1. anyone notice the similiarities in the death god and kaguya?

    they both have horns, wear a similiar kimono, have long dark nails




    the death god jutsu is of the uzumaki clan, her descendents

    and now we know reincarnation, and floating chakras can remain behind in naruto

    there are even six floating clouds above her head when the sandaime summons her against orochimaru
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  2. I noticed that too.

    Its actually quite interesting when you consider that the shikifujin looks very much liked it was based partly, or styled after the costumes of Japanese Noh plays. Demon masks resembling the facial expression of the shikifujin as well as having protruding horns is a traditional signature of that art form.(The mask that controls the shikifujin is unmistakably noh inspired) These "Demon" characters, are always represented as female, and there just happens to be a play entitled "Hagoromo".


    Now as to what allusions kishi is making here, its difficult to tell. Kaguya herself is also based off one of the oldest Japanese folktales. But it does appear as if the death god and kaguya share an inspirational connection, on top of as you pointed out the shared lineage between the Ootsutsuki's and their descendant's within the story (Uzumakis, uchihas, senju, and possibly hyugas).
  3. I'd say the Hyuga are her descendents. as they are the only people who got her eyes.
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  4. At least this reveal made the Hyuga somewhat relevant again. With all the Sharingan/Rinnegan nonsense going on I thought that Kishi forgot all about them. After all he did say that the Sharingan came from the Byakugan but Kaguya had both eyes at the same time. So what gives?
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  5. Maybe she was born with the Byakugan and the Sharingan came after she ate the fruit...at least that's what I'm suspecting. Her Sharingan is on her forehead.

    What makes no sense to me is how her son could possibly develop an eye technique that is somehow superior to her own. I guess he somehow got the sharingan combined with a specific type of chakra combo that caused it to turn into the Rinnegan?

    Also that combo is pretty ridiculous considering having a Byaku-sharingan allows you to genjutus the fuck out of many people across a ridiculous range due to the Byakugan's abilities.
  6. You realize that if the Uzumaki are her son's descendants, it makes them her descendants as well right? Since.... they are all blood and such....
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  7. Nope. We don't know for sure who are the Uzumaki clan and we don't know their origin. we just know that Hishirama (a Senju) wanted an alliance with them and then banged one female uzumaki. but there is zero prove that the Uzumaki are connected to the sage or his mother by blood.

    Now. The Huyga on other hand... the only people with the mother Eyes (that not even the Sage shitty son got)
  8. Before eating the fruit there was no chakra and ninjutsu. I would assume no Dojutsu as well so how could she have the power of the Byakugan before chakra and ninjutsu existed. That doesn't add up.

    That shit doesn't make sense either. Why have the Rinnegan, which is the original superior eye but have a Sharingan, an inferior eye, as your third eye. Where the hell is Byakugan in all this?

    I thought that's what the Rinnegan was.
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  9. I was under the impression that what you see on her forehead is both Rin'negan and Sharingan. Just that the ripples have tomoes.
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  10. Maybe Hinata will play a part on saving it all...since the hyuugas are now somehow realated..
    ahh...who am I kidding? Kishi forgot about her .
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  11. Wasn't it already said that the Uzumaki clan is a distant blood relative of the senju, that and the super strong life force that the 5 uzumaki that we have seen (Kushina, Karin, Naruto, Mito and nagato) is a connection to the younger son of the SOT6P which seems to have displayed itself in the Uzumaki side of Ashura's decendants that we know of bar Hasirama himself. It also seems that this whole grudge match is passed down through each brother's decendants (although not 100% proveable as we have only seen the past being Madara and Hasirama) which would mean Sasuke has Indra from his uchiha lineage and Naruto has Ashura from his mothers side the Uzumaki lineage.

    All this babble i've written means nothing since it has already been stated the Uzumaki are a blood relative clan of the senju making the both branches of the Ashura family tree and therefore related to the SOT6P
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  12. Kishi: Okay near the end of this story and I need to bring everything full circle. Oh crap, Byakugan...I guess I kinda forgot about that in the story didn't I?
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  13. The Rinnegan doesn't have the genjutsu casting abilities of the Sharingan nor does it have any of those fancy Sharingan add ons like Amaterasu, Susanno, etc. It also (as far as we know) can't see the chakra system and it doesn't have 360 vision. It does have shared vision through some weird clone technique where they can somehow copy the rinnengan in dead bodies.
  14. Well, actually we do see Madara using Susanoo while having the Rinnegan active (for example, here: http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/561/2). The Rinnegan is an evolution of the Mangekyou Sharingan just like the Mangekyou Sharingan is an evolution of the Sharingan, so I think we should count it as a single doujutsu.

    The way I think it went was that Kaguya ate the fruit which gave her both the Sharingan/Rinnegan and the Byakugan. Her power was likely split between her sons where the Sage got the Sharingan/Rinnegan and his brother got the Byakugan. It's no different than what we know happened with the Sage's sons where the powers were split between them.

    It's only when someone gets power from both bloodlines that one can gain powers of the Sage, which is what Madara did when he implanted some of Hashirama's cells. I wonder if he'd be able to gain Kaguya's abilities if he repeated that with some Hyuga DNA?
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  15. Madara could also use Susanoo without eyes. I'm pretty sure he could use it because he had the Sharingan before anything else and in his DNA is that of the Uchiha specifically.
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  16. isnt this going out of topic, we are here to discuss her relation to the death god. My guess is that kaguya is the death god shinigami seal thing as an atonement for her sins

    on a side note: I agree with DM that kaguya originally possessed the byakugan and got the rinnegan/sharingan combo thing after she ate the fruit of the shinju. Evidence: the shinju has the same eye which means that kaguya couldn't have been born with both dojutsu.

    the same way that indra and ashura received split powers from the sage, i think hagoromo's brother got byakugan from his mother while hagoromo got the rinnegan. The rinnegan looks like a devolved version of the shinju eye (the color difference and the missing tomoe). Maybe in hagoromo the sharingan part of the shinju eye became recessive or maybe having more than one eye means the power is reduced, who knows.

    what we know is that indra got the sharingan which could mean that the recessive sharingan gene that passed down from hagoromo became the dominant one and the ripples (rinnegan) part became recessive. But this doesnt make sense when you factor in that the evolution of sharingan is becoming rinnegan. Or it could be that when you add ashura chakra the dominant gene is switched thus never allowing the full shinju eye to manifest in any case.

    This and the latest chapter leads me to believe that madara's goal isnt to put everyone under the eternal tsukuyomi but to make the shinju bear another fruit and eat it thus giving him powers that rival kaguya and become the only living being with chakra.
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  17. Exactly DM, you know how I know what you said is right? Simply because we could just look at Uchiha Obito. He cannot use susanoo because he never achived MS. It's not in his DNA, he had sharingan and he got rinnegan.
  18. ^ Obito did get MS though he achieved it the same time Kakashi did when Kakashi killed Rin
  19. Sorry EMS
  20. You don't need EMS to gain Susanoo, just the regular MS is enough. Maybe the reason he doesn't have Susanoo is that he didn't have both eyes when he gained MS? Or maybe he just doesn't have Susanoo as an ability? Obito's sharingan has a unique ability (Kamui) that other MS haven't shown and hasn't shown the abilities that other MS have shown.
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