1. Hey everyone,

    Recently I have gotten into writing about my career and field, I'd like to share my articles here for anyone who wants to read them :)

    I write about leadership, process improvement, lean manufacturing etc etc. (Thats what I do for a living). I have been published a few places, but I have begun to consolidate everything to my LinkedIn since being invited to publish there.

    Cheers everyone

    LinkedIn Published
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  2. I read your article "Thinking Outside the Pyramid". I generally agree that a lot needs to change in the management in order to boost job satisfaction.

    I read a study somewhere that job satisfaction worldwide is 13%. I think that a major part of this is that managers fail to empathize with their employees and this creates dissatisfaction and loss of productivity. Not only that, but sometimes managers have unrealistic expectations of their employees and that undermines the output that a company could have.

    It's unfornuate that workplace bullying and belligerence is so common place now.
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  3. Job satisfaction is 80% of the reason for me leaving the last job I was in and confidence in the employer was 80% of the reason I accepted the job I'm in.

    The company I work for are a fantastic employer. Not a day goes buy when I don't feel valued, the entire culture of the company is really healthy and genuinely I feel that people enjoy coming to work. I was offered jobs with more money but the positivity and enthusiasm I encountered while negotiating my contract was the deciding factor.

    I don't think managing people is difficult as long as the management are all singing the same tune. Little changes and being open minded can make a huge difference.

    How much does it cost to have an hour long meeting once a month for the workforce to talk about issues and share ideas for improvements. It makes them feel valued and if those ideas are taken on board and acted on then everyone could win. All working environments are different but it does feel great to work for a company that are as flexible as mine.

    Something the company has been working on and putting a lot of effort into recently are internal NPIs (Net performance index), sometimes its referred to as Net Performance Score. Each department will score and comment on all other departments that they interact with. The survey is done each quarter based on experience in the previous quarter and action is taken by each department to improve their previous score.
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  4. "What If Firefighters Fought Fires Like We Manage Business Operations?" was unfortunately too familiar.
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