1. I didn't notice this at first.. but the headband/horns that madara ripped off when he used the Eternal Tsukuyomi fell back to land, and actually landed on the scroll ten ten was using with the sage's tool on them.. i wonder if this will come into play in sealing kaguya. If Killer bee's glasses allow him to not see the light from the tsukuyomi, he might be the cloud ninja to assist them in using them

  2. Well considering A and Bee are the only two cloud Nin's of note currently on the battlefield, and A is assuredly stuck in the infinite tsukiyomi, If Bee is not, then by simple process of elimination of course he could be the cloud nin to explain the mechanics of the tools. That was theorized weeks ago, although it all hinges upon whether or no bee is caught in the tsukiyomi or not. I don't believe he is, but his speech bubble (represented in dots) is curious, when you take into account everyone else who was caught by the genjutsu had the exact same vacant pause.

    Of course the kicker being, we never saw his eyes. However we cant discern lees or gaara's either, and we know they are stuck in the infinite tsukiyomi, along with tenten.
  3. yup, the bee thing was obvious, but seeing his headband land directing into the scroll, and knowing kaguya is inhabiting his body makes it all the more ominous that she will eventually be sealed

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