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    The world of the Dark Keyblade Masters and their Apprentices, it is home to a seemingly endless horde of Heartless and Nobodies. The Heartless seem to spawn more here due to how close The World That Never Was is to the darkness of Kingdom Hearts. The Dark Keyblade Masters control the world from the Castle That Never Was, a massive fortress that floats weightlessly over the expansive Dark City.

    This World should not be entered by anyone under the level of a Keyblade Masters. There are far too many Heartless, Nobodies, and even Forgotten. Not to mention the presence of the Dark Keyblade Masters themselves. Even the Strongest fighters of the light do not dare enter here alone, and without good reason.
  2. Within the the Castle That Never Was, there is a circular white room that houses 6 throne- like chairs, in the center of the room is a mural of the χ-blade. This room, is known to Dark Masters as The Round Room, or Where Nothing Gathers, and inaccessible by any means other than by corridors of darkness. There 6 throne-like chairs that are rather tall in height, each belonging to a child of the Shikioku family. The tallest of which belonged to the the eldest and strongest, Kusari. If you dared entered into their throne room you had better be family, or invited, or wise don't except to leave with you life, be you ally or enemy.

    At the moment there were three hooded beings sitting in their thrones. One of them seemed to be getting rather annoyed with something. They fidgeted in their sit and then let out a devastating yell that shock to the room... literally. A male voice escaped from under neath the hood as he spoke,

    "How, rude of our dear Brothers to be so late. They should have been here no more then 15 seconds ago. It is terrible inelegant of them..."

    "Calm down will ya?" Another voice sounded as a dark portal appeared, and another hooded figure walked through. Unlike the other voice that was rather soft, his was smooth, and low. Trailing behind him was an even taller figure, and draped over his shoulder has a man. It was the same man who had given Somnus his Wielder Exam. The Tall figure threw the man to the ground, as the portal closed behind him. As the portal closed he took the hood off of his head and underneath it was revealed to be the oldest male of the the Shikioku children Munashii. The younger male that came through to portal with him also removed his hood his red cold eyes looking around the room; Jaki the youngest child of the Shikioku. Jaki walked over to his throne before disappearing, and reappearing, sitting down upon it. He's throne resting to the right of Kusari's; he then sat down as he looked down at their prisoner, he then turned his attention over to the impatient one and then said,

    "Oh, yeah Rikiddo... almost forgot... here, got you a little gift. And apology for being late...hehahahah!"

    "How utter exquisite. You are truly elegant young brother... I shall cherish it." Rikiddo said as Jaki tossed him what looked like a blood ruby brooch pen. Munashii chuckled heavily with his deep voice, as he made his way to his own throne, that rested on the left side of Kusari. It would seem that the thrones were arranged by age going counter clockwise. Meaning to the of Munashii sat Rikiddo, and to his left sat another hooded figure that seemed to be smaller than the rest. Next to her was and empty sit, and thing were brought back around to Jaki and the still hooded Kusari. Jaki looked over to his eldest brother and then said,

    "You know I'm fully capable of taking care of myself, I didn't need you baby sitting me."

    "I am fully aware of that. But you never know what might arise, it doesn't hurt to have back up." Munashii spoke to Jaki, knowing that his younger brother was stronger then him, but that didn't change the fact that he was not going to allow him to go on a mission on his own. He had already lost one brother he was not going to lose another. Jaki didn't push the issue any further himself, and because at least Munashii was there to carry the body. Munashii then looked over at Kusari and then said,

    "Everyone's here dear one... please let us begin."

    Munashii, Rikiddo and Jaki all cam to attention and turned over to Kusari to listen to what she had to say. It was about time she filled them in on what her plans were with this man. From Jaki's point of view he wasn't particular strong, and he had no abilities that they could learn from him that would help them. Jaki had long sense learned that he didn't have to doubt his sister, she always had something up her selves, even if you didn't completely understand you knew that it was heading somewhere grand.

  3. The other two hooded figures simply sat there as they listened to there boys talk. Well Kusari sat there and listened to her younger brothers talk as she took off her hood. The smallest member to the Shikioku family was laid out over the arm rest of her throne, it would look like that she was lazying around but in truth it was much worst then that, her hood rolled off to reveal the that the she was in fact sleeping. Kusari smiled and then then sighed as she jumped off of her throne and seemingly floated down as she landed softly on the ground her long hair gently fell around her face and her delicate eyes looked over towards Raihana, as her beautiful voice rained out,

    "WAKE UP!!!! LAZY ASS!!!"

    The vibration from her voice alone shock the entire room, even more so then when Rikiddo had done the same. Raihana was shocked by the yell, as her throne shook, and she wobbled out of it, falling head first into the ground. Raihana looked up at her sister rubbing the top of her head, and then said,

    "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaa! That really hurt!"

    Her head then quickly started to move around the room at a pace that would probably break a normal persons neck, as she saw that everyone was in the room now. She then focused in on the man that was laying in the middle of the floor. In a flash she was standing their in front of him, he black coat ruffling in the wind she created with her movement. She then grabbed the man buy the throat and lifted him up off of his feet, she may have a tiny body., but great power was held within it. She liked in the Mans eyes, and looked like she was about to snap his neck, before Kusari appeared next to Raihana, and gently motioned her arm down. As she men was put back on his feet Kusari said,

    "Now, now Raihana... that's no way to threat our guest. After all he will be dead soon enough... Now are you ready to do what needs to be done?"

    "What the hell do you bastards want with him?!!!" The captive man spoke as he didn't understand why he had been confronted by the Shikioku Family. He was stationed at the Manor, to issue Exam's nothing more, were they trying to use him to get information on the children? Kusari looked at the man with gentle eyes, and then rubbed the side of his face as she said,

    "All in good time... we want to pick you're brain, is all.."

    "I'll never tell you anything..."

    "And that is something I can respect... but I won't need you to tell me anything, I'll just pluck what I need and then some right out of your mind. "

    "What? no that's impossible Scan doens't work on me... that's my special skill. It can only work when I allow it, to."

    Kuzari started to laugh very elegantly. She softly rubbed the side of the man's face and then patted it gentlly as she walked away. Standing a few feet away from him she then said,

    "Yes I know... your special skill surpasses that of what is possible with Scan Block, and is almost as good as Munashii's ability at concealing your presence, and that's why you are the Keeper of Secrets for the Manor yes? You hold all the information about all the promising young rookies, and some of the more dangerous ones as well... correct? I have other ways of gather intel, for special people like you."

    Jeremiah's eyes widened, and terror replaced the determination that once filled them. How were they able to figure that out, Yes he was the one you kept the closest eye on the Rookie's he was the one to made suggestions about who should be tested, and who should be asked to enter into tournaments. But he usually did his work from the shadows, there were only a few people who knew about him at the manor so how could they? An then suddenly all of his questions were answered, as Raihana popped up in front of him, but she didn't look like herself, she looked like Jeremiah. Raihana then shouted,

    "Boo! hahahahahahahah!"

    Jeremiah now understood, that the little on was Raihana. She was widely known for being able to cast illusions that could make her look like anything and anyone, she could even transform the darkness in her hear, so that no Keyblade master would sense her darkness. But there was one last thing he didn't understand, she could turn herself into someone, but she didn't have their memories, how the hell could she walk around the Manor with out raising suspension? He had to find out so he activated his scan and tried to scan the lot of them but when he did so, he got nothing...

    "No way!!!"

    "Did you find anything useful?" Kusari taunted. As she and her siblings all had learned Scan Block, off of some poor student that that had attended Ten's demonstration not a couple of days ago. Jeremiah had put 2 and 2 together, and then simply started to laugh. They were every bit the monsters he thought they were, They had killed a child, just to learn one technique. What was so important that they had to go through all of this? Jeremiah looked at Kusari and with an upset and wondering look. Kusari then said,

    "As I said... al in good time dear Jeramiah... I have things to discuss with my siblings first."

    Kusari then turned away from the man as she focused her attention on Jaki. As she looked at jaki you could see Raihana doing cartwheel around Jeremiah, as she cartwheel she kept changing to her form and back to Jeremiah's all the while laughing. Kusari then asked Jaki,

    "So tell me... how goes on the Daniel front?"

    She stood there with her arms folded. She and Jaki had went through a lot of work to from that plan. Jaki killing Master Satoru, wasn't the hard part, that one particular part of the plan was relatively easy. Getting the boy to turn to darkness, was the annoying bit. It was going to be a slow process, slow and steady was something that Jaki did well, more so then his other siblings, and with his special skills, that were similar to Daniels, he was the perfect choice for this job, now she just needed to know how it was fairing.
  4. The three males laughed as Raihana cartwheeled around Jeremiah. She was always the life of the party, which was appreciated with all of their doom and gloom. Jaki turned his attention over to Kusari when he heard her asked her question about Daniel. Jaki sighed and then said,

    "About as well as we can expect. Although there was one little snag. I was gonna plant a little darkness... but some foolish spirit decided to be a very bad boy... isn't that right Satoru?"

    Jaki snapped his finger and just as quickly as he snapped them, a portal to the Spirit realm seemed to open, and then what dropped from from it was a spirit, chained down by red and black chains. All of the Shikioku children began to laugh at the condition of the dead Keyblade Master. Jaki then looked over at the man and red and black electricity to shock the man. His mouth seemed to sown shut some, by black and red twin. Jaki looked over at Satoru as he summoned his Keyblade, and pointed it at the spirit and then said,

    "You wanna know why you're at my mercy right now? Anyone I kill with this Keyblade, their spirit is mine to control however I see fit. So when one of my spirits acts up in the spirit world, I know. But of course I'm sure you knew that... and you figured.. hey I'm already dead, so what's the worse that could happen."

    Jaki touched Satoru with his Keyblade, and as he did so Satoru's spirit felt the greatest Pain he has ever felt in his life. It was like acid was running through his veins, like his skin was on fire, and his brain was being put through a blender. Jaki let his Keyblade disappear and then said,

    "But there are things far worse then death... He disguised himself a Dark Keyblade wielder. I guess he wanted to give his little protege one last lesson. Well... everything come with a price... doesn't, it? Sadly for you it really doesn't change anything... we can use this to our advantage. Plus we still have the girl. So everything will proceed as planned. Now you go be a good boy now Satoru."

    Jaki snapped his fingers and the man was sucked back into the spirit Realm, with his binding becoming undone. Jaki didn't see Satoru as a threat in the real world or in the Spirit world. If he did something Jaki thought would be bad for his plans, he would cast the spirit into oblivion without question. Munashii, and Rikiddo both started laughing as he they watched their younger brother torture the spirit, even in death that man would know no peace, not after crossing Jaki. Looking back down at Kusari and the prisoner that he had brought her he said,

    "Now how about filling us in on why you sent me to get that guy?"
  5. "I see, well then you seem to have things under control. I will leave it to you then."

    "Under control? That's the understatement of the century. WWWEEEEEEEEE!" Raihana responded to the fact that Jaki was torturing a spirit. She continued to cartwheel, and Jeremiah's expression just got more and more terrified. He had heard of what Jaki was capable of, but to be able to do that to the spirit of master Satoru, was incredible, how could he control spirits of the dead like they were some type of play thing? Kusari saw the fear in his eyes and then smiled as she turned to her brothers and then said,

    "As you all know... we need a some key individuals, with special abilities to accomplish our ultimate goal. What the information I have gathered 2 of those pieces, possibly 3 are gathered at the Manor. Jaki already has his teeth sunk into you of them, the other is a very special young lady, and we..."

    "What you did you?.. tsk! Dammit!" Jeremiah gasped as they spoke of a young lady, that they needed. he was sure he knew who they were talking about, and if they really did have a way to get the information out of him then she was going to be in great danger. Was there no way for him to escape this place? Kusari looked over at him for a moment and then contended on,

    "We need visual conformation that she is indeed at the Manor, and to do that we need someone who can move about freely there. That's where Raihana comes in."

    "Hoooooooooyeeeeahahhahahah!!! Sneaky, sneaky!!!!" Raihana said as she was know striking a pose disguised as Jeremiah. She then sat down in front of the man with her legs crossed and her arm folded. Kusari and then walked behind Jeremiah and then said,

    "Now Raihana, I will copy all the memories from Jeremiah's mind into you. That way your illusion truly will be perfect."

    Jeremiah's eyes widened, as he didn't know that she could control memories. The only people who had meet her in battle and managed to survive was Ricky and Ten themselves, they were probably the only people out side of this room who knew that Kusari Shikioku could control the memories of others. Chains came out of her Keyblade and went through Jeremiah's head magically, and then went into Raihana 's. You could see energy coming from Jeremiah's mind and into Raihana. While she sat there, countless images when through her mind as she seemed to be getting a crash course of this guys life story. When the Memories stop flowing in a terribly shocked looked was on not Jeremiah's face, but of Raihana. Her usual noisy and energetic self seemed very docile. She then uttered one word, that describe what she had seen during those images,


    Kusari's head snapped up as her eyes widened when she heard what Raihana had said. Kusari was quickly ran over to her and then held her sister by the shoulders and then said,

    "What did you say?"

    "Yume... I saw... Yume...hahahaha... he's at the Manor. I'm almost positive that it was him... these no way it couldn't be."
  6. The males of the Shikioku family all looked over at Raihana, when they heard her say Yume's name. Jaki more so then all of them seemed to be particularly shaken by the event. Jaki seemed to start breathing very fast and as ha and then rest of his brothers all appeared around Raihana. Jaki still seemed to hyperventilating, and couldn't find the words that he wanted to say. Rikiddo said it from him,

    "Raihana this better not be one of your little stunts.... because it's not funny."

    Munashii agreed, as Jaki push his 2 brothers out of the way. He knew that Raihana wouldn't joke about something like this. If there was anyone who cared about Yume more then Jaki did himself then it would have to Raihana. Jaki looked at her and then said in a shaky voice,

    "Are you sure... it's Yume? Are yous positive that it's him. because it wouldn't make any sense for him to be at the Manor."

    Jaki was trying to put everything together. It seemed they had got more information then they originally thought they were going to. Now it was possible that they had found the location of Yume, their brother who they all believed to be dead. Jaki looked over at Kusari, if anyone could figure out what was going it was her. Jaki then turned his attention over to Jeremiah, and then then grabbed the man by his throat. He lifted him off of his feet and gripping hard onto his neck Jaki then stared into the man's eyes and then said,

    "What do you know about Yume... why is he at the Keyblade Manor? Are you trying to use his abilities to help you? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HIM?!"

    All of this was very uncharacteristic for Jaki he was out of control, and angry. Very angry, he was usually very calm and collected having everything under control. This wasn't like him at all. Munashii, would have have probably stopped him by now did nothing but watch. It would take a few minutes for the memories to fully sick into Raihana's mind, and he wanted answers now, just like Jaki and Rikiddo. So he simply said,

    "Answer... him!"
  7. "I don't no any Yume." Jeremiah struggled to say as Jaki's seemed to want the man dead regardless of what he had to say. He could feeling the pressure on his neck and it felt like his eyes were about to pop from their sockets, until Kasari walked next to Jaki and grabbed his arm lowering it. As She lowered Jaki's arm, and got him to release his grip, Jeremiah let out a gasp for air. As he struggled to breath, Raihana who was recovering from taking in all of those memories finally said,

    "He's telling the truth... he doesn't know Yume. Well he didn't know that he was looking at Yume. He has the same face the same attitude, everything about him is Yume, but he's going by a different name... I don't get it... maybe it isn't him."

    Kusari sighed as she cold explain the situation, but in doing so, she would have to explain the full story behind Yume's disappearance five years ago. She would explain it to them after she finished relaying to Raihana what she wanted her to do. She walked away from the group and then stood there in front of them with her arms folded,

    " I think I can fill in the gaps, with what I know. But first let me run through the plan. Raihana, using those memories, and you will disguise yourself as Jeremiah. With this Memories and your skill, not even Ten will be able to sniff out the difference. Jaki you will keep an eye on the Spirit realm, to make sure no Spirit's go and run their mouth to Daniel about our little operation,. Raihana, track down our main targets, and while you're at scope out some of the local talent. See if anyone strikes your fancy. While you two handle that the three of us will be making arrangements to attend the Holiday Keyblade Struggle. After all, we want to see how strong the little ones are as well. hehehe."

    Kusari then teleported herself back to her seat as she felt that she would need to sit down for in order to tell them about what really had happened. As she sat there she looked down at Jeremiah, and reminded herself about what a huge lose end the man was. She certainly wasn't going to keep him as a prisoner. With his ability if he was to escape there was no way he'd be found. The only way to make sure he didn't come back to bite her in the ass was to kill him. Kusari crossed her legs and then leaned her hear against her open palm. She then pointed at Jeremiah and then said,

    "Raihana, could you do the honors please we have much to discuss, and I want you to get to the Manor as quickly as possible, else we may rouse suspicion."

    Almost before Kusari could finish her statement and faster then Jeremiah even knew what was going on, Raihana had disappeared with a Warp Run and was behind him with her Keyblade drawn. She then pointed her kill up into the sky as blood dripped from it's edge and she said happily, while Jeremiah's head rolled to the floor,

    "Insta-Killl!!!!!! DECAPITATION!!!!! RRAAAGGHHHH!!!!"

    Kusari let her celebrate her kill for a moment before she told her to listen up. The moment she had finished the story she had to tell, they would all need to leave as they all had things that they needed to take care of. Kusari let out a breath, and then started to tell the story...

    *Several Minutes Later*

    All of her siblings had shocked looks on their faces. They didn't except things to be as bad as what their sister had describe. It would make sense that Yume was at the Manor if all of that were true. Kusari and told Raihana,

    "You and Jaki were the closest to Yume. If you see this people who we believe is him, and it is true, then it will be a time to rejoice... but do not approach him... not yet. If you determine that it is not him... then kill him... kill him for having the audacity, to look like a brother... our King. Dismissed!"

    After she spoke, everyone disappeared into portals of darkness as they all had work they needed to do. All of them left except for Kusari who was looking down at the headless body of the now dead Keyblade master Jeremiah. Kusari, then shook her head in disappointment as something had just crossed her mind,

    "I should have gotten someone to clean up this mess before they left...crap."
  8. The Dark portal that Raihana had forced Zoan into had took the two of them into the World that Never Was. When the portal opened, the tiny Dark Master threw Zoan through the portal. She looked down at her cloaked body as she could still feel the pain, she looked over at Zoan, and then said,

    "HAHAHAHAA... you kid... are interesting... very interesting. You're one them aren't you? How lucky for me."

    Raihana then removed her hood, and when she did so, Zoan would see that while she was short, she very much looked like she was older then Zoan. She had the face and body of a women, she was just miniature size. Her long purple hair braided into two pony tails, and her big light blue eyes stared at Zoan. Although she was beautiful, she was quite insane. She then licked her lips and then said,

    "Welcome to the Dark City... we will be continuing you Exam... But it will be something much more fitting for you. I am Dark Master Raihana."

    Raihana spread out her hand and then twirled around as she looked up into the dark sky. If Zoan looked around he would see that he was in a place of complete darkness the only light was the light that came from the windows of the Skyscrapers around them. If he looked into the distance he would be able to see The Castle That Never Was, floating in the sky, and a giant heart shaped moon behind it. Raihana then turned herself towards Zoan and then said,

    "So tell me Zoan before he begin... do you desire power... great extraordinary power? If so... what will you do to gain such power?"

    Raihana licked her lips again as she waited for the boys answer. If she could not corrupt the boy in his current state then she didn't desire to be a Dark Master. She also knew that she couldn't kill him because they needed him; if she was right that was. But that wasn't the only reason she revealed her. She also revealed herself because she was sure that she had found herself a delightful new toy to play with.
  9. "What th.."Zoan started to say until he was pulled into a portal, and when he came out on the other end he found himself not at the manor anymore..but at a strange place that was dark, and the only lights came from the windows, and from the giant heart shaped moon and so he listened to Raihana before wondering what she meant by him being one of.."them"

    "What do you mean by.."them"...am I special in someways?"Zoan asked looking at her as she revealed who she was, so she was a dark master..so then that would mean that..he was in enemy territory..but something about ths place...appealed to him somehow..it could just be a side effect of the one-sided balance.

    "Heheh...sweet"Zoan mumbled as he looked around before he heard her asking him if he desired power, and if so how would he do it..

    "Well..."Zoan started to say before he appeared by her side a wild smirk plastered on his face he was certain that it was Zoan B mucking around still as he thought about his answer.

    "Power..is rather useful..It has been annoying to watch my friends get more powerful..while I get left behind..and as for how far I would go"Zoan said pausing slightly before appearing on her other side laughing slightly

    "I'm not sure yet..maybe I'll find out sooner or later I guess heh..heheheh"the small mad kid answered laughing before he backed off from Raihana before he took off the hood from his head revealing his flame like hair...which at the moment seemed rather...tame not like how he was feeling right now.
  10. Raihana looked as Zoan mover about around her. She was a little annoyed that even though he was a short guy he was still taller then her, but she was very pleased with the way he acted, mostly because it remained her a lot of her self. She then looked Zoan in the eyes and then said,

    "Are you special? Oh my I believe so... but it's really just a theory at this point. I believe my sister would love to meet you, but not before you're ready... not right now.... and I like you answer."

    She walked towards Zoan as he took his own hood off of his head. She then reached up moving her fingers through his hair, and suddenly she gripped on to it hard pulling his head down towards her mouth and then said,

    "Let me tell you how to gain the power you want. Embrace your darkness, embrace the insanity that lurks within you heart. Let it fill you empower you. If you do that you will know true strength. The only thing you need to ask yourself is this...."

    She then pushed Zoan's head away as she flew off into the sky, a navy blue aura surrounding her as she did so. Soon she was standing on top of one of the Skyscrapers. She looked down at Zoan and with a smile on her face she continued, as she shouted,

    "The only thing you to ask yourself is... are you willing to do ANYTHING to obtain your power? If the answer is yes then show me... show me your determination. Come to me here on top the Sky Scraper, and I will give you the strength you desire."

    She snapped her fingers and as she did so a swarm of heart began to surround Zoan. The Heartless that appeared before him were Shadows. They were small, and not particularly powerful, but they were swift and crafty little things. They could literally turn themselves into shadows to escape attacks, and to hide from their enemies, but any one with Scan would be able to spot them from a mile away. There was two ways Zoan could reach Raihana on the top of the Sky Scraper, he could go through the building itself and climb the stairs to her, but the inside of the building would be filled with Shadows, or he could free climb the building. He would meet less Shadows that way, but he would be putting himself in a very dangerous position, having to fight Shadows, almost 40 stories up. The Inside was filled with Shadows the outside a fraught with danger which one was Zoan gonna choose. This was apart of Raihana's test, to see if he was indeed the person she thought and hoped he was.
  11. "Alright..I guess I'll have to wait until I am ready"Zoan said before he felt her grab his hair and yank him down so his head was by her mouth, his smiling growing ever wider as he listened to her saying that if he wanted to become stronger..he had to embrace his darkness and his insanity that lurks within him..well..that was easy to do, and so when she pushed his head away as she flew away and when he next saw her she was standing ontop of a skyscraper.

    "Heheh..Hmm.."Zoan said as he noticed a swarm of shadows surrounding him each of them looked small...but being small also meant that they were nimble so speed was something the smal kid had to consider but he couldn't waste time mucking around at the bottom of the skyscraper as he then took a step which caused some of the shadows to attack leaping at him.

    "Ah sod off hahaha"Zoan said as he sidestepped one of the shadows before quickly punching one in it's face and when it got hit it turned into dark dust and a small light orb floating away..well at least he could aways say that he finally beat up and experienced a shadow's death, however as he watched the light orb float away he felt several shadows climbing on his back scratching at him..well he didn't notice them simply because he had been too focused on the orb.

    "Ahahah" and so he quickly grabbed it's arm before slamming it into the ground cause it to die, and it was the same for the last shadow on his back, however when he tried to punch another shadow it sank into the ground and moved away from him.

    Interesting...heh let's see if it can dodge thisZoan thought to himself as he used scan and was able to track his enemies before he jumped into the air and pointed his keyblade at the closest shadow

    "Fire!" and once he said that a small fireball shot out before it blew up on the ground taking out the shadow and covered the area in smoke, and when it blew away Zoan was nowhere to be seen, and when the shadows turn to the skyscraper they would see him running to the building before he took the most dangerous path of them all..by free climbing the building, true he could have gone through the building and fought his way up all 40 floors..but this way...it was challenging but yet..deep inside..it was excillarating and Raihana could see that his hair..was changing colour from a passive flame to a colour that better represented a true raging fire.

    Fire-This magic allows user to launch a fireball with slight homing properties at a single enemy. Due to its wide flight arc, it may be difficult to hit fast-moving targets at long range.
    Un-mastered: 10 AP; Mastered Cost: 5 AP((unmastered))
  12. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aaaahhhh....hehehehehahahahahhahah! That's the right choice... awesome... just awesome." Raihana said as she saw Zoan go up the the Sky scraper by free climbing it. Whether or not it was the right choice was irrelevant it was the choice that she would have made, because it was the route that would have been more fun. So she declared that it was correct. She continued to laugh as she saw Zoan's hair starting to change, she was loving every second with this kid but in her crazed mind there was still a way to make things more fun. She lifted her hand up into the air, and then said,

    "Thundaga!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Don't die on me now kid.... HAHAHA!!! Insta- kill; insta-kill....heheheheheheheh!"

    The dark sky above The World that Never was started to spark with lighting. The Lighting then crashed down on the side of the building, blowing chunks out of it. The Lighting was striking at random along the building, this was another one of her test, the test of luck, because one hit from Thundaga would be enough to kill Zoan out right. So now Zoan would have to deal with the falling debris a of the building as well as dealing with the Shadows that were sure to pop up along his free climbing journey. All the wield he would hear Raihana insane laughter mixed into the sound of striking lightening. This was how those you dwell the the dark trained and tested there potentials. It was do or die, always...
  13. Zoan looked up as he heard her laughing ah well it seemed like both of them were batshit crazy but it made it all the much funner, although it was then that he noticed the shadows coming up after him and when one of them leaped at him a lighting strike smashed into the building killing the shadow..which made Zoan laugh his head off stupid shadow.

    "BWHAHAH fool"Zoan said before he jumped off to the side only to see debrie falling towards him, but at least if he coudl use it the kill another shadow then it would be good, so he waited until both the debrie and the shadow were closer to him before he jumped to the side again slamming his keyblade into the building watching as the shadow got smacked by the debris, and so he started to slowly climb up before he felt something grab his legs, trying to pull him off the keyblade.

    "Oi..get off"and so he lifted his right leg up before he slammed down with his left foot causing it to let go..well he was sure it was going to get more difficult the higher he got.

    "..."and so he decided that it would be best to go slow and save his energy for the last mile.
  14. "Nononononononononononnononononnoonnooooononooooo.....NO! You can't stop, you must not STOOOOPPPPP! KEEP IT MOVING MY LITTLE LOVELY!!!" Raihana started to laugh again, as her raised hand dropped towards the ground. Zoan would feel the earth shake and as he looked down he would see another Heartless at the bottom of the Building. This one was much bigger then the shadows and far more powerful. Zoan would not be able to defeat this heartless not at his current level of strength. The Large Heart slammed it's clawed fist into the ground and shook the earth again. Raihana then said,

    "A wild Dark Thorn appeared, quick throw the Master Ball...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... scary scary!!!! Don't let it get cha!!! Or ti will be an INSTA-KILL!!! hahahahahahaahahaha... run run runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunr!!! gogogogogogogogogogogogo... GOOOOOO!"

    The Dark Thorn is a massive creature with black skin. Its entire body is wrapped in teal thorns, and both of its wrists and ankles still have manacles on them. The chains on its arms are broken, but the chain connecting its feet is not. Like many other Purebloods, the Dark Thorn has a heart-shaped hole in its chest. The Heartless has a large, red, toothy maw and beady, glowing yellow eyes. While it is muscular and has large hands and feet, it also has rather thin limbs. Each of its limbs sports three digits with long, red claws. The Dark Thorn also has two enormous, orange horns and a massive, orange mane.

    The Dark Thorn slammed his fist on the ground, shaking it again, before leaping on to the building, and began to climb it's way towards Zoan. As it climbed up the Building it simple swatted away the debris that fell towards him, and even shrugged off the Thundaga spell that it was hit by. Of course it stunned him momentarily, but it shook it off and continued it's climb, as more shadows began to make their way onto the building. Raihana was truely insane, but if Zoan survived this then he would be much stronger, and that was the reason behind the Dark Masters intense training methods.
  15. "..."Zoan glanced down while hearing Raihana telling him to keep going, and saw nothing and again he jumped once more before he felt the earth shake and this time when he look down he saw a reallly big shadow coming towards him..something called a dark thorn, now that was big..

    "Holy.."and without wasting any time Zoan was quickly on the move as he swatted the smaller shadows out of the way then hopped to the right before he looked around by the time he actually got up there it would be too late..he needed a faster way up, and it was just then that lighting hit the building on his left a few times ..well he could use the debrie to get up further.

    "..."and soon Zoan made his way to the left before he jumped off the building landing on a falling debrie then hopped further upwards before he leapped off his slamming his keyblade into the building before he scrambled up as he looked down once more to see alot more shadows chasing him...but what he was most worried about was the large one so he jumped up pulling his keyblade out, then as he was in the air he pointed the keyblade at the dark thorn.

    "fire"with that Zoan quickly anchored himself to the building and slowly made his way up fending off the smaller shadows as he climbed..and getting hit byt them as well..but he was ever so close to the top now..just one last jump and he should be there.
  16. As the fire spell flew toward the Dark throne, it opened up it's mouth and then swallowed the fire spell. Thee spell exploded on the side of the heartless, as you could see it's belly expand from the explosive. It then burped as Smoke escaped from it's mouth. He then took in a deep breath, and as it inhaled air Raihana covered her ears and then said,

    "Look out Zanny Zoanie.... hear comes the big noise."

    The Dark Thorn let out a great roar that sent out a sonic boom. The area the sound wave traveled demolished every piece of the Sky scraper that it passed by. The shock wave made it all the way up to Raihana, but the only thing it did to her was flutter her hair and coat around her, showing just how powerful this tiny girl was. Zoan was right in the path of the destruction, this was the do or die time, if he succeed he would live if he failed to meet his objective then he would die. Raihana giggled as her hair whipped around her face, and she waited for the result of Zoan's predicament.

    "Oh I do hope he survives I would hate to break a new toy so soon. Especially one so adorable. Sis would not like it if I killed one of the Great Keys... she wouldn't like that at all." Raihana said to herself as she quietly routed for Zoan to succeed for her sake more so then his own. However, she did want to do a lot of things with Zoan and she was sure that this was only the beginning to their time together. She had a very good feeling about Zoan.
  17. ".....Right..."Zoan said as he watched the fireball be swallowed by the dark thorn which then exploded inside it's belly before it burped whch caused Zoan to sweatdrop slightly..why won't it leave him alone he was soo close..but no it then roared sending a sonic boom towards him..great what next, and it was just then that lightning struck just above him..well he just had to think of what else could go wrong.

    "Shit shit!"Zoan yelled before he clambered onto the falling debrie before he jumped off to the side as as the corner that he jumped to got hit by the lighting and so he then anchored himself on the bottom of it before he flipped himself ontop then jumped from piece to piece until he reached the last bit before he saw seeral shadows blocking his way

    "Tch..and so he twisted his body while at the same time planting his hands down as he rotated his legs around smacking a few shadows with his legs the last two avoiding his attack by sinking into the block..but he didn't need to finish them off he just wanted them to stop attacking him, and so he then pushing himself off the rock towards the edge of the building, and it would look like he had failed the jump as Raihana would see him falling down, and would assume that he was dead.

    "..Not..dead...yet!"Zoan muttered as he smacked his keyblade onto the edge and she could see the keyblade spikes dug into the edge before the small mad kid propelled himself up and then landed behind her landing on his knee and he panted slightly.

    "WHOOO! I made it!"Zoan yelled as looked at Raihana smirking slightly his hair truely a wild raging flame.
  18. Raihana just started to laugh when Zoan landed behind her with a smile on his face. She turned around and looked at him and as she started to walk towards him the Dark Thorn, landed behind her with a loud thud. It let out a mighty roar, and then slashed down at Raihana, without looking Raihana grabbed the Dark Thorn's wrist as his fangs stopped just inches away from from her face. She then turned her head around to look at the Dark Thorn and then said with an upset look on her face,

    "Tsk, tsk ,tsk... bad boy."

    She then ripped the heartless' arm clean off, as it let out a monstrous roar It went in to bite Raihana, but when it bit down on her head the Raihana standing there seem to fade away in a smoky yellow mist. Raihana could be heard laughing as she made her descent from the sky, with her Keyblade in hand. She landed softly in from of Zoan as multiple slashes of light seemed to appear across the monsters body. Pieces of it started to fall off like cut cheese, each piece bursting into smoke as they fell off, and finally a orb of light, floated off into the air. Raihana then turned her attention to Zoan with her Keyblade still in her hand she then asked,

    "So... tell me Zoan. Will you accept the darkness in your heart? Or will you cower from it? Are you ready to receive to realize the power within you?"

    Raihana asked as she pointed her Keyblade at Zoan. He had survived her trails, and now the only thing that was left was for Zoan to accept the darkness. Would Zoan walk continue to cower in the light, or would he embrace his true nature? As she pointed her Keyblade at Zoan the Shadows all started to move away after they stood in the presences of Raihana for just a moment. It would seem that they were actually frightened of her darkness.
  19. Zoan just sweatdropped slightly seeing the dark thorn landing behind why won't it give up..well she did say it was a wild dark thorn..so that was probably why it didn't give up, and mad kid could only watch as Raihana took care of the large shadow easily and when she then turned to face him asking if he will accept the darkness within him or would he cower from it..

    "Heheheh...I don't cower from anything heheh..so yeah I accept it"Zoan said smirking as he looked around to see the shadows move away from her.

    "..."Zoan just glanced at Raihana before he appeared behind her and hugged her, yes he was probably going to hurt by her..but he didn't give a damn and that he could always blame it on his balance, but soon he was back to where he stood before tilting his head slightly

    "Soo...what do you require of me?"Zoan asked laughing looking at the small girl before he realised something..he should really get back to the manor..who knows if they're are out looking for him..and it would be best if he was back at the manor otherwise..who knows what might happen

    "But I should get back to the manor..heheh...people might be out looking for me"Zoan added before he coughed slightly as he reverted or at least tried to reverted back to how he was..when he got to the woods...which wasn't much of a change since at the time he was still unbalanced and he still was just now.
  20. Raihana's eyes widened when she felt Zoan hug her. She smiled a little bit, as surprisingly this didn't upset her. She was known for being rather flirty when she wasn't going crazy so this was perfectly alright with her. As Zoan back away she scratched the side of her face and then said,

    "You've done all that I require..."

    She then disappeared and then appeared right int front of Zoan seemingly floating in the air. She then Kiss him on the forehead, her kiss shone out a bright light in in the light dark energy entered into Zoan as well. As she did so, Zoan would fill a room in his heart open, he would feel his body gaining access to a new source of power. As that door began to open Riahana started to laugh and then then she said,

    "Now let the darkness take over...I'll assist."

    The dark energy she had placed into Zoan started to fill the room of power that had opened within Zoan. The room would now be a mingled mess of Light and dark, with the darkness having the dominate presences. Raihana then stepped back from Zoan and then then said,

    "And Of course you going back. The best way to train, is to train against your enemies. You well go back train yourself to the bone, and when the time is right. We will leave. Before we head back However there a few things we need to do.... first.... Congratulations, you are know a Dark Wielder."

    Raihana then started to clap slowly, her clapping echoed through out the Dark City. She then smiled at Zoan and while putting her hands in her pockets as disappeared and appeared on the side of Zoan. As she did so heartless sprung up around her. She floated in the next to Zoan with the Shadows dancing around her. She then ask,

    "Keeping with tradition, I get to teach you one Ability to help you on your journey....so which will it be? Control of the Heartless, or Quick Run"

    Raihana smiled as she wanted to hear Zoan's answer."


    Touch of Darkness( Exclusive to Dark Wielders): This Passive is Granted to Dark Wielders when they pass their Dark Wielder Exam. This opens the door for them to access other Dark Passives and attacks. Cost= Free

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