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  1. Levels and Battle Styles


    There are 5 Levels in this rp; they are a depiction of what Tier of abilities your character has access to, so to a certain degree it displays generally how strong your character is. There are different things required to reach each level. Below are the levels and how they are achieved.

    Rookie: This is the level that everyone starts at. You can summon your Keyblade freely and have access to Tier one skills.

    Keyblade Wielder: This can be achieved by having at 75 points in 2 stat categories. You must also take and PASS the “Wielders Examination”. Once you pass, the examination you gain access to Tier 2 abilities.

    Master's Apprentice: This can be achieved by having at 150 points in at least 2 stat categories. You must also PASS the “Test of Apprenticeship” . You gain access to the Tier 3 abilities.

    Keyblade Master: Must have 300pts in at least 2 stat categories, and MUST PASS “The Mark of Mastery” Exam. To take this Exam you need to be at least 15 years of age. Before Examine can be taken must have completed 7 mission. Once exam is passed you gain access to Tier 4 abilities.

    "True" Keyblade Master: You must have 600pt in at least 2 categories. Once you have acquired the points, send a PM to one of the GMs. We will discuss with one another if the actions of your character are worthy of be called a True Keyblade Master. If we say no and you are not satisfied with our reasoning, fill free to take to the community in the General Discussion Thread to plead your case. If the majority agrees with you, then you will be rewarded the level. If you do not achieve the level then you are free to request again, whenever you feel you have achieved the necessary requirements. This level gives you access to Tier 5 abilities.

    Now, I know you’ve noticed that you will be tested as you ascend to each level. These tests will never be exactly the same for each person. There are two stages for each test, and the parameters within each stage are set by whatever GM is giving the test to your character. The stages of the exams are, Physical and Mental.

    -Physical Portion: Tests your abilities, judging if you have the skills and strength to proceed on to the next stage. This can take the form of obstacle courses, sparing the examiner, or anything other way that can display ones abilities in battle.

    -Mental Portion: Tests your mental state of mind. This is to see if you are mentally ready to take the next step in your development. This can be in the form of a question, that requires a correct answer; a riddle, or it could be a simple conversation designed to invoke a certain response. This will probably be the most difficult stage for most.

    If you fail a test (I promise, we will try to make it challenging without making it impossible), fear not. You can always take it again the following week, and you get points just for trying. So you’ll always be getting something out of the experience.

    Battle Styles!!!!

    Ok!!!, Battle Styles… these basically tell the world what you specialize in. Whether your Mage, Warrior, or Tank. They all have have attacks and Passives only they can use.

    Mage: They're magically inclined, so they tend to focus more on the MP stat. With the focus on MP, they are capable of unleashing Powerful magic, and have access to Tier 5 Magic, and “Mage Only” Passives. Have impressive long range capabilities, and crowd control skills.

    Warrior:They has strong bodies and are aggressive , so they focus more on the Attack stat. With the focus on Attack, they are capable of unleashing powerful Special Skills. They also have access to the Tier 5 Special Skills, and “Warrior Only” Passives. Their short range and 1-on1 ability are unmatched.

    Tankers: They have a rock hard fortitude, and body. They focus on having a strong Defense and High Stamina. They are not concerned with flashy Magic or Special Skills. They enjoy long dragged out battles, and outlasting their opponents. They have access to the Reflect spell, and “Tankers Only” Passives. Not only is the Defense strong, but even if you can constantly get pass it, their tough to take down. Although they are incredibly sturdy, their offense is somewhat lacking.

    Regardless of what style you belong to, you can learn any ability Tier 4 and below as long as you have the stats necessary.
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