1. what the.. I want you too! Eh ..it would get all seedy and pervy.
  2. yay!! :) now we nee a family tree? :) i haven't been here in ages...im surprised i remember my password :)
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  3. :gross:

    Happy to see you around again. It's so nice to know we're not forgotten and people do come back to us.
  4. To be fair, I only remembered because I opened up an old email account that this was registered to.
  5. Mama Zu, I see your fam is starting to grow a bit.
  6. It's a lovely thing to have a e-famlee. Still I wish more noobs and newlings, please. :p
  7. Did someone say boobs and bewblings? :awesome
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  8. Mama Zuzu and her Zublings?
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  9. Zublings... I do like the sound of that.
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