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  1. Guide to the Keyblade

    This is here to tell you everything you need to know about the Keyblade for this rp, and everything you’ll need to know about Keyblades period. Or at least everything I can think of that’s important, so I’ll start with how Keyblades came to be.

    In the "age of fairy tales", the World was whole and full of light, which was believed to come from Kingdom Hearts. However, it remained out of mankind's reach, as it was protected by its counterpart, the χ-blade(pronounced Kye-blade). Eventually, many came to desire the light, and their greed and jealousy introduced darkness into the World. In order to conquer the light of Kingdom Hearts, they forged the first Keyblades in the image of the χ-blade, and they clashed with each other in a great Keyblade War that involved those that served light, those that served darkness, those that sought balance, and those who simply sought power. The conflict embroiled even those who did not desire Kingdom Hearts and took the lives of thousands. In the end, darkness covered the World, the χ-blade was shattered into twenty pieces, seven of pure light and thirteen of pure darkness, and the "true" Kingdom Hearts disappeared into the darkness as well as extinguishing light from the world and trapping Kingdom Hearts in the deepest darkness. The final site of the Keyblade War became the barren Keyblade Graveyard, littered with ancient Keyblades.

    However, because light remained in the hearts of children, it was able to draw the fragments of the world back together into separate worlds. The remaining Keyblade wielders decided to use the Keyblade in order to protect what was left of the Realm of Light. They primarily settled in worlds that were neither in the light or dark, such as the Land of Departure, where the Realm of Light bordered the Realm of Darkness. Memories of the Keyblade War survived in various legends, which disputed whether the Keyblade was used to save the world or to wreak chaos and destruction upon it.

    What the χ-blade looks like… HERE!!

    The Keyblade only lets a chosen wielder hold it, but those with the strength of heart to wield a Keyblade are able to give or take them from others, or take control of them if they have been abandoned. A wielder is able to summon or dispel their Keyblades at will. Those incapable of wielding a Keyblade cannot keep it, even if a wielder hands it to them. Furthermore, There are some capable of using the Synch Blade ability and summon two Keyblades at the same time; however, it is unknown exactly how this is achieved.

    It is also possible for a wielder at the level of a Master to choose someone of a strong enough heart as their successor. This is often done through the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, but can also be performed informally when the wielder lets a candidate touch their Keyblade.

    The Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony is a trial in which a Keyblade wielder on the level of a Master chooses a person to inherit the power to wield the Keyblade. If the Keyblade accepts the inheritor selected, a light will shine from the Keyblade, and that person will become able to summon their own Keyblade whenever attempted. An inheritor can also be accidentally made, if one with the right heart touches the weapon.

    "In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love."
    - the words spoken during the Inheritance Ceremony

    The Keyblades main ability is the power to open or close any lock, whether it be a physical object, or even the heart of a person or world. Their ability to unlock a person's heart makes them particularly effective weapons against Heartless and Nobodies, but also draws these beasts to the wielders. Meanwhile, their power over a world's heart allows a wielder to open or seal the barriers between worlds, or even lock the world's heart to protect it from darkness. Keyblades usually exercise this power by emitting a bright, thin beam of light.

    In combat, Keyblades are used in a manner similar to swords. Despite the fact that most Keyblade's lack of a cutting edge, or the apparent frailty of their design, Keyblades are able to serve as both excellent blunt weapons, and supernaturally precise cutting tools, seemingly at the users will. Keyblades can be used to channel the powers of light or darkness, and are also natural conduits for magic; even Keyblade wielders without formal training are able to perform magic with power rivaling that of expert mages.

    Keyblade wielders are also able to modify the size and shape of their Keyblade. This can be used to merely augment their use as weapons, or even to transform the Keyblade into a vehicle called a "Keyblade Glider", which the wielder may use to traverse the Lanes Between.

    KGs are an ability used by Wielders to turn their Keyblades into vehicles, which they use to fly to other worlds, along with the Keyblade Armor. Although each Keyblade Glider is similar in the manner that they are formed, by throwing the Keyblade into the sky, where it transforms into its vehicle form, the gliders have drastically different forms depending on the user’s Keyblade. For example one's Keyblade Glider could resemble a bike or speeder, another’s vehicle could be in the shape of a winged waveboard, or a two-part bow-and-platform device. The Keyblade wielders can also use their glider to attack; some can ram there glider into the enemy, while others spin theirs around at the target, and others fire shots at enemies from far away.

    KA is a suit of armor worn by Keyblade wielders. One of its most important qualities is that it protects the wearer from the darkness surrounding the Lanes Between. Pieces of the armor usually appear as part of the user's normal clothing, such as their boots or belts. However, the armor's left pauldron is more important—by pressing it, the user activates the rest of the armor, which appears in a flash of light. Despite the fact that it usually appears and disappears magically, the armor can also be removed physically.

    Despite its heavy appearance, the armor does not appear to impede movement in any way. In this rp you will receive your left pauldron, and thus the ability to use this armor once you’ve reached the Apprentice Level. It is also worn during battle, at the user's discretion. However, it might help against the Heartless, and Nobodies, but it won’t provide much protection against, the Forgotten, and other Keyblade Wielders. Just keep that in mind that it’s real propose is for travel between worlds. Of course you can just wear it to look bad ass I guess.

    Everyone’s Armor is going to more or less look the same; there will of course be differences, like in color, and little extras accessories to make you feel special. But they will be following these three basic designs.

    Mid to Large built Males- Here
    Small Males=Here

    Making your Keyblade

    Below is the guide to make your Keyblade. You should put your completed Keyblade in your Character Registration under…Keyblade -_-. It will be looked over along with you applications. I will give an example by keeping my Primary Characters Keyblade the Sleeping Dragon here for you all to see.

    Name: Put the name of your Keyblade here

    Realm: (State whether it is from the Realm of Light or Darkness. This has no bearing on your affiliation what so ever. For example Mickey’s Keyblade is from the Realm of Darkness, and he is all about the light. It’s just good for me to know for later.)

    Passive Ability: (Give a description of the Passive Ability this Keyblade gives you. It can be an original you make up, or one of the ones provided in the Ability Guide. As long as it’s of a Tier 1’s level, and makes sense I don’t care. You can also increase the ability’s Tier Rank (for free!!!) as you reach a new level. Just run the degree of the power up by me or Kweezy first.)

    Picture: (Put a picture of it here if you have one for it.)

    Description: (Give a description of the Keyblade even if you have a picture.)

    Keyblade Glider: (Give a description of what form your glider will take, and how it attacks. Just remember you will not have access to this or the Armor until you becomes an Apprentice.)

    Keyblade Armor: (Give a description of your armor.)

    [b]Passive Ability:[/b]
    [b]Keyblade Glider:[/b]
    [b]Keyblade Armor:[/b]

    Name: Sleeping Dragon

    Realm: Darkness

    Passive Ability: Day Dreamer(Tier 1)- Dream Element Specialist, all Dream oriented abilities cost 20% less AP. Grants the user the ability to experience everything in their dreams as if they are actually happening.


    Description: Sleeping Dragon is a Keyblade of Black and Blue. The guard on the handle is in the shape of a dragons head, opening its mouth, like its yawning. The body of the Keyblade is a sword with the appearance of a dragon’s body. The tip of the blades has the tail and wing of the dragon curling around that give the weapon the shape of a classic skeleton key. It is approximately 4' long, with a long dark gold Keychain extending from the hilt and a curled up sleeping dragon token on the end of the Keychain.

    Keyblade Glider: His Glider takes on the form that resembles a speeder, but a dragon’s wings extend from the side and on its front, it looks to be a dragon’s head, with its eyes closed. He attacks with his glider by swooping by his targets and striking them with the extended wings.

    Keyblade Armor: His armor seem to be a pallet swoop of his Keyblade, his Armor is predominately blue with black trim. Extending form the back of his hip is a cloth, with markings that resemble a dragon’s tail; there is also a black furry head dress between the ears of the armor’s helmet, giving the armor the appearance of having wild black hair.
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