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  2. He lost that 200lb rubbin it to all that $5 kiddy porn.

    He's down for a long time. 11 years per count I think it is. He's obviously pleading out to not get life.
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  3. I wonder how many more people from his charity are dealing in child porn. And lol, the shady underside of Craigslist appears again.
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  4. Craigslist is just a reflection of humanity.
  5. [IMG]
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  6. I want to Like that....but it just feels wrong...........
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  7. He's going to be getting a whole lot of 6" objects put inside of him in prison
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  8. He'll be the ODR cook; making sandwiches for officers.
  9. lol the comments ^ Bob I think he will be the object getting put inside of other people. Yeah I can't like that post either.. that's just wrong man. lol.

    pfft speak for yourself. It's a cesspool for those who have devolved to a lower species. That sick mofo.. if I ever catch wind of any of you doing sick shit like this it will be gimp time and you'll never see a jail cell but you'll wish you had.

    This is what he'll hear day one..nsfw of course. lmao: I call it a peanut butter and jelly asshole sandwich but Tom will be calling it lunch.

  10. How about this one then?

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  11. wrong use of a meme though, mostly because that's supposed to start as not sure if...
  12. [IMG]

    Don't use logic when looking at it.
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  13. LMFAO!!!!

    You should of put the subway guy in the title. I didn't know who this guy was at first when I seen the thread.

    Prepared to be mindfucked more Cane:

  14. ^I'm fuckin dying here...

    Dude reeally went overboard on the "eat fresh"...
  15. double standards and all
  16. The cheerleader got off light, but there's a pretty big difference in the cases. Note Jared's involvement with the 16 year old isn't what he was arrested for because it was the age of consent. He was arrested and plead guilty to child pornography charges after what was found in his apartment.
  17. [IMG]

    Jared's photographer.
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