd fails.
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  13. Look on the bright side, we might get a naruto movie ABOUT FUCKING NARUTO.

    That said, this is a train wreck waiting to happen.
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  14. Part of me would like to think maybe they'll get it right and that they've learned but reality is telling me a storm of fail is coming.
  15. I am curious to see how they will ruin...i mean do jutsus. And they better not skip out on Naruto and Sasuke's kiss.
  16. Can I wait for live action movie of yugioh?

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