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    Despite its subtle atmosphere, Twilight Town is one of the largest worlds known. It is located in between light and darkness, similar to the Land of Departure, Traverse Town and The World That Never Was. As its name implies, this world's sun is always in the same position in the sky, never rising nor setting. Twilight Town is a quiet city in endless sunset. It is divided into several distinct districts, commonly known as Market Street, Sunset Terrace, and Yen Sid's Tower. Though the Tower is not truly part of the town; it is merely reached by a train from this world.

    Keyblade Manor
    Once known as the Old Mansion, the Keyblade Masters turned it into an estate where all their Young Keyblade Wielders can live. They increased it size to the point where, every one has there own room, and the top of the manor can be seen nearly from anywhere int Twilight. It is closer to a Castle then an actually Manor. It is just beyond the borders of the town, only accessible through a small arch way, and is surrounded by woods, which most of the young Keyblade Wielders use to train, and spar.

    Market Street
    is quite easily seen as the largest area of Twilight Town, and is what is most commonly referred to as Twilight Town itself. Market Street is a long, winding, steeply-sloped road that leads from the lower areas of the city to Central Station. The upper portion of the street is known as Station Heights. There are a few shops at Station Heights, including an item shop. There are also shops for accessories, armor, weapons, even for the delicious Sea Salt Ice cream, and a shop run by a Moogle.

    Central Station
    Is a large train station that leads all over the world, including other districts of the city and The Beach. It rests in a large open area called Station Plaza, and is roofed by the town's distinctive Clock Tower, which, though a twelve-hour clock, has "I" at the top instead of "XII".

    Tram Common
    The lower portion of Market Street is Tram Common, an open-market area with a free tram circling around. Many shops are found here, including the accessory shop. It appears to be the location of many homes as well. Both parts of Market Street connect to the Sandlot, the area where the infamous Struggle battles take place.

    Is an open lot connected to the Tram Common. It used to be home of the Struggle Battles. But since the Keyblade Masters made Twilight Town, the home of their trainees, this is now where everyone goes to see the up incoming Keyblade masters spar against each other. Every so often, they have an event, the people call Keyblade Struggle, where the up and coming Young Keyblade wielders square off against each other.

    Sunset Terrace
    Another district of the town, Sunset Terrace, can be reached by taking the train at Central Station to Sunset Station. Connecting to Sunset Terrace is Sunset Hill. Sunset Terrace is eventually joined to the Market Street areas through the Underground Concourse( which are underground tunnel that go through out Twilight town.

    Mysterious Tower
    It can only be reached by the Magic Train that appears in Central Station. Little is known about this area, other than that Yen Sid chose it to build his tower and to train King Mickey, many decades ago. The books inside the Tower contain vast information, about magic and spells, that the Great Keyblade Master Yen Sid collected in his time. The outside looks like a small tower. However, the inside is very expansive on the side, the stair case seems to go on forever, and there seems to be an endless number of doors. One is lead to where they need to without them realizing it. It is a truly magic place. Rookie are encouraged to go here to find any information, about Magic and attacks they need. It is watched over, by the direct descendant of King Mickey himself, a young but powerful wizard named, Ricky Mouse, the new king of Disney Castle. While considered apart of Twilight Town it is technical it's own world.

    This is where you will spend your beginning days as a Keyblade Wielder. Every ability you want to learn can be found at the Mysterious Tower, so be sure to visit it if you want to learn a new ability. As you can see there's a lot to see in Twilight Town, so go explore.

    NPC Keyblade Masters will Randomly make appearances to give lectures, so be sure to look out for them, because you don't want to miss what they have to tell you.
  2. In the woods that surrounded Keyblade Manor, you could see young Keyblade Wielders. All of them training their fighting skills and spells against each other or practicing alone. Regardless, all of them there were training to better themselves. Well all of them except one individual. There was a youth, laying against the trunk of a tree...sleep. He had light purple hair, and a black and red polka dotted sleeping mask covering his face. He was in a deep sleep even with all the clashing of Metal, explosions of Magic, and battle cries. Suddenly a renegade fire ball, exploded next to the sleep boy, and sent him into the air.

    Everyone stopped in worry to see Somnus plummeting head first into the ground, their worry faces soon turned to shock, as Somnus' body flipped over onto it's kneels and then stumbled itself onto another tree trunk. His head shook around and fell forward as he hadn't seemed to have woken up at all. Was he pretending to be sleep, or was he really that deep of a sleeper, and how the hell did his body react like that. Everyone there stared at him for moment, and then ignored him as they went back to their training. Somnus seemed to be enjoying his little siesta, that was until a leaf descended from the tree and landed gingerly on his nose. Somnus shot up off the ground, with his fists up in the air as eh shouted,


    All within ear shout, twinged in fear, at the loud outburst from the crazy sleeping kid. Somnus then sat back down, and pushed his sleeping mask off his eyes, and pushed it upon his forehead. He let out a yawn, and looked at the other young Keybladers training. He could see that he wasn't going to be getting any sleep with all this going on. So he figured he might as well find himself something to do. He rubbed his eyes, and then leaned back with his hands behind his head, and contiuned to observe the others.

    "This is boring...." He said, unamused by what he was seeing.
  3. "Oi, you know it might be more fun, if you actually got up and joined in." A soft voice mused from over Somnus' head. Standing over him with her shoulder leaning against the tree trunk was Kiyomi. She gave gave the sleepy boy a bright smile as her hair got caught in the breeze. Kiyomi knew, or knew of every one of the Keyblade wielders around here. Sure their numbers had increased since the days of Sora, but there still weren't that many of them, and Somnus, was weird, even by Keyblade standards. He had been here longer then most of the rookie's present, but he just now started training with them. Well training was a bit of a stretch.

    All she has ever seen him do since he started his training, was sleep. Everyone of eating, he's at the table...sleeping, she heads to the Manor's library, his in the hallway...sleeping. She takes a stroll through Twilight Town, he's on a beach......sleeping. It was a very peculiar sight, and he always seemed to find to most random spots to take his naps. Kiyomi held her hair out of her face and then looked out at the others training. She then looked down at Somnus and then asked him curiously,

    "Why don't you ever train? All you do is sleep. Are you narcoleptic?"

    Kiyomi asked whole-heartily; if he was then she would do everything in her might to him. The poor girl, was so quick to see the good in everyone. It never for a moment accrued to her that he may just be irreconcilably lazy. Even if someone that her that she wouldn't believe it, how could a Keyblade Wielder, someone would one could have the power to protect or destroy entire worlds, be lazy? No...no, there must be something deeper to this. The poor girl was just to trusting.
  4. With lazy eyes Somnus looked up to see what in his mind was a cat-girl, not realizing that the ears and tail was apart of her sleeveless jacket, he was too sleepy to tell the difference, and since he was sure this was dream, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He he looked back out at the people training, and then said,

    "I guess... but I just got finished training...I think..."

    Somnus looked up confused at this thought, as he wasn't sure if he actually trained or if he had actually dreamed it. It all meant the same thing to him anyway. He stopped thinking about it, because in all honesty it wasn't very important. He looked over at her again when she asked if he was narcoleptic, he laughed a little at the thought a little. He smiled and then said,

    "No, I'm not a narcoleptic... I don't think. I sleep because I'm always tired. I go to sleep tired, I dream, and I wake up even more tired then before, so I sleep some more. I can't really explain it. But I do know that this is a dream, because look at you, your an attractive cat-girl. I only see those in my dreams."

    Those of course were not dreams, those your just other times that he had seen Kiyomi walking around, in his droopy haze he usually had when he woke up. At first he was thinking that this dream was going to be boring, but it was turning out to be a little more interesting then he previously thought. Talking to a catgirl would probably be more fun then he was had in a long time. Somnus then just sat there with a goofy crooked smile on his face, and then waited for her to continue. He was sure his dream cat, would have more interesting things to say.
  5. Kiyomi, put her hand up to her face, and giggled at Somnus' antics. He really was a strange guy. She brushed when he called her an attractive Cat-girl. She was both flattered that he thought she was attractive, and then immediately following that she was highly embarrassed that he thought that she was actually a Cat-girl. He really was out of it wasn't he. truly believing that he was dreaming right now. It didn't appear that he was narcoleptic at all, but what ever was his problem it seemed pretty serious, and not at all a healthy state of living. She hand a worried look on her face as she spoke,

    "That, doesn't sound fun at all. But I promise that you're not dreaming right now. And I promise that I'm not a Cat-girl...see."

    Kiyomi took her hood off, and revealed that she had no ears that sat upon her head, and showed that the tail was connected to the jacket not her body. She then walked around to his front and took the head phones off her ears, and with that radiant unwavering smile, that she always wore, and her determined amber eyes, she promised,

    "As long as I'm around I'll always let you know whether your dreaming or not. So no worries, right? My name is Kiyomi by the way."

    She then held out her hand to shake his own. She already knew who he was, but she was sure that he didn't know her, Somnus didn't looked like he talked to anyone longer then a couple of seconds. She was hoping that she could change that, because within the couple of minutes she had just spent talking with him, she knew he was a very interesting person. It would be a shame if no one else got to see that. She had decided that she was gonna help him separate dream from reality, and by doing so helping him to open up his heart, and make friends.
  6. "I don't suppose it does sound fun." Somnus said smiling at the talking cat. It really was a huge burden, to always wake up even more tired then you were when he went to sleep in the first place. Of course it wasn't always like that, but a lot of the times it was. He then sighed when the girl told him that she wasn't a Cat-girl. Well that was a little disappointing to be honest, but at least he knew he wasn't dreaming at the moment. Well he had a strong feeling that he wasn't dreaming at the moment, one could never be too sure.

    "Huh?!...ah yeah ok." Somnus stammered as he looked up to see the big amber eyes of Kiyomi looking down at him, and telling him that she would always let him know whether he was dreaming or not. He smirked and grabbed a hold of her hand. She was a sweet girl, maybe even a little bit too sweet. He was sure that would eventually get her into trouble, and it could be pretty fun to get her out of it. Somnus, then slowly stood up from where he was sitting and then said,

    "I'm Somnus... nice to meet you Kiyomi... even if you're not a Cati-girl your still pretty good looking."

    Somnus was never one to hold back what he was thinking, he didn't see the point. If you always said what was on your mind, then you wouldn't have to worry about keeping up with everything. He already had enough to deal with, like all the sleeping he had to do. Why bother keeping up with junk like being "socially sensitive", and "politically correct", it was all non-sense. He stopped shaking her hand and then but his hand in his pocket and then said,

    "I guess I'll be counting on you from now on. Whether I'm sleeping or awake you have to make sure you let me know whether I'm dreaming or not. I'm going to hold you to that promise."

    Somnus chuckled as he knew that was an impossible request. There would be no way for her to go in his dreams to tell him that he was in fact dreaming, but she seemed like an earnest girl, so it would be fun to mess with her a little bit. To see how she would react knowing that she really couldn't complete her promise completely. Yeah it was little mean, but it was entertaining for Somnus, and providing himself with suitable entertainment was about the only way he could keep himself awake. Lord knows that he hadn't met any one person who could keep him interested in anything for too long.
  7. Kiyomi had a curious look on her face. Somnus was right, she did promise that she was always going to tell him whether he was in a dream or not. But how in the worlds was she going to get into his dream in order to tell him he was dreaming? This was quite a problem, one she would need to figure out before he fell asleep, she would hate to let him down already. With her fingers at her chin she contemplated their options, she then snapped her fingers and then said happily,

    "Ah I know... we can go to Mystery Tower. I'm sure there's bound to be something over there about getting into someone dream...right?"

    It had not crossed her mind that Somnus was just messing with her. She really thought that he excepted her to get in his dreams to tell him that he was dreaming. And thinking on it, she actually excepted it from herself as well. She was very naive, and easy prey for Somnus. But as long as she thought she was being a help to him, she really didn't care one way or the other. She thought of Somnus as a friend now and would take everything he said to heart, because it would be rude not to. She then started to walk through the arch way that lead into Market Street. Looking back at Somnus, smiling, she said,

    "Come on let's get going. There's no telling when you'll feel the need to fall asleep again. I'll need to be able to get that head of yours before then...let's go let's go!!"

    She was excited to get their little journey started. She wasn't sure what they would find, but she was positive that there would be something that they could get from the books of the Mystery Tower, if not, maybe Morse would know a way to enter dreams; she just hoped it wouldn't be too crowded. There was always a hand full of Keyblade rookies there, trying to learn new magics and skills.
  8. "Ahehe...alright." Somnus muttered as Kiyomi seemed determined, to help him. The fact that it was, well at least should be impossible to go in his dreams to tell him that he's dreaming was impossible didn't seem to deter her at all, she was a weird cat and this should make the rest of the day pretty fun. With his hands behind his head he followed behind his quirky new friend. He then slowly made his way beside her and then said,

    "You know if you don't find anything it's cool. I don't really except you to be able to get in my dreams..."

    Somnus would usually let something like this play out a little bit longer, but he was actually feeling bad about messing with her. It some how didn't feel right. Maybe he was soft on her, or maybe she was just the kind of person that you just didn't want to lie to. Whatever the reason was he didn't feel right doing it. It was going to be a couple of minutes before they got to the station, he might as well pass the time,

    "So, what world are you from?"

    Somnus wanted to learn a little bit more about this girl, so he can try to figure out why she was so bright and happy, and full of energy all the time. Maybe he could get some of that, so he could be less sleepy all the time. This was also the first person other then the Masters that watched over Keyblade Manor, that interested him enough to have a complete conversation with.
  9. Kiyomi smiled when she heard that he wasn't excepting her to be able to get into his dreams. That only meant that he would be even more excited him she managed to do just that. She had no intention on giving up on this, especially after already promising she would get the job done. As they walked through Market Street, she looked turned towards him, and walked sideways when he asked what world she was from. She looked up into the sky golden sky and then twirled around with her arms spend out saying gleefully,

    "This one!"

    Her twirling stopped and she put her hands behind her back as she hoped in front of him, and started to walk backwards, as she looked him in the eyes. She felt it rude not to look at someone in the face while you were talking to them, even if it put her in awkward positions at times, she always tried to maintain as much eye contact as possible when she talked to someone. It also made it easier to tell when someone was lying. She continued,

    "I was born and raised here in Twilight Town, watching Keyblade Wielders come and go... what about you? Are the rumors about you being from "there" true?"

    She was rather curious, about where exactly he came from. Anyone would be interested, for the last 5 years he was always walking around the Manor, but he never left it still recently. He was never seen training with the others. A lot of people thought he was one the the Keyblade Masters' kid of something. So of course rumors were bound to start circulating. Some of them were a bit ridiculous really; like the one about him being the captured Forgotten that the Masters' were studying. Although that would explain why he had been spending for much time with them over the pass couple of years.
  10. Somnus looked over and smiled as she said that she was from Twilight Town. That actually made a lot of things clear for him. There was no wonder she was so up beat and positive. Living in this town all of her life, the biggest thing she would have to worry about was what to wear in the morning. Somnus smirked a little bit, he could also see how see how she could get her jollies out of helping someone out. Somnus hands dropped to his sides when he heard her ask about where he was from. He scratched the side of his head, and then said,

    "Geez... there's rumors? Well I guess I don't really know exactly where I'm from. But the earliest memories I have were walking around in "The World That Never Was". So yeah, for lack of a better explanation, that's were I'm from."

    Somnus nearly really gave much thought about where he could be from, it really didn't make any difference to him. Where ever he was from, he was here now and that all that matter. He also didn't know why it was a rumor, they could have just as easily asked him, if they were curious, it's not like it was a big secrete. He curled up his lip as he thought about for a moment. Did he have a threatening aura about him? If he did that would be very awesome, he would need to learn to learn to harness that, it could provide an incalculable amount of entertainment. They made their way to the Central Station, and as Somnus walked by the ticket booth the attendant tried to tell him that he needed to by a ticket first, Somnus shot him him a sleepy glare, and the poor man whimpered back into the booth's corner.

    "Yes, this could be fun...ahehe!" Somnus chuckled to himself as he walked up to the ticket booth and purchased himself a ticket. He had fully intended on paying, he just wanted to try that out. Of course this would need practice, but he could already see the implication. Somnus continued to think of ways of how he could use this intimidation factor, none of them had any battle applications....at all.
  11. Kiyomi's smile faded a little when she heard about where Somnus was from, or at least the last place he could remember he was from. It seemed the rumors about him were indeed true, but it didn't make her feel as excited as she thought it would. Looking into his half closed eyes, it looked like he was holding back some pain, even if he didn't know himself. A child living alone in a world like that, it was a miracle he came out alive, let alone sane. She then looked on curiously as he seemed to have frightened the man who was working in the ticket booth, only to go ahead and buy himself a ticket anyway. Kiyomi saw the slight hint of joy in his face and heard the comment he made. She thought carefully,

    "It must have been hard living in a world like that alone. Well I can understand he weird behavior. This is probably the only way he knows how to entertain himself."

    She was now making excuses for his odd antics, and would probably do so for the remainder of the time that she would know him. She always saw the good and people, and she would never believe that he was just a lune who derived pleasure from seeing the confused, annoyed , frightened and angry reactions on peoples face. She would be there to defend him from the judging stares and comments. No one understood him but her, she was sure of it. Even though in reality, no one probably really understood that kid, not even himself. Kiyomi made her way into the Magic blue train car that would take them to the Mysterious Tower. She stepped in, found a sit, and asked,

    "Have you ever been to the tower? It's pretty cool, nothing is what it seems like, and it's huge... well on the inside at least. It's crazy in that place."

    She had visited to Mysterious Tower several times. She only went once to actually learn a spell. The other times she just went inside to explore it's vast insides. There was a lot going on in that thing, and she wanted to see all of it.
  12. Somnus still deep in his thoughts about how to further to use this new ability of his sat down next to Kiyomi. His train of thought was derailed by her question. Somnus thought about it for a moment, which was odd because it was a basic yes or no, there was no real reason to think about it. If you went there you wouldn't forget about it. Somnus then looked over at Kiyomi and then said with a goofy smirk on his face,


    He had heard of the place, and had planned on going there eventually, but he never got around to it. Mostly because he usually fell asleep before he made his way there. He figured that he would end up being taught everything that he needed to learn from one of the masters. Reading books always seemed to but him to sleep he was sure that these books filled with information on spells would do the same thing. That or he would never be able to focus on one thing at a time. He was sure that every time he go a peak of another spell he would jump to that. He probably never be able to get through the process of learning a single ability. Maybe with Kiyomi around he could actually be able to get some work done. Somnus then smiled and looked at her seriously.

    "Take care of me...ok?" He said with serious on his face. This time what he was saying was legit; he only way he was going to get through his Keyblade training was if someone kept him focus. He was starting to think at Kiyomi would be that person, unless he managed to run her off some how.
  13. Kiyomi got surprisingly gitty when Somnus asked her to take care of him. She was going to do that in the first place, but just the fact that he had asked made her very happy. It made her feel like he was starting to trust her, even though they had just started to get to know each other. She was going to try her hardest to never betray that trust. She leaned over with her hands in her lap and then started to nod her head feverishly,

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah...we're friends now, that's a given."

    Kiyomi was really excited, she had found herself a long term project. She was going to help Somnus cure himself of his needless sleepies, and get him to act at least a little bit more normal when it came to talking to people. She didn't know if she would be nay help to in a fight, she really wasn't much of a fighter herself. Yeah she knew how to defend herself, and she was good with Magic, but battling wasn't really her thing, and she really didn't like fighting too much to begin with. Knowing this about herself she said,

    "But you're going to have to get strong, to protect me from the big bads. I don't really like fighting too much."

    She was unashamed by the statement she had just made. She knew that she would have to do her part in stopping the Heartless and then Nobodies, but she didn't think that they would have to resort to violence when it came to the Dark Keyblade Masters. She was sure that if both sides took the time, then they could come to an agreement about something. With all the knowledge between the 2 sides, there was no way that someone didn't have a way to create peace. She was so very naive, and it is perhaps that naivety, that innocence, that gave her power. The train made it's stop in front of the Mysterious tower, and Kiyomi was the first one to disembark. When she looked around outside of the Tower, she could see that there were quiet a few people here, it wasn't crowed compared to other days, and then inside seemed to be much more massive then it's outward appearance would have you believe.

    "Well here we are... LET GO!!" Kiyomi said as she grabbed Somnus by the arm and then began to run towards the door. She already had a good idea of where she would need to look, to get some great information on dreams.
  14. "Ahehe.. ok sure. I guess I can pull that off." Somnus said pretty nonchalantly. Although Kiyomi had just volunteered him to be her bodyguard, he was sure that it was going to be fun. She looked like the type of girl who would just attract all kinds of unwanted attention. So finding some head to knock shouldn't be too difficult. As the train came to a stop Somnus could feel his body being pulled by Kiyomi, as she made her way over to the towers door. As they where making there way inside he said,

    "I don't see what all the fuss is about, it really doesn't look like much to m~....holy crap!!!"

    His jaw dropped when they entered inside the tower. From the outside it looked to be little more then a dusty old shack, but once they stepped foot inside; there was a spiraling stair case that seemed to go on forever. There looked to be hundreds of doors, as you ascended those stairs. Somnus scratched the top of his head and then asked,

    "How do you find anything in this place? And how the hell is it this big on the inside? I knew it, this is a dream. You trick me you cat-witch."

    Somnus pointed at Kiyomi accusingly. There was no way that this kind of place could exist in real life. It didn't make any sense, none of this should be able to fit inside such a tiny space. Admittedly Somnus hadn't really been out much, so he wasn't to aware of all the possibilities that Magic could provide, and Morse Mouse the man who lived here, was probably the greatest Wizard alive. So there was really no telling the things that they could see and find in this place.
  15. When they entered into the Mysterious Tower Kiyomi looked up at the spiraling stair case with a smile on her face. Laughing, she looked over at Somnus as he claimed that this had to be part of a dream. She remembered her first time in this place, and she really couldn't blame him. The first time she ran up this steps, she had no idea where she was going or how she was going to get back. She had gotten herself lost for a couple of hours until she learned how to navigate through it all. Thinking back on it, she figured she might as well share the secrete of how to get through this place with Somnus before he got lost,

    "It's not a dream, it's powerful space time magic. Master Ricky is a really powerful Wizard. He in charge of this place, but since he's also needed at the land of Departure, and his the king of his own world. He needed a way to protect the real secretes of this place. So he made like this."

    Kiyomi began walking up the steps and as she did so she held on to Somnus hand like he was a child, you could get separated very easily in a place like this. Going through a door they entered into a room with a single stack of books resting on a table. Kiyomi pointed over to the book and then looked over at Somnus and then went on to explain with a smile on her face,

    "All you need to do is think about what you want, as you make your way up these stairs. Then you'll just, some how know which door to open, and it will take you where you need to be. At least that's how I figured out how to move through it place."

    Kiyomi knew what she said sound weird and confusing, but it was the best way she knew how to explain what she was had experienced her self. No one had given her a run down on ow this place worked so she was really going on feeling and what she thought, and it seemed to be working for her so far. Kiyomi went over to the table and picked one of the books up, and then began to read through it, she looked back at Somnus encouraging him to do the same.
  16. Anon arrived in twilight town through the train, and was now standing out side central station. "Hmmmm," He began thinking. "Where to now?"

    Someone in Traverse Town had told him about the Keyblade Manor, so thats where he decided to go. He went through market street. Looking around at all of the shops, he realised that he had no money, at least not enough to spend here. It didnt take him long to find the Keyblade Manor, it was large and stuck out from far away. He made his way through the archway and up to the main door. There were other Keyblade wielders all around the grass. They were training their skills, and they all looked strong. Anon opened the door and walked in. He walked towards what looked like a reception desk and rang the bell. "Maybe someone is here that can help me."
  17. When the bell at the front desk was rang, a small catlike creature hopped out from behind the counter, and landed next to Anon. As she looked up at the tall new comer and then said with a smile on her face,

    "Well I haven't seen you around before... but you're clearly a Rookie. AH!!! You must be the new guy... we've been expecting you. This way please."

    Anon may find it strange that they were excepting his arrival, when no one had ever sent word to them. But everyone that watched over the Rookies in Twilight Town, were Keyblade Masters or Apprentices, and they had felt the awakening of this man's power, and knew that he would eventually make his way here. The small thing that was now leading Anon, may not look like much but she was indeed a Keyblade Apprentice herself, and was talented in the magical Arts, she had been assigned by her own Master to watch the front desk, to give assistance when needed. As she walked she looked back at the Man and said,

    "So Anon... yep we know your name already. You can from Traverse Town right? I'm Clara, Is there any questions that you have?"

    She figured she might as well get all of this out of the way, before she got him to his room. From there she would be able to give him the real information that he needed.


    "You know you say that as a fact, but it still sounds like a pretty trippie dream, like M.C. Escher trippie." Somnus made sure that she understood that everything she just said sounded very much like a dream, regardless of how much she tried to make it sound the opposite of that. But she had lead the two of them to a stack of Books, and from the titles on them they all seemed to talk about dreams, so he really couldn't complain. He went over and picked up the book and began to read. His legs were already a little tired from all the walking, it was a lot more walking then he had done in awhile. As he thought that he needed a seat, a chair appeared beneath him. Somnus made an amused noise and then said,

    "Well that is rather convenient."

    Somnus sat down and then started to search through the book in search for something that might actually help Kiyomi. Thinking on it it was pretty funny. He was helping Kiyomi, so she could help him, so he could help her. It was a strange situation, because he actually wanted to help her. As He read through the books, but there was really nothing that could help the two of them, but there were several mentions of "Dreamwalkers", and they seemed to be portrayed in varying lights, but in both it seemed that the Dreamwalkers could enter into the dream of other manipulate said dreams to their will. He really didn't see use in such a skill, but he also wondered if that was what he was,and if that was why he couldn't get a decent nights sleep. Somnus looked over at Kiyomi and then said,

    "We need more information. This can't be all there is to this."

    He but down the book he was using, this little adventure, had turned into something much more for Somnus, this would maybe give him some light about who and what he was.
  18. Anon didnt expect a catlike creature to be greeting him after he rang the bell. But the cat lept over the counter and landed next to him. She had said they were expecting him, but he only recently decided to come here on a hunch. The cat even knew his name, and asked if he had questions. "Yeah i have one." Anon began. "I though keyblade wielders were a rare thing. Yet there are so many here at the manor, what changed?"

    She was leading him somewhere, where exactly he had no idea. The manor was huge, there was talk around the town that this place used to be smaller, but Anon couldnt believe that. He had never seen a place like this, there were so many people just like him around. It was nice knowing that he wasnt the only one.
  19. "OOooo that's a big building" a voice said as the person walked past a archway revealing a large castle or maybe even a manor eitherway Zoan was just staring at the building in awe ignoring the fact that there were people nearby and others training with keyblades...wait he could use a keyblade was he suppose to be here and the main reason he had came here was to learn how to wield his keyblade efficently, and learn about it at the same time.

    "So...THISPLACEMUSTBEWHEREIHAVETOGO?!"the strange man yelled out for no apparent reason before he look over his shoulder slightly and then did something even more strange

    "Shh...lower your voice..people are around you're disturbing them"yep this was unfortunally one of the man's bouts of insanity well at least he wasn't running around the place yelling about something completely random like ice cream, or the boogyman was after him, but first baby steps he first needed to know if this was the right place to go...or had he been duped by that nice lady down the street...

    If she's tricked me i'm going to find her and prank her...yep yep yep that was it he had a backup plan, everything was going alright so far...right??
  20. Clara looked up at the tall man as he asked his question about Keyblade Wielders being rare. She smirked a little bit and then said happily,

    "Well think about it. There are millions upon trillions of worlds out there. Every star we see in the sky, is in fact a world of it's own. and every one of those stars have millions of inhabitants Yet from all those worlds there are maybe 1000 Keyblade Wielders and Masters, total... and that's being generous... I'd say that's still very rare."

    She turned a corner and then flipped onto the railing of the steps in front of her. She found it rather annoying walking up the step themselves since they were pretty high as far as she was concerned. As she walked up the railing she then said,

    "There use to be even more then there are now, back in the Beginning. When you become an apprentice, you'll be taken to the Keyblade Graveyard, were the Great Keyblade War took place, and you'll see for yourself. I recently just went myself, it's...breathtaking. Our numbers have begun to raise, thanks to the efforts of Master Sora and his friends, many years ago. We hope that one day we can have at least one Keyblade Master on each World out there, to protect everyone from the threat of heartless, Nobodies, and the recently discovered Forgotten."

    Clara had stopped in front of a door, and then opened it. The room was rather large, and there was only one bed on the inside. Clara walked in and then turned to look at Anon and then said,

    "This is where you will be staying. Do you have any other questions, before I give you a run down of what you should expect while you're here?"

    Clara and her cat eyes stared at Anon. She was there to answer any questions he had to the best of her abilities.

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