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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade War Rebirth


    This rp take place in an alternate time line, many years after the adventures of Sora and company. During Sora and his friends’ adventures they managed to quell the threat of their enemies, but the threat of the heartless, and as a byproduct the nobodies, will never disappear, there cannot be light without darkness, and everything most return to nothingness. Even so there was a time of peace, with the new Keyblade Masters keeping these threats in check. In the wake of this new peace, the Keyblade Masters were able to restore the Land of Departure, the home of the Keyblade Masters, back to its former glory. Many years have gone by since then, Sora and then others have trained many new Keyblade Wielders, and many of them had become Keyblade Masters and trained apprentices of their own. The Number of Keyblade Wielders increased, spreading their power to all worlds helping to stave off the darkness. As time went on , and Sora and the rest pasted away, some of the Keyblade Wielders started to stray from the path of the light, whether they were bored with their daily routine, or just because they desired more power. They became seduced by the darkness. Those Dark Keyblade Masters started taking on Apprentices of their own. Their goal is to once again to create the χ-blade to reopen Kingdom Hearts, and obtain all the power it holds. How they plan to do this is unknown, the only things that can be certain is, they have command not only over Heartless, and Nobodies, but a new creature, stronger then both of them. They are known as “The Forgotten”, it is a mystery where they have sprung from, and the exact limits of their power. The Forgotten, are a sign that another Great Keyblade War is on the horizon. With Sora and company gone, it will be up to a new generation of Keyblade Wielders to turn the tides of battle.

    -side note: There will be blood… no stars or sparks flying out of wounds. Keyblades will cut through flesh; bones will be broken…etc. Just keep that in mind while posting.

    First of all, the Game Masters (GM) are BluewingedD(me yay), and Kweezy. Any questions can be directed towards the GMs of the rp.

    There is a stickied thread with the title of Kingdom Hearts Registration, before you can start to roleplay (rp) you must complete an application and post it there. All new rpers must start out as Rookies; you will be doing the bulk of your posting in Twilight Town, unless told otherwise. You’re character can range from a Disney like character (you know… midget talking animals), to anything else really. The only real preference here is they cannot be cannon Square-Enix or Disney Characters, and they cannot be Heartless, Nobodies, or Forgotten.

    Completely original character are welcomed, though copying certain attributes, physical features, and personality traits from another character is fine. Even completely copying a character, (looks, name, history, etc), from other video games companies and animated universes is acceptable, but those characters do not retain any sort of personal items or abilities in this universe. Be creative with your character and make it your own. Your character will not know any Magic, Special Attacks, or Limits when they begin their journey. They are babies, when it comes to wielding a Keyblade. Now with that being said, they need to be at least 13 years of age, don’t want toddlers walking around with weapons of mass destruction… doesn’t seem responsible. And they will have to be at least 15 years old to take the Mark of Mastery Exam, so keep that in mind.

    When you have an application approved by one of the GMs in the application thread, you are allowed to post in Twilight Town. You are there to better learn to control the power of your Keyblade, and the power of your heart. You remain in Twilight Town, until you have proven that you are ready to be an Apprentice, or if an event deems it necessary for your character to go off world. Your training is completely up to you, everything you need will be made available to you as long as your character can read a book. Every so often(Randomly) I will hold special lectures, you will need to attend these to learn some of the Passive skills, a lot of them well be necessary, to make it through your tests.

    (I’m going to take a quire from SS Academy here) You send a Private Message (PM) to a GM on the Weekend between Friday and Sunday, stating what you have done in the past week; they will reward you with a certain amount of points for that week, based on what you have done. If you forget, don’t worry about it; just tell me whenever you get the chance.

    Quality of posts contributes greatly to the amount of points you get, as well as the variety of things you do. It is very possible for someone who did nothing but train for a week to get fewer points than someone who barely trained at all. The source of one’s power in Kingdom Hearts is the strength of their… well hearts. A more adventures heart is stronger than one that is stale. So, yes, train learn new Abilities, and kick someone’s ass , but get out there and make friends, strengthened those bonds with said friends, explore the wonders of Twilight Town, hell just chill lax. Variety is the spice of life… a spice that strengthens your Heart. *HINT HINT*

    (at the behest of Kweezy, giving a guideline how how we evaluate points for this rp)

    Stat Points
    5 points for just posting through the week, 1 point for every additional post
    5 points for exploring something new or discovering something new about yourself
    5 points for learning a new technique, an additional 5 points for mastering it
    10 points for making a friend or some sort of connection to another rp-er
    10 points for every fight or spar
    10 points for every high quality posts( doesn't necessarily have to be long, just good, Gm, and members can give their options by liking these posts if you think they desire it)

    1 point for each post
    5 points for each person you spar or fight( win or lose)

    Missons are given out to those of the Apprentice Level and Higher. Missions are given out to Wielders, in order for them to explore, and help struggling worlds, or in the Dark Wielders case, to terrorize struggling worlds. Missions are also a great way for the True Masters to evaluate Apprentices and Master's skill level. While on missions NO stat or AP points are gained, but because you are helping( or terrorizing) an entire world, special Passives unique to that world become accessible to you. For example, if you were to visit the world of ...let's say... One Piece. After completion of the mission or sometime during the mission, you could gain a Devil Fruit Passive, allowing you to take on the powers of the devil fruit of your choosing(not saying anything like that will happen, just giving an example). Most Missions will take place in the Lanes Between. As all none Listed Worlds will be explored there.

    Me or Kweezy will post Missions in the Major Announcement Thread. The Mission posting will include the world that will be visited, and level of difficultly, the number of spots available, the objective of the mission, and possible passives that could be received. These Mission will be taken place in familiar and unfamiliar places( random video game, and anime worlds, even some worlds where folk lore, is factual history.). Constant up dates will be made.

    In Character Thread Information:

    (Another Thanks to shane and the SS RP of the base of this portion)

    If you have not all ready figured it out, the pinned topics are all OOC - out of character. You do not role play in these threads. The ones you role play in are the ones that are not pinned, which are IC - in character.

    Sometimes it is necessary to speak OOC in and IC thread, such as when a question pertains to a recent post, or something of that sort. In such a situation, type your OOC in brackets. For example:

    [Why is Julius crying?]
    (Why is Julius crying?)
    ((Why is Julius crying?))
    [[Why is Julius crying?]]
    |Why is Julius crying?|

    And so on. You need something to designate you’re out of character from your in character. Keeping that in mind, when posting in character, write in "story" form. What does that mean? It means write your chunks of action without quotation and your dialogue in quotation. For example:

    Julius dropped to the ground, in complete shock, and began to sob.

    “I can’t summon my Keyblade, and I don't know why," he cried sadly.

    Twilight Town:

    If you are a Rookie, which you very likely are, this is your home. Your character lives in the Old mansion and trains here. This is where you will expand and develop your character, and you will remain playing here almost solely until you become an Apprentice, from there your home will be the Land of Departure, and all other worlds are free to explore at your own discretion.

    Sometimes you will be role playing all by yourself. Some people on here will play "teacher" type characters, but that isn't always the case, so your best bet is to bond with another student and start exploring your abilities together. If you must play alone, please remember not to double post without waiting 2 hours, and remember that you will not always be playing alone!

    Olympuc Coliseum:
    Once you become an Apprentice you are free to explore any of the Worlds. Expect for Olympus Coliseum. That is because I will be reserving this world for special Tournaments. The 1st thru 3rd place winners of these tournaments will receive passive abilities, with 1st place receiving special passives that you will not be able to get or learn anywhere else. These Tournaments will happen randomly after I think that enough people have learned enough abilities to make it interesting, and there are actually enough people who can go off world on their own.

    The Coliseum will be for Tournaments between apprentices, while the Underdome( the Coliseum of the Underworld) will be reserved for tournament between those on the Level of Keyblade Masters and above.

    The Rules: For General Conduct and Miscellaneous Other Things Important.

    1.) The General Moderators (GM) are BluewingedD, and Kweezy and the Moderator (Mod) for this section is Martzu. The GMs are usually the people you want to talk to about anything dealing with the RP. If you feel that you aren’t getting the right help you want, then PM Martzu and she will do her best to help sort everything out. As stated before Martzu is the final resort if you have problems, the GMs are the people you want to talk to about anything dealing with the rp.

    1.1) When you need something approved, Magic, Special Attack, Passive Abilities, Limit Breakers or anything you want to do or use in the rp please pm the GMs (BluewingedD, Kwezzy). They will discuss the attack or information with you and decide if it is approved or not.

    2.) Majority rules. If you are the minority, that is unfortunate because it's common sense to realize that you can't please everyone (everyone > you). Also, majority can make rule #1 null and void. All major problems and ideas are brought to the community at large in the KH RP discussion thread and is voted on by the members.

    3.) Read what people post, if something deals with you do not just look at the post that just says your character’s name and go from there. People put time and effert into their posts and it would be rude not to read it carefully. More so when the post deals with you, if don’t read it fully you’ll most likely miss something that deals with you. If you have any questions about a post, just PM the person that you are rping with and ask them about it. If you two can’t come to terms about something, then you can contact a GM to help in the discussion.

    3.1) If you read something that doesn’t deal with your character directly and you want to question what that person is doing, contact the person that made the post first. They have more insight about what is going on then yourself, so they can tell you why they did something. If you still believe it doesn’t follow the rules of the rp, then after talking with them contact a GM.

    4.) Please try to keep your posts readable, this is an English based rp so please show that you have some knowledge of the language. It benefits everyone involved if you take the time and put some thought and effort into your post and not something you quickly thought up and posted. Take your time and re-read your post before posting it. We don’t expect perfection, just try a little bit.

    4.1) If English isn’t your first language then contact a GM and they would be more then happy to help you out with your posts or getting it right to post. We are a community and we are more then willing to help each other out.

    5.) Do not Godmod(GM) in your posts. What is considered GMing is having your character do something that is out of their ability or brush off everything that is being thrown at you. If you are fighting someone at your same level or above, there will be blood. So please, do not think of your character an invincible one man army and that it would take an entire legion of Heartless to take them down, you are NOT Sora.

    5.1) Please do not forceplay another character. This is where you post that the other character does something or that you make that character do something or take damage. You may see some characters forceplay another character, but when this happens there might be an agreement between the two rpers or another aspect that you don’t know about. Some people use forceplay to move a specific part of a story ahead and get everything rolling, if this is needed please contact that person and discuss the idea beforehand. Also, True Keyblade Masters are at a level that forceplaying something happening with someone of a much lower level is ok and apart of the power difference. Again, please talk about this beforehand.

    “Force playing is the playing of the other person's character for the sake of moving a thread along or whatever is happening. For instance, you will play out a character's actions, rather than waiting one post for them to do it.

    While it's alright to get permission for assumed hits for something like a slap in the face for the other character doing or saying something crude, when characters are fighting, or are involved in a melee you should never ever assume a hit or a score.”

    6.) Please respect one another, we are a community and if you want respect you must give it in return.

    7.) If you are going to disappear from the rp please give a maximum 2 week notice before doing so. If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, please state this in the KH RP discussion thread. If you are going to be gone for a long weekend or something that is short, please just tell the people that you are rping with. If you leave without any sort of notice to anyone, a grace period of 6 months will be given to your character before it is removed and for every 2 months that you are gone from that time your stats will receive a cut.

    7.1) If you give notice of your computer or your ability to post for long periods of time that you will be worried of being gone completely for those 6 months, an agreement can be made between GMs to help you out. But you must contact them to get this agreement, do not think that you will come back after leaving in a rush that things will be the same.

    7.2) The GMs hold the right to change these rules depending on the circumstances of what has kept the member from the rp.

    7.3) If someone is coming back to the rp after a long absent, they first need to contact the GMs about their character. Depending on the situation, certain actions will be taken. If real life issues have come and have lead the person with no real means of contacting the rp about their absence then an agreement can be made about their character and how they can return. If the person has had all their normal means of communication and did not use them to inform anyone of their disappearance then the above rules will still apply to that character.

    7.4) If a member does not agree with the ruling of the GMs, a post in the discussion thread can be made to ask the rp community what they think. This is not a statement to bash what the GMs or what they have said, but to ask the rp to think about the case and see if they agree with the ruling. The GMs will take this discussion into consideration, but they have the final say in the matter.

    I) If at any point the member the ruling is about decides to use this discussion to bad mouth the GMs, or bring up information from PM to discredit the GMs the discussion will be considered closed and the member will be forced to face the full judgment of the GMs.

    II) Yes, some discussions can get heated between people but please keep them from being personal. Like before, if at any point anyone starts bad mouthing or attacking another rp’er the members involved can be asked by the GMs to stop posting about the subject and leave it be. Getting heated about a discussion is one thing, but attacking another user is a whole different story.

    8.) It's possible to kill a member's characters but you can't without their permission. If they say no, it's no.

    9.) If you allow your character to die and wish to return them from the dead, please come up with a plausible reason for their return. If it isn’t plausible then the character will stay dead.

    10.) RPers can have up to 3 major characters.

    11.) You are allowed to create None Playable Characers (NPCs) for yourself but there is a limit on the amount. They cannot be of the same level of yourself; they can only be below your own level of power.

    11.1) There are times where more powerful NPCs are needed be it for an arc for the RP or something else has come up, so contacting a GM and talking to them about this is the way to get around the NPC rules.

    12.) If you are given the boot or banned permanently from the RP or site, your character will be killed off. The Mods and GMs will be in charge of death of characters.

    13.) No cybering. Cybering, or to cyber, is when you write mature content that is inappropriate, that means sexual activities

    14.) Regardless of the harshness that the rules were said, if you're still unsure about something, ask.

    15.) Multiple posting is permitable as long as the time difference between them is at least two hours.

    16.) Now we have a flow form stat point system here. It is explained in detail in the Stat Guide Thread. It tracks your progress throughout your life as a Keyblade Wielder

    17.) There will be no Cannon characters present in a physical sense in this rp. You can make a Character who is related, or a descendant of characters seen throughout the series, but they will not be receiving special treatment. Everyone starts out the same, unless told otherwise.

    18.) Everyone starts off with ONE Keyblade, and ONE Ability( Magic or Special Skill). You will not be able to dual wield Keyblades, at least not in the beginning. That is something earned through posting, and a special event will need to happen, before you receive your second Keyblade, and you will need to at least be at a Keyblade Wielder lvl. GM's MUST have the last say in this due to complications in plot and other things that might arise from it.

    Thank you to Spidey, Nicho and White Rabbit for a great deal of these rules.


    To make the information you’re looking for easier to find I have posted some links below.
    - Character Registration
    - Keyblade Guide
    - Guide to Stat
    - Levels and Battle Styles
    - Ability Guide
    - Major Announcements
    - Event Idea Thread
    - Discussion Thread
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