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  2. I am purchasing some advertisements on Facebook. These will be "cost per thousand impressions" (CPM). It will be a small campaign but I have configured it as such to target very specific people who have liked or typed specific names or things in their Facebook accounts in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, The Bahamas, Tunisia or Netherlands.

    Narrowed from nearly 300 million to about 2.5 million people based on their FB habits ages 13 - 30.

    This ad campaign will largely be a test and will target the TAL page on FB (not this site at this time due to ease of tracking things there at the moment).
  3. Well, if you have money to spend. Then spend!
  4. Done deal.

    Now TAL, share and post some shit for the page! It links to here to help with traffic as well. But main thing is every few days to get something up on the timeline. Interesting anime news, anime reviews, funny screenshot... be creative! Post it and I will probably highlight it!
  5. What is this "facebook" you speak off?

    Anyways i'll be off to Croatia in a bit. Have a good summer everyone!
  6. Liking - check.
    Making things to appear on timeline - working on it.

    Have wonderful time in Croatia, b@st@rd.
  7. Thanks Marz! Next thing on the todo list is visit the US beginning of next year and then Sandinavia!
  8. Croatia looks beautiful! Have a great trip
  9. You know, our dA page could use some love too. :;^^:
  10. Just 24 hours later and I am happy with the performance! The current campaign ends on July 20th. We already have some good responses and it will be fun creating some content :D
  11. I made some pics. Put for some not so funny reason those two pics can not be published. :oops:
  12. All submissions are accepted, so it should have gone through. Are you sure that you selected to submit to the group?
  13. my reply is fcking useless but I'll state it anyways.. never used facebook in my life and never will .. hate technology but I will support this TAL endeavor in spirit and beer. .. tweeted from my galaxy s2 while watching a movie on my hdtv via my server's cat 6 ethernet connection. :D
  14. It is more to do with inappropriate content. :p
  15. Oh really? fu.png
  16. Inappropriate... on DEVIANT art?
  17. Yup.
  18. You know some of the weird shit I've seen on there?
  19. I have seen some strange shit too. Some time ago I made few pictures, some just by collecting and putting together pictures of what other people have made. And why I don't publish these is simply because pictures itself are not so bad or repulsive, but because I don't have rights to those originals.
  20. I don't think "inappropriate content" should have been the phrase to use then. Cause you know where I went with that one. :p

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