1. This thread is for Major Announcements... duh. But what do I mean by Major Announcements... you ask? I mean important information that involves the whole RP. You can use this you let everyone know that that your going to be inactive for a while, for what ever reason. or to announced MAJOR changes to your character, that will effect the way people RP with said character ( Like your character lost an arm or eye, during the last battle, or something like that)

    For the most part I will be using this Thread to let you now the start of Special Events or Tournaments, or notify you of the creation or deletion of worlds.

    This is free for everyone to use, just remember if you're using it , make sure what you have to say is really Important otherwise take it to the Discussion Thread.
  2. The "Dark Intentions" Special Event will begin soon. So if you were thinking about making a character, it would be a good Idea to get it done, pretty soon. There will be AP and Stat Points given out at the end of the event, and some passives will be given during the event as well, so get ready.
  3. I have developed an outline of how you will obtain points both Stat and AP wise, and asked Blue to add it. You can find the information in the General Information and Rules section under Things to Remember, but I'll also but here.

    So remember to send me and Blue your PMs about what you have done through the week.

    Stat Points
    5 points for just posting through the week, 1 point for every additional post
    5 points for exploring something new or discovering something new about yourself
    5 points for learning a new technique, an additional 5 points for mastering it
    10 points for making a friend or some sort of connection to another character( can't be a NPC)
    10 points for every fight or spar
    10 points for every high quality posts( doesn't necessarily have to be long, just good, Gm, and members can give their opinion by liking these posts if you think they deserve it)
    Get Double the points when taking an Exam

    1 point for each post
    5 points for each person you spar or fight( win or lose)
    AP is doubled after ascending to new level.
    receive double the points when participating in events
  4. Ok peeps the "Dark Intentions" arcs will be starting on Dec 10th. It will be taking place in Twilight Town during the Holiday Keyblade Struggle Tournament. This is an event that showcases Twilight Town's best young Keyblade Wielders. This event is used for Keyblade Masters to come scout the talent, and choose worthy candidates to be their Apprentices. The Dark Keyblade Masters will be using this event to do some scouting of their own. This arch should take us into the new year...

    To participate in the actual tournament, you will need to be of the Wielder lvl, or have around 250 total stat points by Dec 3. Even if you are not able to enter the tournament, there will be plenty of action for everyone. There will be some hidden goodies, for those lucky enough to run into them. AP points gained are doubled for the event( not including the extra points you get for the Tournament)

    Prizes for Tournament

    participants: 15 extra AP

    3rd Place: 30 extra AP, your choice of Tier 2 Passive; standard or created (regardless of Level)

    2rd Place: 45 extra AP, your choice of Tier 3 Passive;standard or created (regardless of Level)

    1st Place: 45 extra AP, your choice of Tier 3 Passive;standard or created, AND Special Rare Passive, chosen at random( there's 12)
  5. Ok me and Kweezy have completed the Brackets for the Holiday Keyblade Struggle. We added 11 NPCs, all with there own stats which will be shared before their fights; to give it more of a real Tournament feel. We randomly pulled names for the seeding number, so that everything would be completely fair... so if you don't like how things worked out in the bracket... tough, it's the luck of the draw.. Anyway, below is an image of the bracket, and below that will be a link to the actual bracket.


    Holiday Keyblade Struggle
  6. Ok before the Tournament starts tomorrow there are a couple of ground rules I'm going to go over. Some of these will be covered during the opening ceremony, and some of these, or just for you the Rper to follow.

    1. The techniques you go into your match with are the only ones you can use( meaning, no busting out new techniques mid- match)
    2. Absolutely no force play of any kind( this should be obvious)
    3. play within your Characters limits( I know prizes are at steak here, but that doesn't give your character some sort of power boost.)
    4. NPC's are not automatic victories, so don't approached them as if they are.. if you're not careful those NPC's will put you on your ass( I will most likely be Rping most of them.)
    5. Brackets are set and permanent, we will not be changing it. DON'T ASK
    6. Kweezy and BluewingedD will be keeping track of AP use, and will be sending reminders... to keep everyone honest
    7.You will lose by knockout, forfeiting, or if the Masters deem it to dangerous for you to continue.
    8. The stats of all NPC's will be displayed when you fight them... the stats will also include their battle style, level, and notable passives.

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