1. They made you an alchemist of cooking! :O
  2. Hahaha well all cooking in a way is like doing alchemy. :p
  3. New anime/manga needs to be created, the Full Food Alchemist Edds :p
  4. Now that would be a site to behold. :p
  5. Five star anime just needing to be written!
  6. And drawn. :p
  7. Small details :p
  8. Small details can add up though. :p
  9. That is true. And you already have one anime, Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear's Café).

  10. But they forced me off the air when they found out I was selling Irish coffee.
  11. Fuck all of you.
  12. LOL way to kill the mood Barry.

    I'd say that pretty much buried this thread for the next week or so.
  13. Don't worry, we'll repackage it as the DIO-sama Family Thread.
  14. That could be potentially hilarious. :haithar
  15. lol Bary. And you were right about that fight.

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