1. what up guys!! just thought i randomly check up on TAL after a GAZILLION YEARS without even browsing through these boards. Where are all the all school niggas at, DM, Kro, Cane, Alex, fucking Marlie yo

    Damn i missed you guys haha
  2. Your last post before this one was dated 22nd of June 2013....technically it hasn't even been one year.
    But welcome back anyway.
  3. Damn, harsh.

    I saw Cane's sig, associated it with Tony's avatar, and now I'm stuck of the image of Littlefinger soliciting children. Wish I could un-see that.
  4. lol feels like ive been gone 10
  5. I know Cane misses you. Just last week he was telling me that he is bored with you gone and kinda wishes you would come back on a more permanent basis. He said that you're his "secret nakama".

    Sorry Cane. I know you trusted me with that, but I must be faithful to true love.
  6. That's that last time I go out drinking with ya kroz, the very last......
  7. Why the long hiatus Tony? Sometimes I take time off things, makes the heart grow founder.
  8. It's the sign of the apocalypse... How is it that I log back in after months and months two weeks before Tony shows up again?

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  9. Holy shit, it all makes sense now.

    Delpheous is actually Tony. He had such a love / hate relationship with Bleach it split his personalities online.
  10. No your theory is wrong, one can't simply exist without the other.
  11. He completes me. By driving me absolutely insane...and vice versa no doubt... :-D

    Glad you're back around though dude.
  12. Oooh it's Tony. Welcome back man. I remember you liked to discus Bleach chapters. You're going to have a blast now going there now.
  13. So, when is ravi coming back? :troll
  14. Ravi probably owns one of those brothels in Amsterdam now, and sells weed at the front.
  15. And his ass in the back :troll
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  16. hey yall. i've betrayed you and permanently moved to NF lol. But i figure i come back every now and then to check up on my old hommies.

    Bleach? was that, new detergent? :aizen
  17. Just saw this thread for the first time, and...

    For shame.
  18. Moved to NF?

    I thought you disappeared because One Piece has become garbage, and Berserk and Hunter x Hunter barely ever release chapters anymore, so you lost interest in manga in general.
  19. What's NF? If it's another forum then I must say TAL > NF.
  20. lol. nah. TAL is garbage. thats why we are all here.

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