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  1. Before I start I would like to give credit to Tora and the guys over at the One Piece New Age Rp. I based the stat system more or less on what they got going on over there, with some changes to better fit this rp.


    In this rp just because someone’s stats are higher than yours, does not mean an instant lost. This system is designed to give you a lot of freedom in your fights, with the numerical value of the stats there just to give a general idea of how you stack up against one another, and displaying your strength and weakness. The total number of stats points will not decide the winner, although they do help. How your characters use their abilities and how you use your characters in general will determine the winner. There’s a lot of wiggly room in these fights, but do keep in mind, that if someone’s stats completely dwarf your own, then you don’t stand much of a chance. Below is just a layout of what your characters will be capable of in each category as their power increase.

    The Fatigue factor; basically judges how long you can fight, while taking damage. The higher the stamina the more damage they can take before become fatigued. This includes, how long you can go without rest or food, and how fast you recover from your injuries without the assistance of magic

    25 +: Keyblade Rookie- sturdier than your average warrior. Most blows that would cause serious wounds can be pretty much shrugged off.

    75 +: Keyblade Wielder-they can take a pretty brutal beating before being put down for the count. It’s like their adrenaline is always on full blast

    150+: Master’s Apprentice- their stamina is superhuman, even with deep wounds and gashes; they can still fight effectively, without showing outwards signs of slowing.

    300+: Keyblade Master-they can withstand attacks that could shatter topple buildings, and shatter mountains without batting an eye. They can fight in top form for days straight at a time, regardless of how injured they may appear.

    600+: “True” Keyblade Masters- it would appear as if nothing fazes them. What they can take and how long they can fight seems to be limited only by their will.

    MP(Magic Power)
    MP or Magic Power indicates the force of characters magic, their ability to control it. The higher MP, the stronger the magic spells you perform are.

    25+: Spells has a good sting to them.

    75+: Force of the magic used is dangerous for anyone getting hit by them.

    150+: Overall force of magic is formidable, even by experienced wizard’s standards.

    300+: Skills with the magical arts are so great it would put the finest wizards to shame.

    600+: Their magical spells are unmatched, in their hands a simple Tier 1 spell, can become a weapon of mass destruction.

    Attack indicates the overall physical strength of the characters body. The higher the Attack The harder you hit, and the better you offensive swordsmanship is.

    25+: They have the power to cut through your average run of the mill heartless with no trouble, smashing boulder and cutting through trees isn’t out of the question. Offensive Swordsmanship leaves much to be desired, but still superior to the average warrior.

    75+: They have the power to slice through weaker metals, and bash through brick walls with little effort. Attacks are more fluid, and precise.

    150+: They can slice through heavily armored foes, like butter, or bash boulders into dust. They Offensive swordsmanship becomes an art form, with little to no wasted movements.

    300+: Slicing through and launching buildings through the air becomes an afterthought to these men and women. There is no wasted movement in their strikes; they rarely leave openings for their enemy to exploit.

    600+: The strength of these warriors defies the imagination. Their power seems only limited by their own wills, and too few have survived encounters with them, to give an accurate description of their fighting prowess.

    DefenseIndicates the ability to avoid taking damage; this includes dodging, and defensive swordsmanship, as well as resisting Status inflicting Spells like Poison, Bind, confusion…etc.

    25+: Perception and reflexes are greater than normal persons. Their defensive Swordsmanship leaves much to be desired, but still above average. They are able to create some resistance to status Ailments.

    75+: Perception and Reflexes or far greater then a normal persons they start to develop a sixth sense, about danger. Defensive swordplay comes easier to them, creating opening s for them to counter attack. They are able to fight of Ailments with least difficulty

    150+: Perceptions and Reflexes are at inhuman levels. What most can’t even perceive, they can follow with ease.Even doding high caliber bullets become possible. Their defense sword work looks more like a dance then a clashing of blades. Resisting Ailments, isn't a daunting task to them anymore, but is still difficult.

    300+: Dodging bullets? Child play. They are capable of avoiding damage awhile exerting little to no effort. It seems as if they can predict where they enemy will swing their sword at a simple glance of their body. Resist status ailments becomes more of an annoyance, rather than an actual challenge.

    600+: True Keyblade Master, everything around them seems to move in slow motion. They can quickly analyze a situation in great detail, in a faction of the time it would take most. There is no danger they cannot defend themselves against. Status Ailments become almost non-existent

    Special Defense
    Special Defense; indicates the ability to defend, or ward off enemy Limit Breakers. Breakers can make or break(pun intended) a fight, as they not only hit harder, but completely by pass the Defense stat. Special Defense is the only thing between your opponent’s Breaker and you. It would not be wise to neglect this category.

    25+: Relies on raw instinct to defend themselves from a Breaker. Have no real understanding, their hearts just tell them to prepare for the worst.

    75+: They can somewhat feel the coming of a Breaker, their hearts can somewhat match the rhythm of their enemy’s, and provide some defensive measures against said attack.

    150+: They can feel the impending onslaught, and can match up with their enemies rhythm allowing them to form a proper defensive for themselves.

    300+: They can feel the attack in great detail, almost fully syncing with the rhythm of their enemies. This allows them to negate the blunt of the enemies attack.

    600+: They feel out your heart in such detail, to the point they can read the Breaker like a cheap book. They are fully synced with their opponents’ rhythm, and it is not uncommon for them to turn their opponent’s Limit Breaker against them.

    AP( Attack Points)
    AP is a special stat, it isn’t one that can be trained per say. It is the volume of Special Skills and Magic you can use per fight. Once you run out, no more Magic or Special Skills for the remainder of the fight. You can say this is your mana supply. Basically, the more you have the more magic and special attacks you can use per fight. Points for this stat are determined differently from the others, and are handed out separately . So how do you obtain more AP you ask? Post, Post, Post….oh yeah…and Post some more.

    -Now remember these are just guidelines, to give you a general idea of what your fighter is capable of when they achieve a certain number of stat points in a specific area. The descriptions should just help you understand, where the real gaps in power start.
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