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  2. Nice. Haven't watched it yet but will do later. I love image comics. They have a collection of some of the current best comic books out there.
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  3. This is the third browser that I've tried in order to be able to post. Firefox updated last week and I lost the shout box but didn't realise I also wasn't able to post!

    Chrome also won't let me post so I'm back on Safari :/ Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can do? If so please message me.

    Thanks for the links to this series, I enjoyed it. If you haven't already watched the Future Shock documentary you should. Future Shock the story of 2000AD is really enjoyable. Even if you aren't familiar with the content you will be familiar with the creators and I think you'll like it a lot.
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  4. You should still be able to post on firefox and chrome. It's just that the shoutbox doesn't work on either one and you have to refresh the page for the post to show up. Well that or switch to the mobile skin which lets you have the shoutbox and be able to post without all the extra effort.

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