1. So, Insin left the forum. He's probably not coming back, and I, unfortunately, believe him.

    I rarely get an opportunity to use my powers for good, but this thread is my monument to my friend, and one of the people who helped me become the person I am today. In a lot of ways, we were too similar to be compatible, but in a lot of ways, it was that exact similarity that allowed us to grow together. We fed off each other, and grew as people as we interacted. At times, we were thinly-veiled enemies, at others, very close friends, but God, we were always interesting, weren't we?

    For the arguments, for the debates, for the Lounge World Tour, for the Skype calls, for the anime, for the movies, for the conversations, for the mutual respect, for the mutual criticism... thanks, Bill. See you later.
  2. I'm a bit confused as to why someone would actively leave a forum. There was a time when I stopped checking and posting on NM but other things took priority and I had lost interest. I don't recall sitting down and having the decisive thought to not log back in. If Insin has left I'd like to know why, the place is quiet but wasn't ever REALLY busy, was it?

    If you want to be a member of an active forum then this is not the place for you but I don't see that it is a huge struggle to click on once in a while and see what's going on. Can anyone shed some light on it and what the catalyst may have been?

    There are a lot of familiar names on the forum and although I haven't really been one to get to know any of you very well there are names I miss and names of people whose posts I look out for and pay attention to. When scrolling through walls of posts I don't often read all of them but if I see certain people post in a thread I will probably stop and read what they have to say, Insin is/was one of those. That might not be much of an obituary but I for what it's worth I cared to read what he had to say.
  3. Insin's melodramatic, always has been. Likes to make a big deal out of situations like this.

    Given what I think he's contributed to the forum, though, I don't begrudge him that. This thread is my way of supporting him, even if I acknowledge that the whole "leaving forever" thing is sort of silly.
  4. Kabuki theater.
  5. Hate on, faggot, but when you die, you'll get an MD thread, too. You don't put eight years of your life into a community without leaving a lasting impression. I've spent almost ten years of my life getting to know the ins and outs of you cum-guzzlers, and every Goddamn one of you is worthy of some respect. I like this community, and I don't want to see even the biggest pussies amongst you leave, and anyone who disagrees with that sentiment can lick caked up shit out of my asshole.
  6. There was no hate implied old boy.
    I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy the near decade of time I have spent her and on NM, and those I have interfaced with.
    That said, we both know he's not gone.:rolleyes:
  7. I don't see the problem here. If he's close enough to be considered a friend. Get his email or skype or whatever. If that's not the case, shit happens. It's not like he just posted a suicide message..
    Now if it were Eddieson, I'd be shocked as well. Who else is going to provide this lovely forum with T&A?

    Btw MD you still haven't made one for Tony, The traitor left us for Narutoforums.
  8. I will say I do admire the level of baiting being perpetrated here, very coordinated.
    Collusion can be an interesting art form.:troll
  9. I left for like a year and no one noticed I was gone. Bullshit. But Insin was a good dude hopefully will come back at some point I'm sure he glances in we all do from time to time
  10. That's not how it works. If he says he's leaving (at least for the time being), then I'll take him at his word. Everyone on this forum should be missed if they leave, even Ice(V)an. And, like Spiderman, when it comes to MD... everybody gets one.

    You know I'm not the friendliest guy on the forum, but I stand firmly behind my convictions, and one of my strongest convictions when I post here is that almost everyone on this forum is a person worth knowing and worth caring about. If I spend eight years with people, I don't care if it's an anime forum or a My Little Pony forum, you're more than just a screenname at that point.
  11. I noticed, but you were gone for a year. If I started a thread, you wouldn't have seen it. :troll
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  12. Who Dafuq is insin anyways? :dizzy:
  13. Can you stop fucking necro'ing? We like it nice and quiet around these parts, goddamn it.

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